Lose 60lbs in 32 days

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This has already been achieved by multiple people! No fake pix; all time stamped authentic REAL PEOPLE.

The current record is 66 lbs in 32 days set by Bev Beyer on April 18th, 2019!!!! Astounding achievement!!!!!!!!!!

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88 hours
predominantly dry; you are allowed 4 1 oz espresso shots with 1/8 -1/4 tsp INTERSTELLAR BLENDS 4 hours apart daily —no additional water allowed. 4 oz liquid a day max! 

EXAMPLE of a daily regiment outlined below.

[Note: pine pollen to be only taken during feeding window]

8 hours 
(hence the name 88/8)

*be sure to drink water (1-1.5 gallons) until urine clear and you are peeing like crazy during this time (24 oz an hour x 8) 

Begin weeks in advance by practicing 22/2 until effortless.

Supplies needed:

ACB 10 Blend Combo
(the go big or go home combo)


Baking soda
Grapefruit Juice
Blueberries, Strawberries
Psyllium husk

1. Interstellar longevity shake

Mix the following in a 16 oz grapefruit blueberry strawberry (other berries or fruits fine) smoothie:

1/2 tsp Seven Sages, Matcha, Shilajit
1/4 tsp Trinity, Thermo, Nebula, Peel, Spice, ACB
1-3 TBS Pine Pollen


2. Begin 88 hour dry fast.

NO WATER ON THE 88. Espresso shots with blends ONLY. Total liquid daily intake should be around 4oz.

Example of how to use the blends on the 88/8:

Start fast set timer for 4 hours (or when you wake up)

1st 1oz espresso shot:

1/2 tsp Seven Sages (the day)
1/4 tsp Matcha
1/4 tsp 200:1 Peel
1/4 tsp Shilajit
1/8 tsp ACB
(reset timer)

4 hours later

2nd 1oz espresso shot:

1/4 tsp Thermo
1/4 tsp Matcha
1/4 tsp 200:1 Spice
1/8 tsp ACB
(reset timer)

4 hours later

3rd 1oz espresso shot:

1/4 tsp Nebula
1/4 tsp Matcha
1/4 tsp Shilajit
1/4 tsp 200:1 Spice
1/8 tsp ACB
(reset timer)

4 hours later

4th 1oz espresso shot:

1/4 tsp Trinity
1/4 tsp Matcha
1/4 tsp 200:1 Peel
1/8 tsp ACB

Keep Trinity, Thermo, Nebula, Seven Sages in separate shots.

4 x 4 hours covers 16 hours the other 8 hours for sleep = 24 hours. Repeat.

COFFEE INHIBITS MTOR (hence the espresso shots with blends on the challenge every 4 hours)
“Regular and decaffeinated coffee consumption decreased plasma-free fatty acid levels, increased hepatic adenosine triphosphate content, and decreased total mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) and phosphorylated mTOR (p-mTOR) protein content in the liver.”

3. Cold exposure to release fgf21.
When hungry, thirsty, low energy employ 20 minute or longer ice bath including head immersion.

4. Moderate cardio interval training.
Strive to get heart rate to 150 bpm for at least 20 minutes daily. *For best results walk 5 miles daily. 

5. Break dry (or fluid restricted) fast with Interstellar longevity shake.

(24 oz water an hour x 8 hours) 
Add 1 tsp baking soda to water.

1-2 hours later after shake have a meal which should include a fresh mixed green salad (I recommend beet and arugula for mega nitric oxide) with extra virgin olive oil and a protein of your choice.

8. Continue to hydrate up to the end of your hydration window. 
*IMPORTANT: DRINK WATER UNTIL URINE IS CLEAR.  24 oz of water each hour for 8 hours. You should be going to the bathroom frequently. If you fail to properly hydrate you will not downregulate Aldosterone and you will retain water and get subpar results. Keep drinking until you are peeing every 15-30 minutes.

9. FIBER to empty bowels 
TAKE 6 – 9 TABLESPOONS (not teaspoons) PSYLLIUM HUSK with final 24 oz of water BEFORE starting next 88.
Do NOT skip this!!!!!!!
*You should be back to 88 hour weigh in weight with stomach empty 24 hours after the 8 hour refeed. 
If you fail to drink enough water or take enough psyllium your bowels will not empty properly and you will not lose sufficient weight in time for next 88 hour weigh in. 
Make sure fully satiated and hydrated. You should be totaly sick of water at this point. 

10. Begin 88 hour dry fast again and repeat.

11. Create Album in Dry Fasting facebook group titled “(Your Name) 88/8 Challenge”
Post pictures front, face, side, back, scale. Scale weight take just before breaking the fast so you post day 0 and at 88 hour mark on days 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32.

What to expect?

When combined with cold exposure and Interstellar Blends a person overweight should lose 5-20 lbs a cycle and positive effects are perfect complexion, faster hair and nail growth, stubborn fat disappearing, enhanced focus and  mental clarity, total elimination of anxiety, depression and any form of emotional disorder, dramatic reduction in aging and signs of aging, perfect blood pressure and blood sugar, any and all health problems should improve or disappear entirely.

Fat will not return if you stick with 44/4 after.

32 day challenge prizes:

Lose 60 lbs in 32 days = $1000 store credit


*Message me if you have any questions.

To qualify for sponsorship:
You must successfully complete 3 cycles of 88/8 back to back.
You MUST post TIME STAMPED pictures of:

blood pressure,
blood glucose,

on days 0 and at the 88 hour mark on days 4, 8 and 12.
You MUST lose a MINIMUM of 7.5lbs a cycle and you MUST lose a combined TOTAL of ATLEAST 22.5lbs by 88 hour weigh in on day 12.
Complete all of the above and I will sponsor you for the full 32 days.
If you keep this 7.5lb per cycle pace you will lose 60lbs in 32 days.
*If you pass the 3 cycle test and win $600 sponsorship you have opportunity to finish the 32 days and lose 60lbs and win $400 bonus!