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How is it that some people seem to remain youthful, happy, vibrant and alert year after year after year while others seem to rapidly age and deteriorate with all sorts of health problems?

What Is RAPIDLY aging you is called mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin)

mtor controls aging and mtor can be controlled

Once you fully get this and realize that carbohydrates (glucose), protein (amino acids), and even certain fats MCTs (Medium Chain Tryglycerides) all release INSULIN which ACTIVATE the mTOR rapid aging pathway while FASTING TURNS OFF mTOR then you will see the logic and brilliance in one low glycemic load or ketogenic meal a day in a short feeding window (1-3 hours max).

Why is this intelligent?

Because you are keeping the thing that is rapidly aging you and causing early onset of disease turned off 90% of the time. This is the beauty of fasting with Interstellar Blends daily. You get all of the energy, mood elevation, mental clarity, appetite suppression, longevity and feel good health benefits with none of the calories or mTOR.







HOW do you TURN:

  • ON SIRT1
  • ON Autophagy
  • neutralize oxidative stress
  • stop SASP proliferation AND


  3. PALEO KETO DAIRY FREE DIET (low glucose / low insulin secretion)

When GLUCOSE / INSULIN levels are HIGH, AMPK is turned OFF, mTOR is turned ON and Autophagy is turned OFF.

This is rapid aging mode; what you do NOT want.

When GLUCOSE / INSULIN levels are LOW , AMPK is turned ON, mTOR is turned OFF and Autophagy is turned ON.

This is SLOW AGING MODE; what you DEFINITELY want.

All about mtor and aging click here

“The mTOR intracellular signaling pathway is activated by numerous signals including glucose, amino acids, fat acids and other nutrients, insulin and some other hormones, growth factors and cytokines. In response, it increases cellular functions and cellular mass growth. When the cell cycle is blocked, mTOR drives cellular senescence. Cellular aging can be defined as over-activation of signaling pathways (such as mTOR) with secondary signal resistance. In turn this slowly leads to diseases of aging (hypertension, atherosclerosis, macular degeneration, insulin resistance, obesity, neurodegeneration, cancer, osteoporosis, organ hypertrophy). ”

Why human lifespan is rapidly increasing: solving “longevity riddle” with “revealed-slow-aging” hypothesis


The goal here is to assist critically thinking proactive humans in achieving maximum lifespan and quality of life via scientifically tested and verified means including fasting, calorie restriction, ketogenic diet, mTOR inhibition, AMPK activation, Autophagy, sirtuin activators, exercise and longevity promoting herbs and agents.

We celebrate you getting in the greatest health of your life!

*If you need help understanding any of this or choosing the best blend or combo for your specific needs just send me an email (interstellarblend@gmail.com) or shoot me a text: 737-333-6345



“If you want to be successful —BEGIN.

All successful people have one thing in common— they ALL began.

Not swinging will NEVER produce a home run.

You must go for it risking ridicule and failure if you want to succeed.

Simply get the ball rolling then make adjustments along the way.

There is no such thing as a “perfect start” and yet “all starts are perfect” because only through experience will you ever figure out what works and what doesn’t.“ — Gavin Robert McGowen


Here’s what you get from me:

I never stop growing, learning, innovating, refining, improving—as more knowledge comes in I can add or take away as I see fit; as logic and intel dictates. No corporate profit driven slave master is telling me what to do; I answer to NO ONE. I can’t be bought, sold or compromised.

“Gavin…you are Truly one AMAZING MAN!! You have a heart of gold and the fact that you just want to help people without any bullshit selling tactics and stupid lies about your products just to get money from people is even more of a reason to know what you’re selling is the real deal as it sells itself!! You are a man of your word and people like you are hard to find these days!! I love that old fashioned bit in you…a good solid handshake means just as much to you as a 300 page contract!! Rock on Gavin…you’re a SUPERSTAR!! You mean what you say and you say what you mean! You’re a straight shooter and people (including myself) love that!!”


—Sandra Hale

“I have been a member of the Dry Fasting group/community for many years before “Interstellar Blends” was created. I’ve known Gavin as an active member with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Dry Fasting and herbal recommendations. He took it to the next level with his scientific studies, experience and new powerful products to assist in healing the root causes of aging and illness.

Before the age of 35, it is easy to live indulging and carefree because you still feel relatively young and healthy. As for me, 35 is where I felt my body rapidly aging. I was the heaviest that I ever been, stiffness, loss of flexibility, pains when walking or standing up for too long, pains in my heels, inflammation, cracked heels, hair loss, fatigued, muscle tenderness, horrible digestion and stomaches loss of period, mood swings, depression and anxiety. I was at such a low point in my life and then the products were available for purchasing. It changed my life in a matter of a week.

I am currently on my 4th big batch of products. The first time I fasted using the black coffee/blends and fasting protocols and I have lost weight and became pain free. My mood elevates, I get up earlier and clean everyday, my large body feels lean- and I can move around as I did when I was 10+ years younger. My periods regulated, my hormones are regulating and my blood sugar and blood pressure are normalizing each and everyday the numbers drop. I know these blends are the answers and although I, during hard times, stray away – I always know to come back- it just feels so right and my body thanks me for it.

My favorite blends, my staples are Matcha, Peel, Spice, Trinity, Autophagy, Anti-Cancer Blend, Seven Sages. You can take in whatever dosages are right for you. Gavin also allows for you to make Capsules using a Capsule Making Machine in size #000 for easy convience. During your fast with blends you will not feel hunger, fatigue or dizziness. Just energized! Each day you will feel younger! Stick to Keto/Paleo Fast Fast and Fast- complete a challenge or definitely live your life around 22/2 44/4 66/6 or 88/8. You have to repair the damage to live a vibrant life- pain free and worry free.

During COVID-19 on March 18- I fell sick with fever, chills, terrible fatigue and shortness of breath. I started to Mega dose Matcha, Peel, and Spice– alternating Peel and Spice and by the second day all body soreness and fatigue was gone. I was able to function and only suffered loss of appetite.

I recently ordered Senolytic and Helicobactor pylori. Senolytic is known to kill “zombie cells” and vanish fat cells not just shrink fat cells in regular weightloss. Helico flushes out all the nasty parasites in the gut. These two are a MUST for anyone overweight and having stomach sensitivity issues or anyone who wants to remain lean. I take 1tsp in the morning of Senolytic and 1 tsp of Helico in the evening in a small black coffee shot and you will feel the heat and the burn. The feeling is similar to working out and burning calories- your body warms itself up at the core- stay on it long enough and you will see the pounds melt away. After this review I am on my way to ordering my second batches of each.

Gavin will also be there for you every step of the way until you truly become your own expert. Read and utilize his website please, it can save your life no matter what sickness, disease, condition, diagnosis or age!

I have been fasting my dog for 8 months. He has lost weight, he looks and feels fantasic. No gray hair around his muzzle as it disappeared. He is 6 years old and feels 2 years old. He takes Supernova, but I also alternate Autophagy, ACB and Trinity. I am looking to try Original blend on him. His body will expel the nasty stuff but other than twice a month he has healthy bowels and doesn’t have to eliminate 3-4 times a day- just once or twice.”


—Jacquelyn Kardoulias

“I am using Trinity daily. I have patience and kick ass at my job 12 hrs. a day. Change my name to ChristiaTrinity. I had prescription for xanax. I have not used that in over 18 months. I was on it for umpteen years until I found Interstellar Blends. I love life, love my job, LOVE my family. Now I love them all even more! My doctor cannot believe I don’t need or want that prescription after being on it for 15+ years.”

—Christiana Rees

“My husband and I started all of the blends almost a week ago. To be honest, I had read Great reviews, but kept My mind focused on my own experience. I know some could be taken back by the price, but by the time you cut your grocery bill in half, it completely evens out. We’ve stuck the the schedule below to a T.
1/8 – 1/4Tsp

1/2 tsp
Seven Sages

1 tsp
Peel 20:1
Spice 20:1
Pine Pollen

all together and take in equally divided doses every 4 hours in black coffee.

I did feel a little worn day after a few days and reached out to Gavin. He advised us to up the dosage on the blends, and so we did. We felt completely back to normal after doing so.
We’ve been fasting 20-23 hours a day naturally. We didn’t previously decide on sticking to one schedule but the blends kind of shaped our days out for us. We haven’t been hungry or thirsty at all when using the blends, so it’s a brilliant fasting tool.
Several things I’ve noticed so far.
Day 1: I went grocery shopping and only purchased healthy items. I was shocked when I went down the chip isle and decided not to grab any. I like Pringle’s… so what’s happening here. Haha I walked past them like a boss.
Day 2: I noticed that I was tracing internal issues 100% times faster than I previously could. I traced things in my life at lightening speed and was able to process it quickly. Whoa, This one shocked me a bit.
Day 3: my husband mentioned to me that his back wasn’t hurting as much as it normally did. He has major back and neck pain from an inexperienced chiropractor that did some major damage. It’s been ongoing for YEARS. could it be that it’s magically disappearing? Maybe. I also had bumps on my scalp that continuously seemed to itch. They were also disappearing. Again, what’s happening here? It HAS to be the blends.
We are both so alert and able to make quicker decisions because of the clarity that we both have.
Day after day, we kept seeing improvements and at a quick rate. We plan to keep on this schedule until further notice.

Gavin also has several Facebook groups that you can join for free. You don’t have to do all of the challenges in order to join; however, it would be a good idea to do so, because he gives out store credit if you complete the challenge. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of free blends? I can honestly tell that Gavin loves what he does for people. The heart motive is solid and that is a rare find these days. If you message him directly, he will respond within minutes and give you guidance. Who does this anymore? Not many. If you’re on the fence of ordering, just do it. It’s time to make the shift and see the results for yourself.
Gavin also sends out freebies, which I think is awesome because you can decided if that item is for you without having to purchase.

If we’ve had so many amazing changes within a week, what is 2-10 weeks going to look like? Probably more awesome.

Best wishes to you all on your journey. It’ll be worth it.”


—A W

“This is my honest review. I am not being paid.

I think I ordered my blends 5-6 weeks ago. I ordered Matcha, Trinity, Nebula, ALZ, Shlijat, Autophogy, Zombie Killer, and Thermo. The order arrived on time which was nice as we were dealing with covid-19. The packaging was legit. High quality branding and sturdy to keep the blends safe. The instructions are printed on a label that’s on the bag so INSTRUCTIONS will not be lost. Everything was fresh and perfectly done. I appreciated the little gift…super thoughtful.

The 1st day I took the blends I walked for 2.5hrs! This is UNHEARD of for me. I had been suffering from severe cramping in my back, hands,hammies, and feet. They were so bad I’d be screaming for help. It prevented me from walking more than 30 minutes and from sitting for any length of time. I was literally bedridden. Just 1 dose of the blends and I was active, motivated, and happy! My fasting became easier, I made it through a 45 and 22 hr fast without lashing out. My addiction to sugar is almost gone! It really is true. I wish I had bought these sooner so I could enjoy my life. No regrets….I have them now. Everyone needs to be on these blends.

Gavin is not out to just sell you something and disappear. No way! He actually CARES which is so rare in the world. He wants to help anyone willing to do their part. The group is amazing. So much encouragement, testimonies, jokes, questions and answers. Nobody has to be alone on this journey…only if they choose.

I can’t tell you which is my favorite because they’re all awesome. I’ll be ordering more very soon!

I hope my story helps someone whose undecided about this…it’s legit!”


—Maile Perez Oceanside, CA

Thermo is such an amazing blend! If you’re interested in fitness of any kind, Thermo is a must-have in your arsenal. It’s packed with over 45 ingredients that support insulin recovery, fat burning, blood sugar regulation, longevity, energy, and mental focus. The results are incredible! As soon as I take it, I feel this smooth jolt of energy – not jittery whatsoever. My body warms up and my appetite is suppressed. I feel sharp and focused. I also notice diuretic effects. So I’m often peeing like a racehorse, which is great for those who struggle with water retention issues like myself. Lastly, dare I say that the taste isn’t bad at all. I take it in 1 oz shots of hot water (with Interstellar Matcha) or 1 oz shots of espresso. Oftentimes, I mix in Interstellar Shilajit for what I call my TURBO JET shot. It’s the best preworkout I’ve ever had – I take it fasted and it doesn’t make my stomach queasy like other preworkout drinks. It’s the cleanest fuel you’ll find to power your workouts – electrifying and charging your body in the best way.”


—B. A.

“WOW! WOW! WOW! These new blends are the bomb! Gavin, I own every blend you sell except the brand new Anti-Adipogenic. In the last few weeks I added Gynostemma, Helicobacter and Senolytic, and it’s made a huge difference. I started taking your blends last summer, developed major FOMO so bought every one you offer, and I have experienced more energy, less appetite, thicker hair, better focus but nothing compares to the energy and focus that I’ve got today. Fasting for 24 hours is a breeze. Thank you Gavin, you are brilliant, and I am so grateful for all you do and your committment to helping others achieve amazing health and well being. I am on FIRE!”


—Teresa Kuhn

As we age more and more of our cells stop working right, and become Senescent or “Zombie” Cells. They just take up space without doing their jobs, and most of them release toxins into the bloodstream as well. Senolytic blend is meant to enable the body into killing these cells off. Knowing this, I was very excited to try Senolytic blend and boy was I not disappointed!
The first thing I noticed was incredible mental clarity. Then after a week, I had to look twice in the mirror, as I started to look younger. I felt less hungry, and more vibrant and alive. Then, and I kid you not, I started winning money at the casino! I’ve been playing around with my intuition and roulette for years, and when I started to take big doses of Senolytic (1/2 tsp twice a day), my intuition sharpened and I started to hit more numbers! To date, I’ve made triple my money back on Senolytic. Not a bad deal eh? Time to order more!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
In my opinion, this is the best blend Interstellar has come out with yet. Really really impressive!!


—Rich Ryan

“Not even sure where to start here!

A little background on me. I am a nurse, an avid faster, and a water fasting coach. I have successfully helped many people lose weight, come off pharmaceuticals, and get their lives back. My approach is slower and takes time as I’m working with a very sick population. I personally found myself in a situation where I needed to lose weight quickly for a weight loss competition. My weight stalled at around 160 lbs, no matter what I ate (or didnt eat). The more I increased my activity, the more my body resisted letting go of those lbs…
…and then I found Gavin and his blends; an absolute game changer! Talk about rip the bandaid off. Stall?!?! Hahaha. NO SUCH THING!

Check out Gavin’s FB group for my journey and the epic pics.

Now, to review the blends! Holy f*%$! I was brand new to dry fasting, blends, and Gavin’s protocols, but the blends made the 30/5 doable. Theres no way I could have completed 100 miles in 5 days, no food, no water, and dropped 30 lbs! I was so in tuned with my body, I could feel when the blends would kick in and wear off. I cant tell you at this point which blends do what (that Matcha is yummy and super smooth though), as I took most of them at the same time and am still using them to drop my last 5 lbs.

After my 30/5 (did I say I dropped 30 lbs in 5 days?!?!) I started the 88/8 to finish off my last lbs for the competition (as I write this I have 5 to go!!). I was starting to wonder if the blends were really that nessessary so I did blends every other day. BAD IDEA! The first day I had ZERO motivation, felt light headed, major muscles felt weak and burning on my walks. I just didnt have the umph to push through the miles. I was dragging major ass. Next morning I woke up and could barely get out of bed. Oh, and I was f%$*ing HUNGRY. So I go back on protocol and I’m a force to be reckoned with! I tore up those trails! The next morning I woke up and felt great too! I gave it one more try with no blends, same thing. Dragging ass and flat like shit the next morning.

The blends are the real deal and the protocols are amazing. If you’re sick of being fat, want your health and vitality, and dont want to be a slave to the pharmaceutical industry, put these in your cart and become super human!

P.S. You gotta check out my before and after photos. I cant believe them myself!”


—LJ Johnson

“I’m loving Autophagy activator SO much. I’ve been raving about it to all my friends and have even personified it by calling it “Autophagy bae”. Now when I say “Autophagy bae” my people all know who (not what – haha) I’m talking about. I recently started rolling 66/6 and it’s a must for following any of Gavin’s dry fasting protocols that include over 24 hours of dry fasting.

The ingredients are unparalleled!! Hundreds of ingredients that hit on Autophagy (duh), oxidative stress, anti inflammation, lipolysis, mtor inhibition, anti obesity, anti diabetic, and leptin regulation. This is plant MEDICINE at its finest, people! You’re not going to find anything matching in one combined blend on the PLANET.

And when people have sticker shock at the price of the blends, they need to calm down and think about it. The list of ingredients and the recommended dosage demonstrate that you’re getting an incredible value. PLUS, Gavin is always willing to work with you – sometimes he is able to sell sample sizes (they still cost money obvi!) just for you to try to see if it will address your needs.

I’ve become a bonafide, unofficial spokesperson for Interstellar Blend. I can’t stop talking about them and guess what?! Friends and loved ones have taken note. Some have already become customers and started purchasing for themselves and their families!! The proof is in the evidence – the thorough descriptions of the blends on the website, the incredible authentic customer reviews and the amazing Facebook group.

I’ll say one last thing, JOIN the Facebook group, It’s so rich with info, reviews, feedback, protocols, weight loss challenges, maintenance regimens, Gavin’s top notch insight and guidance, and such a supportive community.

Cheers to longevity and prosperity with Interstellar!”



Trinity saved my sanity. As my family transitioned to the COVID-19 ’stay at home’ situation, I felt really stressed and overwhelmed during the first few days of having all four of us in the house (me, my uncle and his two boys who are like my own kids). I’d lost my regular routine and had two kids who wouldn’t leave me alone long enough to get any work done on my computer. I felt like I was walking in circles. I couldn’t “land” anywhere or get anything done. I was stressed and frustrated every time they called my name or knocked on my door. I was even trying to move to a nocturnal schedule so I could work while all of them slept.

Enter Trinity.

This was our first ever Interstellar Blend. I had heard about the blends from a friend who is very trustworthy when it comes to this sort of thing, so I checked it out online and we ordered straight away after getting a feel for how “next level” these products are, how much research and insight goes into the preparation of the blends, the powerful testimonials, and reading the story about how Gavin got started creating the blends.

When our order arrived in that beautiful gold envelope I was excited. I had planned on just having my uncle use Trinity to help with memory and cognition and to reduce his work stress, but that was before school was cancelled and life at home did a 180. So that afternoon when I scooped some for him, I scooped some for myself too!

Holy bugeezapuddles! Trinity smoothed me right out. I woke up early the next day with the presence of mind to get up and take care of ‘me’ during those precious, quiet, early morning hours. I got clear in my head about what I needed to do, and did it all with a sense of ease, positivity and a can-do attitude. I put the kids on a project management software so they could manage themselves and just report in to me once or twice a day. I cleaned and organized my space and was able to take things one at a time and feel good about my day. I’ve been using Trinity a couple of times a day since then (1/8th tsp), and I’m happy to say I’m my warm and smiling, chipper old self again, despite us all being under the same roof 24/7.

Alllllso, I decided to use this quarantine time to transform my body and keep on the “glow up,” so I’m happy to say Trinity does give me a moderate appetite suppressive effect. The effect might be more with higher dosing, but I haven’t really explored trying to get the exact right amount because I’m planning to buy Autophogy for skinny-support purposes. But in the meantime, Trinity is helping me not munch on a bunch of B.S.

Gavin, thank you! I can’t wait to see what happens to the quality of my health, beauty, and wellbeing as I incorporate more of your magic potions into my life. Many blessings!”



“An absolute life changing blend fo me.
Last July I had gallbladder removal surgery and thought all of my gut issues were over. Little did I know ..they were about to get much worse.
About 1 month post op, remedies the surgeon was instructing me to try were not in the least working. Then the Rx’s began.. truthfully, they seemed to make my issues much worse. I was sent to a gastroenterologist, who would do nothing until I went thru more testing. Did every single test he wanted.. nothing out of the ordinary. I’m like really?? Well something was going on…stomach noises so loud, they could be heard across the room, ( sorry TMI) diarrhea was the norm, heartburn so bad I kept antacid tablets on my bedside table. I was probably like a bratty little sister messaging Gavin. Then Helico was a month out from being released. I was determined to try it as soon as I could.
3 weeks ago I took my first dose 1 tsp in fresh grapefruit juice as instructed. It’s grapefruit season here in Arizona, everyone is giving them away.. timing was perfect. Every evening I dutifully squeezed a grapefruit and mixed it with 1 tsp of Helico. Let me tell you, that first week was HELL, and every night I swore I wasn’t going to continue, somehow the next evening, I found myself squeezing another grapefruit all over again. I really needed to give this blend a chance.
7 days took me into my second week… I was still not feeling great. Then day 11 … I had dinner and realized.. no growling gurgling stomach. No RUNNING to the bathroom, and I didnt feel like crap! I approached days 12,& 13 with cautious optimism.
Tonight I will take my first maintenance dose of Helico. This blend is now part of my daily rotation. If you are suffering from gut / gastro issues, heartburn, I cannot say this loud enough
See it thru 14 days.. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”


—Judi Plotino Bahr

Apigenin has been a game changer. I have been taking Apigenin for over a year now. I was prescribed Ritalin since the age of 13, I always skipped my doses and denied any of the anti depressants the doctors always offered me. After years of battling with depression from the drugs, I finally rid my body of all these artificial, dangerous, and unhealthy chemicals from my lifestyle. That was a long time ago, and since then I have been always searching for uplifting, health enhancing, anti-aging elements to pair with my diet. I searched for years for ancient herbs, finally I found Gavin through my friends group and thank god for that. I always praise his products because they have given me the chance to challenge myself and have major benefits at the same time. These products may seem like a hefty investment, but what does your health and your life at the very core mean to you? If filling your body with chocolate and soda is your answer, then this probably isn’t for you(and maybe SHOULD BE). If you want to start a new healthy lifestyle, or continue fulfilling your goals and add a powerful, life-changing element into the mix to join you, then what the F&^% are you waiting for? I’m about to get another batch, using these blends are the favorite part of my day and I always look forward to continuing life and smashing the impossible with them by my side. Cheers Gavin, and thank you!!!”


—Michael Mannino

“This was the first interstellar blend I have tried. I didn’t really know what to expect with this. Im in my early thirties and generally very healthy and take a lot already, so I didn’t know if I would notice anything. I wasn’t sure how many Senolytic cells I had or what the difference would feel like. That said I barely took any of the ingredients listed here before so I was intrigued. I wasn’t fully fasting but trying to be as keto as possible.
I started to really look forward to taking it, I found there was a new level of clarity I was finding myself in most days without realising. Also I found synchronicities increasing drastically and strange situations and items manifesting, sometimes quite literally large items that I had been looking for endlessly with no success turning up on my doorstep. Looking back some very big plans have been set in motion in this period and important projects finished. Things are just coming together quite effortlessly where as some were dragging on for months with no resolution before.
Very interested to see if this continues from where it left off when I try this again or if this effect diminishes now I’ve finished my supply!
Either way definitely a new convert to Interstellar! It looked the part from the ingredients list and certainly is.”


—Sebastian Gaeta

“I’m 22 years old, and I’ve struggled with my weight since I was little. I was very athletic in high school, and almost always ate healthy, but no matter what I did, weight would never come off. Along with that, I feel like I’ve been tired my whole life! Not even a normal every day tired, but I could either get 2 hours of sleep or 8 or 14 and still wake up lethargic and have no energy for the rest of my day. I found Gavins dry fasting group on Facebook, and immediately started diving in to reviews and posts and the website to try to find out as much information as I could. I will say, I was skeptical at first. As there are a lot of people who claim to have miracles that will help people lose weight or tone up. But after doing deep reading on the site, and reaching out to Gavin, I was recommended Autophagy. I ordered it, and Gavin even told me he’d get it ready and ship it the next day for me!! I had no idea what to personally expect from this, but oh my gosh!! The first day I tried it, I put it in a cold brew shot. I woke up tired that day, as usual, so I was hoping to feel somewhat different afterwards. Within 30 minutes, I was ready to go!! I did all my laundry, cleaned my entire room, and even moved all of my furniture around! I also painted that day, played outside with the dogs, and didn’t feel constantly hungry like I usually do. This stuff is truly amazing! I feel like I’m doing something so good for my body, and knowing that it’s all natural and so much safer than anything a doctor could give me was great. I notice a hell of a difference on days when I miss taking it. I feel like my body is functioning so much better on its own, and is doing better than before, but it’s definitely something I enjoy incorporating daily. If anyone is skeptical like I first was, please give this a try. Gavin is so easy to talk to and truly wants the best for others. He has amazing combos and a ton of other blends. I just purchased more last night because I’m such a believer in what they do!”


—T Hope


Trinity is the real deal. I am not someone who takes someone’s word for anything, so I did my due diligence and investigated this product and it’s ingredients. I was impressed that all the ingredients were connected with research links, however they can’t tell you that they work, so I tried some for anxiety attacks which were crippling, and I’m not gonna lie, it tastes horrible but it started to work within an hour. I wouldn’t believe me either but in this case, you have to. This exceeded my wildest expectations, it’s a little less than a year that I’ve been taking this stuff and am anxiety free, and completely stunned that it has become something I do every morning, with my coffee and don’t even notice the taste. You really must try it and see for yourself, with Gavin’s guarantee you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.”


—Lawrence Labarbera

“I usually do not write reviews for products, but after having the interstellar blends I felt compelled. After reading the site and researching the blends for 3-4 yrs I decided to actually give them a go. due to covid the blends took a while to come and so in that time I started to dry IF for 2 weeks. From that alone I saw a massive improvement in my state of mind, creating a feeling of lightness and clarity.

Once the blends came, everything changed. I had been a deep meditator for a few month before trying all this and noticed changes like stillness and reduction in anxiety and increased visual acuity, after trying Trinitiy in the morning with my coffee, I felt all those feelings amplified, in a calm, clears headed way. I had a feeling like being surround by a bubble of light. Anything can happen in the external and it doesn’t change your state.

Once I brought in the other blends from the sampler packages, I felt my muscle retention during the dry fasts were evident. There’s a constant clarity and flow, where you’re walking , driving, working everything seems pleasant. My favourite combo is the Trinity, Nebular Thermo and Seven Sages.

When I went home I shared Trinity with my parents and brother who were skeptical but after reading the list of ingredient they were more than happy to try. Things I noticed where they were in a better state of mind, less anxious or snappy. Conversations flowed and even though the feeling for them was subtle I could tell the change.

If you really want a change or already on a journey to self improvement this can be the stepping stone to send you to the next level and I’m already considering getting another supply.

Don’t shy from the price tag, it shows the amount of ingredients in the products and they come in a huge box, well packaged that gives you the feel like you’re opening a box of presents on Christmas Day.

Don’t think just try them, consider how much you spend on products, gym memberships, Netflix, cable etc and then consider the potential these blends have to change you state of mind and health and increase you wealth.

Nuff said, don’t think just try”


—Shah M

“My favorite blends by far have been Trinity, Nebula, and Thermo. The best time to take them for me is before I go for my 10 mile walk. I have never in my life been able to walk even 2 miles straight without getting bored and wanting to stop. However with these blends you get the perfect amount of energy to push you to keep going it doesn’t make you feel jittery at all. I can finish 10 miles no problem when I take the herbs before I go for my walk.
I also take them if I’m feeling extremely hungry and I’m just about ready to give in. I’ve tried fasting before but it usually only would last for a day or two. Now with these blends I have no problem with skipping meals which is one of my favorite perks with these blends. When I get hungry I mix them in with coffee or hot water and I no longer feel hungry!!
The blends definitely have gave me a lot more steady energy. They have also given me mental clarity I’m a forex trader and my trades have been so much more profitable ever since I’ve been taking the blends and dry fasting. The science behind dry fasting is insane and it makes so much sense. For years and years we’ve been missing out on this and it’s crazy how many people don’t know about it. I really want to thank Gavin and his team for these blends they’ve been a game changer!!”


—Taranjit Virk

“First I have to say that (So Far), Trinity is my absolute favorite blend! I will admit that I bought it towards the end of November 2019, and only tried a very tiny amount for about two days. I noticed, even with that, that it made a difference in my mental state. However, stupidly, I stopped taking it till about May of 2020. I realized in May that I needed to get in control of my Health.

It really hit the nail in the head, when I’d have panic attack in my car, in a parking lot of a store. And if I couldn’t calm myself down, not matter how far I had driven, I would return home. This is NO WAY to live. One instance this happened-and once returning home and telling my parents what happened–they reminded me of my Blends! So, I took them the next morning, and the morning after that and so forth. I only got the Samples, but it still lasted quite a bit of time, and when I bought other blends my sample was usually Trinity!! After about one week, I realized that I literally could get out of my car and into a store without crying. THAT is what made me believe in the blends. They are SO Powerful! I will take these for as long as I live!

I am so excited that Trinity helped me so quickly! It is SO amazing, and inspiring to see how these blends help everyone! I am part of the Facebook Group and it has helped me understand the blends and science behind them. That’s what really got me going to first purchase them-so much science on each ingredient! You can’t argue with that! I am excited to try new ones, but just had to leave a review for my favorite one!

From the Bottom of my Heart,

Thank you!”


—Jenny C

“I have been using the blends for only a week now but wow!

Although I am not (yet) able to say exactly which one is having the most effect, as I am taking them as a mix of all in the sample, within 20 minutes after taking them I get a shot of focus and energy!

I have always struggled with depression, anxiety and managing my anger but with those blends it is just gone, like I am very aware that I am annoyed at something but I am able to handle the situation and just deal with it with ease and smile on my face!
I got this sample combo as I wanted to try as many as I could. Next step will be to take them individually on different days to really see which one is affecting me most and which are my favourites!

I must admit, I sat on the sidelines for a while, thinking that they are expensive, all i can say, is that it was totally worth it and i will be ordering again very soon!”



“I started to take these herbs to increase mental clarity and motivation- I had no idea these herbs would work so well. I’ve been taking the herbs for 2 weeks now and the difference in my physical and mental state has been incredible. I’m waking up earlier than I ever was every single day and working harder with more determination than ever before.

The combo pack is great because it lets you try every single herb and find out for yourself the ones that give you the effects you’re looking for. Personally, my absolute favorites were Nebula and Trinity. My anxiety and fear completely disappeared with them! I also feel a giant confidence and energy boost every time I take a dose.

For anyone not sure what to take and looking for some guidance, try out this combo pack you’re not going to be disappointed. I’ll post the protocol I’ve been using below.

Spice 1/4 Tsp
Peel 1/4 Tsp
7 Sages 1/4 Tsp
Matcha 1/8 Tsp
Shilajit 1/8 Tsp
Thermo 1/8 Tsp
Nebula 1/8 Tsp
Trinity 1/8 Tsp

I take this three times a day and follow a strict Keto diet and restrict fluids during the 23:1 fasting period. I work out three times per week and do yoga on my days off. ”


—Mathias Morales


“Amazing product, worth every penny! From the first tea I made Super Tonic Hair, I felt amazing and gave me some goosebumps. The guys sent me sample of Trinity also, which i combined both herbs together which made the experience way better and will be purchasing Trinity next!

After few days using the herbs, I noticed how shiny my hair got. Every time I had a shower, my hair used to fall out, during and drying it. I’ve tried so many shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and oils to prevent the hair loss. This product is the best by far that I have used for hair loss.

I would recommend this to anyone with hair problems (one guy has already placed an order). Super happy how things are going and can’t wait to see the results at the end of the herbs. 100% returning back to buy more herbs! Thank you guys ! Cant wait to try new herbs! Life time customer !

Enough Love”


—Anil Badhan

“I was told about 3 years ago that I had PCOS . My periods were heavy and never really went off. Instead of my period going off I would just spot until it came back on again. So me being me I began to look into PCOS just to get more knowledge about it. The doctor was suggesting I take birth control pills to help with my estrogen levels and to lighten my periods. I declined the pills and just tried to eat more healthy and exercise. I continued to do research every so often to try and find a solution because I knew it was something that was more natural and better than taking pills. I felt like pills would only treat the symptom and not the root cause of the problem.
I ran across Gavin’s blends online in March of this year and I began to read the different herbs he had. It was also amazing how he had the research to back up his blends.I came across Niagra. The more I kept reading the ingredients and research I knew I had to buy the Niagara along with other blends as well. In May I ordered my blends. I was so excited. The shipping was not long at all.
Once I received my blends I began to take them as instructed by Gavin. I could feel a difference right away. Throughout the first day I felt amazing. Plenty or energy and I was not even hungry. I took other blends also. After the first week of taken the blends my period went off . I was so happy because I had been dealing with this for 3 years. Now my cycle comes on and goes off as it should. I can feel the difference of my hormones being more balanced than usual. I will go in Oct to get my annual check up to actually see the difference even though I can feel the difference already. So I would say to any Woman struggling with hormone balance issues Niagra will definitely help get your hormones balanced. Money does not compare to your Health. IT’S WORTH IT!
Thanks Gavin”



“I stopped sitting on the sidelines and said what better way than to dive in and start of with this amazing july special. I’ve had experience doing 20 hours fast frequently, pulled of 24 hour fast here and there, and a 36 hour fast once. I will be reviewing all the blends, then my favorites, and Hypnotic.

I can already feel certain conditions in my body improving. I use to have extreme thirst all the time, drinking water like every 75 minutes of the day, the doctors have always said everything is fine with me but I suspected pre-diabetes and wasn’t going to wait for things to get worse. So I didnt straight go into the all day dry fasting, I tested the waters, I used all the blends as instructed in the description of the july special, and for the first time ever I actually went 5 hours without feeling thirst. The next day I made it to 12 hours. Now I can go 6-12 hours with no water on the blends, and I feel fine. I’m confident that theres a successful 88/8 challenge not to far in my future.

I limited myself to Trinity, Nebula, Spice and Peel, and Thermo because truthfully speaking using ALL the blends is much better on a fluid restricted protocol and keto or low insulin diet therefore I wanted to get more practice fasting in and build up to being to handle true dry fasting and prolonged dry fasting for days. The Trinity, Nebula, Spice and Peel, and Thermo have been helping me so much in regards ot my thirst. The Peel/Spice and Thermo are truly amazing for dealing with sugar and inflammaiton. I can even feel a difference in my tongue when I wake up in the morning, I use to always have this subtle dryness to my tongue even if my mouth wasn’t dry. That feeling is 70% gone. I know it, I feel it. This combo I use is more mental focus and clarity + glucose/blood sugar control + inflammation reduction. IT WORKS. I dont expect an overnight miracle but I can see the subtle improvements and I know things will definitely excel once I start doing 22/2, 44/4, 66/6, 88/8 dry fasting those are meant to purge your body.

Guys dont sit on the sidelines, dive in and learn as you go. If you cant dry fast that long, NO PROBLEM, as long as you’re fasting even with a controlled amount of liquids to your best ability, it will reap so much benefits. The way I see it, I’m still receiving healing even if it’s not the max healing. The mindset is to improve my health moving forward instead of allowing my body to go backwards.

I would recommend that whether you’re using all the blends or trialing with your favorite ones be sure to consume Shilajit and Pine Pollen, those provide strength and nutrients to the body, my first time having full servings of both made me feel very strong rather than weak on my fast.

Hypnotic BLEND: I was already a heavy sleeper and could instantly fall asleep most of the time but even then I’ve noticed how this blend helps me sleep better. I sleep nice and sound through the night, I dont wake up as often, infact time seems to go by fast like a coma, all I remember is closing my eyes and next thing I know I’m waking up in the morning. Thats peace! The other day I felt pretty groggy and had a headache all day. I took Hypnotic at night and felt so much better before going to bed even my headache was gone! My headache disssapearing was an unexpected effect! I slept good that night and got a much needed charge up.

Reading what the blends do felt like answered prayers to many fo the lack of health symptoms I’ve been experiencing. I use to think I was young and healthy and misfortune could never touch me but after reading through Gavins information online, I realized there was a lot of gaps in my understanding of health and longetivity.

Gavin is a Godsend, may God continue to guide him and protect him. That man was born with great purpose and what he is doing is a service to humanity. I wish I had jumped in much sooner, I probably wouldnt be experiencing all the issues I was having.”


—Calvin U.

“I seem to have that extra confident edge and swag while taking this product. I put Supernova in my coffee and I recorded the best music I ever have in my life. The charisma in my vocals was there, along with having the energy to get up and make it happen. Also while being in an altercation I did not remotely hesitate to say what was truly 100% on my mind so be ready for that as well. If you normally are outgoing you will still have an even extra additional boost of confidence and energy.

Also, the Autophagy activator really helps me feel full and energized when fasting. When I took Autophagy activator along with Supernova I went all day with no food and having tons of energy. I ended up running errands, exercising, and socializing throughout that day without eating or feeling the need to eat. I gave some Supernova to a friend I was with and he said he felt the effects as well. I could tell he appeared more confident and was laughing and joking more than prior to taking the herbs.

Also, I tried out the Seven Sages + Trinity. They produce a really calming and balancing effect to where you feel totally at peace with yourself. When I add them into my coffee in the morning I really feel at ease as if all my brain chemicals are aligned and within perfect function. These herbs are truly awesome and I’m so lucky to have come across them.”


—Trevor Bari

“Hands down this is the best thing I have ever purchased! At first I was abit skeptical but thought Ide take the punt and try it out. Within an hour of taking it for the first time I felt so relaxed and at ease. I feel a lot clearer in my thinking and focused within my work. What a product.

In addition, Gavin was very helpful and engaging to talk to over telegram and gave me great advice and recommendations on when and how to consume the blends.

I couldn’t recommend this blend enough to anyone that may be suffering with anxiety or depression and I also cannot wait to try the other blends availible.”


—Danny R

“Where do I start? This product is amazing. I am literally flying through life!

I have had a really hard time enjoying life and the things that come with it. I was just wondering if there was something that could help me with breaking patterns so I am able to elevate in life, in self and in the skills I try to acquire to break free from the “safety of my job.”

That last part has cost me a lot of happiness in life and even got me so anxious I started questioning my own existence here. Am I doing what is right? Should I just keep at what I am currently doing? But deep down I knew I really want this, so I had to just face these questions that comes with getting further in life anyway. I came across some video content on instagram and YouTube from Shaun Lee, been following his journey since 2014/2015 and I’ve seen him growing overtime massively. So in the last video’s he posted on instagram he was again talking about the blends which I have seen on his profile a few times but never really dived in to find out what all this is about.

Gavin has helped me so fast whenever I had a question. I also asked him some things about my dog who is experiencing some allergic reactions to something. I give her a scoop of Original every other day. But I can not say anything about the results yet because I only started 2 days ago. So I will keep that for another day. Anyway, Gavin thanks for everything you do. You make it so much easier for us to face life’s challenges and go as it is rather than how we want things to be!”


— Robin A

“I have to admit that I was skeptical at first but I bought the Nebula and Trinity sampler pack and they have transformed my life.

After just my second day of taking Trinity, I felt my appetite suppressed where I didn’t feel hunger. I typically intermittent fasting 18:6 and my usual eating time begins at 1pm and by 2pm I still wasn’t hungry.

You also notice these different types of inner feelings of calm and peace. My anxiety has calmed down and journaling everyday has allowed me to view that sense of calmness that I have throughout each day.

Trinity has been gamechanging and now I understand why it’s their most popular. I intend to try their other products but I highly recommend Trinity!”


—Devin H

“SUPER ULTIMATE SAMPLER PACK w/ Seven Sages is amazing. I have now been taking my herbs for 1 month and I feel amazing.
I have suffered from extreme anxiety since I was 17. I have tried everything possible. I read every book, watched programs, and even tried hypnosis. I felt as though I would never feel like myself again. I started to accept the fact that I would feel anxious my entire life.
I was introduced to interstellar herbs by my trading mentor Shaun Lee. I always seen him put them on his Instagram but was never curious enough to look into them.
After this plandemic started I know I needed to find something to help keep my immune system at it’s peak. Shaun put up a video about the herbs and I got curious. I wanted to try them so I got the sample pack. I am so glad I did.
Now at 37 I can finally say that I feel more like myself then I ever did before. My mind is clearer then ever. I feel happy and healthy for the first time in 20 years. These herbs are amazing. I felt the effects almost immediately. I can’t wait to try them all. Thank you for all you do.”


—Valerie Jacinto


“I have been using Trinity since the start of the year now and can say I don’t know what I would do without it! Honestly the amount of clarity and energy I have on a regular basis is phenomenal. I drink it on a empty stomach first thing in the morning and proceed to do the work i need to do to a high standard as well as work out..The effects are lasting as well and its never a noticeable drop its just an elevated state for most the day.

Then after lunch i have a smoothie with Pine Pollen in and now looking forward to adding to this smoothie the Shilajit and Spice to get even more overall health benefits. Again this fills me up and keeps me going through the day whilst doing wonders for my health and well being. Honestly so glad i came across these blends as without them i would be shopping from all over the place just for a few of the ingredients!

Finally I am now going to try the ALZ blend as well. just for cognitive improvement when i really need to get into that work mode. I am a financial trade so i believe this will help a lot. For me to stay focused as well as when i am studying the markets or reading just give me that overall boost.
From all of this I have really noticed the color come back in my face and the twinkle in my eye as well as the burning in my belly to smash my goals for the year ahead. So will be interesting to see whee I am at after a year of these blends, a lot of praise will be to them and Gavin, so thank you.”


—J Goodall

“Absolutely unbelievable, I agree with someone else’s statement that 1/8 of anything could make such a difference. I have been taking the Supernova for anxiety and panic attacks, with good results, but after trying the Trinity I am blown away, one of these little spoons in my coffee in the morning and the anxiety is gone, completely, it also has the benefit of not being as nasty tasting as Supernova which also works, but this is so much more condensed you need less and therefore doesn’t change the flavor of your coffee. I love it.”


—Lawrence Labarbera


“Ok, I’m back for one more review, because something pretty astonishing happened. I had gone to a functional medicine doctor for hormone level follow up due to my previous thyroid issues. I continued to take blends, alternating them so I can watch for which blend does what for me. I took ACB the most because of the healing capabilities I had already experienced. The Dr listened to me for almost an hour (I was shocked too…) and wrote out very thorough orders for my lab work. He wrote lyme and EBV on there because of some of the symptoms I had reported. I thought he was insane, but I did spend the first half of my life in the North East. He actually encouraged me to continue to take my blends, and advised me to eat only from an elimination diet menu (Low FODMAP)
My Lab work came back with positive CHRONIC indicators, which means this had been causing issues for me for a while.
I continued to take the blends as I allowed some of the other issues to clear up. I researched my options for treatments, and I began to look into the Cowden and Buhner Protocols. I refused to do any antibiotics at that point.
I wanted to wait though to get tested to see exactly which bands and co-infections I had, I learned way more about lyme than I ever cared to know. I learned what Herxing was and that most likely that was what was happening to me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but when the spirochetes die off, your body goes through some pretty horrible symptoms and you have to detox WELL. I went with it and took epsom salt baths, and alkaseltzer with lemon juice a bit after my blends, and continued to do 22/2 and 44/4 protocols to allow my body to cleanse, but I did need to flush during that time. Low and behold, when I retested for a closer look at band activity, it all came back negative. Imagine that.
I also ordered my Husband Apigenin because he had a bout of craziness with elevated liver enzyme levels and a ton of abdominal pain in the ER in May, and they of course ran about 8 tests and repeated lab work and could not diagnose him. Even afterwards.
He continued on the Apigenin in small dosing for maintenance and he has experienced zero issues since. His functional doc follow up labs were on point. I wish I could get him to fast even a 22/2 because it is so beneficial.
Thanks again, Gavin.”


—Heather Barrington

“I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to get these blends. I am a very health-conscious person. I am also an avid faster. I learned about Gavin from the Facebook group. I had been in the group for over a year and I was blown away by the testimonials and the results! My weight has been a challenge for YEARS! I’ve been up and down and on every diet known to man. Over the last few years, I learned about intermittent fasting, which led me to water fasting, and finally to dry fasting. Enter the blends! The blends have been LIFE-CHANGING! My favorites are Peel and Spice. I did not discover the magic of Peel and Spice until I went through the 88/8 protocol. The usual healing crisis symptoms you usually feel during fasting were non-existent on this protocol with these blends. The Autophagy blend was a game-changer. I felt amazing every single day. I was not only able to walk 10 miles per day, but I was able to fix lunches, dinners, and snacks for my family without even flinching. I released 31.6 lbs in 12 days! My skin looked amazing and my varicose veins all but disappeared! I am no longer on the protocol, but the blends have become a part of my daily life. Let me also speak to how kind Gavin is. The science behind the blends is extensive and not always reader-friendly for the layman. Gavin is extremely patient and takes the time to answer questions. He was with me every step of the way during the protocol. There were times I had a question at 2am (fully NOT expecting him to write back until normal hours) and to my astonishment, I would see the little bouncing 3 dots on Messenger, meaning he was replying! Lastly, the Facebook group is one of the most supportive and friendly communities I’ve ever been a part of. Gavin is serious about positivity an no-nonsense in the group. No bull. Period. I did not intend to be this long-winded, but there is SO much more I could say. I think you get the point, though. This is by far one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m never going back!”


—Robin Crowell-Cunningham

“I started using the Super Hair Blend when Gavin had the first samples and made my first Super Hair Blend purchase and ended up using it for two months. My hairdresser asked what I was doing and said my gray was like 50% less gray and much thicker and healthier and I had noticed I could get by without coloring for 4-6 weeks, normally I had to color every 2 weeks because the gray was so pronounced. I had also started using another product in gel form at the same time that claimed anti aging benefits so I wasn’t really sure which product was giving me this benefit or maybe a combination of both. I finished both products and took a couple of months off and my gray returned with a vengeance. I am approx 80-90% gray. I have dark hair so the gray really shows with new growth 1/2” in a couple of weeks. Once I started using the Super Hair Blend again my hair is now about 30% gray and I color 4-6 weeks apart. Im hoping with continued use the gray will continue to diminish. Gavin has another incredible winner. Thank you Gavin!!!”


—Rhonda Walker-Eckel

“I purchased Superhair Tonic back in December. I had been water fasting (without blends) since August and managed to lose 30 lbs. However, by December I noticed I had started to shed tons of hair. Taking a shower caused severe anxiety since its when I saw the most hair fall out. Hand fulls of my long 30 inch hair were falling out. I had just come across the Facebook group and saw this blend. I ordered immediately. I took this combined with the Pine Pollen and within two weeks all hair loss had stopped. I was so amazed and thrilled.

I think the water fasting has also stunned my hair growth. I hadn’t seen much growth in the last couple of months. After a couple of weeks on the Superhair Tonic and Pine Pollen I noticed that my hair was growing again. I documented the growth and from the end of December to February my hair grew 3 inches! Not only that but I have tons of baby hair already growing in replacing all the hair I lost. I was afraid I would have to chop off my waist long hair with all the hair loss. But I am so happy to report that these wonderful blends have saved my hair and the 3 years that I have dedicated to growing and caring for it.

I also wanted to talk about Niagra. I’m 34 years old and have always had issues with irregular menstrual cycles. Early on they diagnosed me with PCOS. However, recently, with blood work they couldn’t really determine if that was the cause. I could go even 6-8 months without a period. I also started taking Niagra early in January. I was amazed that shortly after this I had a menstrual cycle, and then 34 days later another! No cramping, no pain, just a minor discomfort which I appreciated to know it was coming. I am so wowed at how fast this acted on regulating my cycle. I’ve felt great and will continue to take this.

I am taking other blends, like Trinity and Luteolin at nigh and my sleep has been wonderful. I truly recommend all the blends!”


—Claudia Garcia

“I came across these blends quite some time ago, I had been wanting to place an order for years! It all started when a magical bus drove up while I was longboarding in Venice Beach. On that bus I met somebody who gave me info I had been waiting to receive regarding Ayahuasca. I started following the bus on social media and fast forward a few years realized I was part of a Dry Fasting Group on Facebook. I’m not sure how I got in the group but I know that bus had something to do with it. I spent years reading info, following people’s stories and learning tons.
I finally placed an order for quite a few blends. I really can’t single one out, my experience has been extremely positive. Today I placed a second order to expand on the first and soon I will be placing a 3rd order to complete my wish list. I found that immediately after adding these herbs to my coffee, the very first day, my mental state was improved almost immediately. By the time I finished my coffee I knew that this would have to become my daily routine and it has ever since.
Without going into detail I basically have PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc and used marijuana to cope, however, after introducing Interstellar Super Herbs to my daily regime I was able to eliminate cannabis right away. My moods are stable, I feel balanced, I’m driven, and my workouts became something I look forward to rather than try to come up with an excuse to blow it off. I don’t have a scale but I know I’m losing weight and I feel amazing.”


—Krystle Vega

“This is good stuff! I’m a first time user of herbs and new to fasting as well. About a month ago, I decided to take advantage of this whole covid situation to come up with a disciplined plan of action to get my body to peak strength. I ended up coming across the 22/2 fasting plan and have been doing it for a week now with the herbs. I can definitely feel the improved clarity and feeling. Favorites so far are Trinity, Nebula, Seven Sages.”


—Evan P

“This is the third blend that I began using. I have been slow adding them, wanting to fully understand what one did before adding/trying another. Nebula is really something!

I do a lot of dry fasting. I don’t still have a lot of weight to lose, but I still have some. Nebula is the perfect blend to help with this. There is a smooth, all day long, kind of energy that comes from Nebula. It’s not like a high, or anything like that. Just smooth right til you don’t need it anymore. And then I sleep so well!

I also am figuring out that the blends do different things when taken together. Well, not really different things, but “enhanced” things. I’m feeling overall better now than I did when I was in my 20’s, since incorporating these blends into my daily, fasting life!”


—Allie Tyre

“I received on Christmas Eve the BEST GIFT OF ALL… THE GIFT OF HERBS!!! My Interstellar Blends herbs order came in. Now for another year of feeling fantastic again!!! Every morning I start out my day with the natural herbs in my coffee, been doing this for two years now. Knowing that as I am feeling so good inside… I can handle anything the outside world can throw at me. Health is the number one thing to treasure and protect… Without it… Everything feels so difficult.

Thank you so much, Gavin Robert McGowen, for your ability to heal the body, mind and soul. Giving your customers a gift that cannot be measured!!

At 66 years old… I don’t take any supplements, no prescription drugs, eat one meal (dinner) a day, never hungry all the time anymore, all my labs tests come back excellent. Feeling great all day, knowing my body is working in my favor and helping me to relax, feel good and enjoy life.

When your health is off and you are, constantly, suffering or in pain… The world outside seems so difficult. When you feel good physically, mentally and spiritually… You can, not only, conquer the world around you… But… You see life in another state of mind of love, happiness, peace and joy… And well being.

Again, Thank you so much, Gavin Robert McGowen for giving me the one biggest gift above all…. Health.

After having a major car accident, broken hands, two root canals that became a huge problem, three operations (throat/nose/foot) one right after another, in and out of the hospital many times, almost killed with so many antibiotics drugs (14 days in hospital dying), put on tons of prescription drugs, all my test were haywired and negative, I think I had everything in the world attack my body, told I would have to be on prescription drugs for the rest of my life. A dear friend… Rebecca Barr (Becky) had me on probotics that helped save me and told me about Interstellar Blends natural herbs that was healing all kinds of health issues. I contacted Gavin with my health issues, he gave me a program to follow…. And here I am. Better than ever… Doing fantastic.

I was on seven prescription drugs, told that I needed most of the drugs the rest of my life. Told I had problems and symptoms that were for life that I had never, ever had before all this happened… Thyroid, Lyme, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Fibromyalgia, Nerve pain, Fatigue, etc. Everything started after my big car accident and all those prescription drugs I was put on. Antibiotics being the, absolutely, worst…. One point they had me on three different antibiotics and none of them were working!! I went cold turkey off all those seven prescription drugs. Started my herbs program. Went back after a few months… Everything gone… Health fantastic… Healed. Everything gone.. all symptoms gone… All tests positive and fine.

Natural herbs…. Amazing.

Man made, chemicals, sick
God made, natural herbs, healthy.

Now when I reflect back on all those sick times… I realized it was a gift was above. Now I cherish and treasure my health, have changed many of my eating habits, protect my body, mind and soul from any abuse… And can head into my golden years with a better body, better attitude and better well being. I was glad it happened at an early age where I could learn and change my habits around. Had it happened when I was older… I might not have been able to change the circumstances. It might have been too late to do anything about it. I have seen too many people get really sick, have major problems and never recover from any of their problems, symptoms or illnesses.

Gavin is, even, healing those that have had illnesses, problems, health issues for many, many, many years. Read all the reviews… They speak for themselves. Try his sample package, or Trinity (a favorite with customers) or send him a message with your symptoms so he can recommend a program for you. And watch miracles start to happen with your body when you start giving it natural herbs to make it well again. His herbs packages, each, have tons, and tons, and tons of different healing heals within each package.

I, highly, recommend it for families, pets, children that are now in a healthy stage… To start early in life to protect you from all the chemicals thrown at us that is in everything we eat, drink, use and touch, all the diseases, bacteria, viruses around us with others around us, all the radiation that is all around us, all the bad habits we engage in, life in general.. that ends up making so many sick in the long run. I should have started the herbs program when I was younger… All of life mental and physical problems would not have stood a chance in hell of making me sick… If my body was, already, protected by all these natural herbs swirling around inside of me. Think back… Our grandmother’s, great grandmother’s, great, great grandmother’s, etc… would offer a natural herbs remedy when we were younger and sick. Somewhere along the line… Pharmaceutical companys decided they had the only answers, cures and have loaded so many of us.. with so many man made, chemical prescription drugs and over the counter drugs that are not removing the problems but masking them. The natural herbs remove the problems and heal the body…. Also healing the mind and soul.

Everytime I share some of my herbs with anyone… The difference they see and feel in their bodies after just one week… Make them realize that there is room for improvement and healing in their well being… And end up contacting Gavin for their own program. Again… NATURAL HERBS REMEDY… NATURAL… NOT MAN MADE CHEMICALS!!! FROM THE GROUND… FROM ABOVE… FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME… FOR OUR BODIES!!!

For all that haven’t been made aware of this wonderful company that heals the body, mind and soul with natural herbs that have been around since the beginning of time and used for ages…. Here is the site…

Just order and try the sample package for one week… You will see an amazing change in your body when it is given natural herbs for healing….. What your body, always, needed and wanted… Natural cures that removed any problem. All of our problems started when we thought than man had the answers to curing any of our problems. Natural herbs were created from above… Because that was the cure!!!! We just forgot and started trusting man made cures with the answers… Thank you God for waking me back up!!! Natural herbs… I am back to reality!!! No more masking the problem… Curing the problem is the solution!!! The cure that has been around from the beginning of time… Natural herbs!!! How did we ever get convinced that man made was the solution???

I read a short story once that was interesting….

Man told God… I don’t need you anymore… I can do everything you can do. God said… Show me. Man picked up a handful of dirt and said… With this dirt… I can do anything you can do… So I don’t need you anymore…. God replied….



-Barbara M. Poitras

“HOLY MOLY, this blend truly beat the pussy out of me! Ive been taking it with hot water while fasting and the amount of calmness and excitement for life I have been having has been immense. This new state allows me to be my most confident self which is clearly my best self babyyyyy! I have felt the healthiest I have ever in my life while fasting with Nebula and the longer I keep going the better it gets.

I even tried it pre-gym and during my session I could literally feel like I could juice more out of each individual contraction- a hard feeling to explain which is exactly why you have to try it for yourself. I trade the financial markets and the composure I feel and the vision I have when Im taking this blend is as if I am Shaun lee(the fx traders out there will know)

Ive been taking 1/8th of a TSP around every 4 hours( as it says on the instructions) in hot water and lord does it help me to feel good.Clearly made from the purest ingredients so hats off to Gavin (owner of Interstellar) for making such an incredible mix. More than that Gavin was extremely helpful in answering my questions and the customer service is second to none. Honest, raw business here full of good energy that is changing peoples lives every day.

Now stop reading this review and buy this blend (and try in combination with others like Trinity to defeat those inner demons) because you don’t know how much a good fast with Gavin’s purest herbs can do for you until you stop being a pussy and try them.”


— Artur Shkurdziuk

“Greetings Beautiful People,

I have taken my time to share my insights so far with you all.

Okay, so I have been following Gavin Robert McGowen and Intersetallar for about 4 years. I took my time to do my purchase (3 weeks ago) because I was experimenting with other modalities and had no rush to embark on this Interestellar Journey.

I work with people to support them on their journey to reclaim their sovereignty and the right to be healthy and happy. So given the times, we are living as a collective I decided to finally order the 14 Blend July Special to see how good they are to recommend to clients. I am not overweight and consider myself pretty fit and healthy.

It has been already 1 Week since I am doing 22/2 Herbs and KEto. Wow Gavin Robert McGowen this is a trip. Really powerful extracts and I am amazed regarding the combinations. To be honest, my partner and I feel high (high on life) during all these days. And let me add that I already felt really high vibe prior to these herbs. Super focused on my online work and very connected to my feelings and emotions in a positive way. It is a full-body upgrade.

I want to do a shoutout to anyone “thinking” (for me it is more like resisting) that inner call to take action and meet your words with actions. This is the time where we are being called to step it up and let go of extra pounds, drama, trauma, depression and bull****.

Take a step into the unknown and fully trust that if you are here and know about this protocol go for it what are you waiting for? Money is an issue? If you can make that amount of money feeling like shit how much you think you will be able to make if you feel healthy and holly? Time? We got lots of that during these times. Commitment? If you don’t do it, don’t expect anyone doing it for you.

Anyways wanted to share this because I have tried and I am totally amazed by the quality, customer service and results I am seeing.

Blessings to all”


—Jose Reynoso

“I’m not good at writing reviews but feel I need to so apologies if its a bit all over the place! lol

I placed my first order a couple of weeks ago (end of July) and received it within 2 working days which was awesome! Im from the UK so that makes it nice and easy knowing I can get blends fast when I need them even with a ‘pandemic’ going on!

I have never fasted before but got stuck in right away, I started off with Trinity I didn’t think I could notice any difference apart from not really feeling hungry which was strange as usually I would be starving by 10am if I had not had and breakfast! I realized later in the day not only had I gone without food all day I felt like I had the same high energy levels as I would in the morning and this did not go away, I was building IKEA furniture at 10pm still with the same energy as I had at 10AM which I have never ever experienced. I have always worked hard and been worn out by the end of the day. I would normally do whatever I could to get out of doing any work in the evenings!

I have also tried Nebula, I introduced this after 2/3 days as I could already feel Trinity working very well. I wanted to do it this way to see what I get from each blend rather than take them all at once right from the start. I have found most days I will only need 1 scoop of Trinity and Nebula and this will keep me going all day! I did have mild anxiety/stress with running my own business and having quite a busy life but it all just seems very manageable now. Im sharper and any problems I tackle head on there and then instead of letting anxiety get the better of me and making things worse, I just don’t really feel anxious at all anymore im very calm and relaxed. I also sleep far better and get up in the mornings easier, I don’t feel like I could just lay in bed all morning if I had time, I want to be up and doing something productive all the time. Even at 9,10,11pm!

My girlfriend suffered worse than me with anxiety, she has also noticed she has not had anxiety since being on the blends! We have only been on 1/8th scoop per day so its powerful stuff! We look forward to getting some more blends and stacking them. I can only imagine what a difference several would make to your live and health if 2 blends have done this for me!

I also got my Father Shilajit, Trinity and Hypnotic he has suffered with extremely high blood pressure for years now along with a couple of other health issues. He wanted to give the blends a try and has also started 22/2 fasting daily. He could not feel much difference at first but it started to work its magic a couple of days in! He stopped all his meds (in his situation he can feel when he needs them) By day 3 his blood pressure was NORMAL I could not believe that after only 3 days it was normal, he has been off the charts high for years with doctors not knowing what to do (or not wanting to solve the problem) His water retention was dramatically decreased to the point he could kneel down on the floor with no pain or diss comfort! Again I cant remember the last time my Dad was this mobile the blends have blown me away, I had high expectations from the reviews but this is miracle type results for us! His blood pressure was so high doctors thought their machines were broken until they checked it several times and on different machines. Now its sitting at normal or tick over.

Gavin has been great having the time to answer all my questions at any time. I also had an extra sample blend thrown in which was nice. I look forward to my next order which will most likely be a combo pack, stacking several blends must make you feel super human! So I look forward to that!

I genuinely feel everyone needs to at least try the blends I have been and will be sharing with all my friends and family and with anyone I speak to that feels like they are held back in life, interstellar is a complete game changer! I will leave more feedback as I work my way through the blends and share how they worked for me. If I could afford to id have every single one now!”


—Stefan Pratt

“I honestly don’t know where to start with talking about this stuff I absolutely freaking love this blends I have been taking them for a month now with on and off fasting I have had some tremendous weight loss and super increased motivation and focus throughout the entire day it has revolutionized my studying

Me and my SO take them together every morning we never miss a dose I can see the effects on my SO as well she had lost weight her thinking has became more open less fear less anxiety

Less wanting to satisfy other people and more living for herself she is in the first stages of going through a breakthrough change anyway we recommend this blends for everyone to try you dont have to fast with them see what you feel try fasting a couple times it might fit you it might not but you will sure not regret buying this blends
Ive had Trinity match Seven Sages and Thermo all are fucking amazing
But I absolutely love seven sage Trinity and Thermo extreme focus energy and motivation to study all day long (I’m a rookie day trader still working on my trading) and let me tell since taking these I feel alot more able to sit on my ass and study all day long

Definitely recommend to everyone Gavin has a list of things these blends can cure give it a shot see if you like em ❤️”


—Ron Naim


“I am a repeat ordering son of a gun. My name is Steve Robert Greenwood and these blends make me feel great. I always take them with black coffee and have purchased an electric mixer to optimize the blends solubility. I am currently attending Parker University Chiropractic School and enrolled in several biochemistry classes. I can tell you right now that Autophagy is an amazing product.

Autophagy, by definition, is basically the recirculation of cellular components. This means that it will purify your body and all-around health is inevitable. Autophagy, Zombie, Trinity, Peel, Spice, Luteolin, ACB, Matcha, Apigenin, and Pine Pollen are an amazing combination. There are several products that I have not yet tried, such as ALZ, but I am confident in giving Gavin McGowen and Interstellar blends a positive review.

This world is headed in an incredibly negative direction. It is up to us to provide positivity and good vibes to better this world. Chiropractic care, blends, and some basic research will provide a killer lifestyle. I love life and I love people making this world a better place. Thank you, Gavin, and Kristine Fontenot, for being who you are.

Businesses fail because they do not incorporate WHY. You succeed because you know why you made this business. And it is to make the UNIVERSE a better place. I look forward to meeting you one day and I will always give Gavin and Kristine a 5-star Review.

Thanks For All You Do and God Bless,”


—Steve Robert Greenwood


“Wow!!! This blend is a game changer. I have been using Trinity for months now, and I was worried that maybe I had developed a tolerance to it. The first month on Trinity was amazing, but than I hit a plateau with the results. I would do a fast, but then as soon as I came back onto eating, even if it was on an intermittent fasting keto diet, it was a real struggle to lose the extra weight, especially my spare tire.

I started taking Senolytic : Zombie Cell Killer blend a little over two weeks ago with my morning Trintiy in coffee, and have continued intermittent keto and suddenly not only am I losing weight again, but I have a TON more energy for everything in my life!. Not only that, but most of the weight loss is from my gut and love handles. I am down 14.4 lbs so far. Best of all, I am noticing changes in my my body that I was not expecting. My focus is razor sharp. Sex with my girlfriend has not been this good in months. I have been diagnosed with psoriasis, and my skin has not looked this good in years!!“


—Stephen Shuman


“I first heard about this blend from someone on Instagram who introduced me to the brand. When I went on to the website I thought it was quite pricey but I thought of it for a few weeks whilst doing fasting and starting my spiritual journey. Finally I decided I had nothing to lose and my journey could only get better {trying to elevate my mind despite my stress and anxiety}. I ordered this Trinity blend. The order process was extremely easy and fast, got a confirmation right away and was able to get the herbs delivered in an extremely short period of time. Especially considering it got delivered from overseas here to the UK it was faster than a UK to UK delivery.

I also got a free complimentary sample which I thought was amazing. I was really exited to try it and I immediately felt the effects after taking it. As soon as I drank it with a hot tea {you can’t really taste it at all} my mind cleared and on that day I was able to finish my work task that would normally take me a good few days just within a day. I also had a presentation that day which I normally dread but this helped me with my extreme anxiety so much to the point where during my presentation I felt calm, collected and in control. My daily meditation practice got easier and I was able to sit through my meditation much longer with a clear relaxed mind. I no longer felt stressed, worried with low level emotions. I could go on and on about its mental benefits but it’s important for me to tell you that if you are just starting your spiritual journey and you want to build a better peaceful life where you are in control of your mind and emotions, please get this – you won’t regret it.

Lastly, I wanted to mention the psychical benefits as I am sure some people will be wondering, does it actually work to deliver what it says it does? My answer is absolutely! Apart from my stress, anxiety and depression completely gone, fasting got easier and I was able to build a stronger more toned body. My skin also cleared and I didn’t have to rely on expensive skincare anymore with my cystic acne. I’ve had a lot more energy, I’ve been in good mood every day and my memory has improved.

For the first time in my life I do not feel like a victim of life and my environment anymore but as a strong elevated human being with positive energy and on a higher frequency and most importantly in control of my life and emotions.

I can’t thank you enough! Thank you!”


—Linda Bruder

“I cannot believe how well these blends work! You barely feel like you’re fasting and when you finally eat, your hunger is mild. This is great for those of us who struggle with food addiction and binging. We always seem to self-sabotage our efforts once an eating window opens, but the Autophagy formula stops that from happening. It took me a long time to believe it would happen for me after watching so many people lose huge amounts of weight in such little time but once I gave it a try, I was amazed at how perfectly everything in the protocol works synergistically. I never thought I would be able to go 10 miles or more in one day but now it feels normal! In the beginning I thought 5 miles a day was pushing it.
The Thermo blend really warms you up so you’re able to walk in the frigid temperatures and withstand the ice baths. I couldn’t believe I was outside in 12 degrees and wasn’t freezing to death! The Niagra formula is a great one to take for PMS, I barely feel like anything is happening during most cycles now! I have fibroids which cause long, heavy periods but with this blend (and with the help of the others) it’s painless. I’m hoping these blends will shrink and eradicate the fibroids in time…we shall see!
Overall, I just feel a constant stream of energy and since it’s not the jittery high you get from weigh loss pills or energy drinks, I didn’t even realize it for a while. One day I thought, wow I’m never really exhausted like I used to be ALL THE TIME! My mood has been good and steady since starting the blends, no low points or bouts of depression like I used to have. I’m just mellow and energized, a big switch from the somber, sleepy person I used to be! I can’t describe how grateful I am that I stumbled upon this group and these magical herbs because I’m a customer for life!”


—Janaya Parra


“Wanna start by giving a huge thank you to Gavin and the entire Interstellar team! The blends are honestly life changing. Also a big thank you to how quickly the blends arrived during the scamdemic. Huge thank you and gratitude to you all!

In my opinion Supernova is the perfect blend to give you a real idea of how powerful the blends actually are. Supernova has honestly been life changing for me personally and I’ve noticed that internally and externally. My entire body just feels clear now, no blockages, no aches or pains, just clarity and free flowing energy. It’s really hard to put into words as its something you need to experience.

I no longer have the need to sleep over 4 hours, as my body no longer seems to tire, meaning that I’m more productive in the day and I have more time to experience life in general. Cant wait to continue on the blends.



—Jay P

“The past few years, I found my energy declining. Once a marathoner, I lost all enthusiasm for running, as well as my commitment to follow a training plan. The less I moved, the more unwell I started becoming.. Food stopped being a fuel for the body that I had once control over, grazing became an all day, every day event. I had insatiable sugar cravings that I couldn’t resist. Just as unhealthy as the physical changes were the defense mechanisms I found myself developing to justify my not thriving … I had a lame excuse for everything! Still, I knew I was out of balance but any attempts I made to correct it were worthless. Motivational thinking, self help books are rather worthless when your physical self is out of whack.

Not recognizing myself, I made an appointment for a physical evaluation. I always had scalp psoriasis, now bloodwork revealed borderline Hashimotos (hypothyroid),. and many of my symptoms, brain fog and bloating, suggested celiac….all auto immune disorders. I was looking at a lifetime of pharmaceutical intervention.
Fortunately at that time, a friend reintroduced me to Interstellar, the Original blend. Incredibly, it made it possible for me to commit to a 4 hour daily eating window. Within ten days I began noticing physical changes, scalp psoriasis GONE, my hair looked shiny and felt softer, my skin had a clearer quality, and most significantly, I stopped waking up just as tired as when i went to bed…I began to feel a return of energy!

I then decided to invest in Trinity and less than a month ago added Thermo. What I’m experiencing can only be described as FREEDOM. My thinking is clear and for the first in a long time I’m able to keep focused on my daily goals. The uncontrollable cravings for garbage food is gone. I’ve started running again and am building up mileage. Even in the Northeast winter weather, I am grateful for every mile I log…I’m feeling like quite a badass, lol. Not to mention, I lost 9 pound. I’m looking forward to my first fast this weekend.

Thank you for your work and product. The blends are restoring my freedom to live life to its fullest again.”


—Molly D

Nebula is a powerhouse!!! If you are looking for something to amplify your energy and focus, while providing more than enough juice for workouts- then ADD THIS to your life!!! I surf and go to the gym and this is the best pre workout that I could ever ask for. You can actually ‘feel’ it working shortly after you consume it. People always think I am younger than I am, and after taking these blends (I also take Apegenin and Original + Spice) I certainly feel younger. I praise these blends all day and share them with people that have health goals because… it WORKS… I am not really one to leave reviews unless I am extremely unhappy and don’t want other people to suffer, get duped, or make the same mistakes that I did on a purchase. Yet, here I am.. happy to do it. Where else do you see a solid product, with killer reviews, with the science and directions on how to take it all to the next level? I stand by this amazing tool because it works… and it’s kind of a secret. I don’t know about you, but those are all signs of a hole in the wall life HACK. You won’t be disappointed. Whether you are a pro surfer, just trying to hit the gym, or study computers like a madman (me) Nebula is nothing short of amazing to add to help you smash your dreams… and look + feel good while you do it. If you are still reading this… you only have everything to gain, and it’s all up to you! Light your life up with Nebula, and watch everything fall into place.”


—Michael Mannino

“I started taking Seven Sages about 6 months ago. I almost immediately noticed a change in my daily habits. I was getting up earlier, working out first thing in the morning, and felt alert throughout the day. Now I am more motivated than ever. Before I was introduced to Interstellar, I was extremely lazy and run down at all times. I didn’t care about taking care of my body. But now I treat my body right with Interstellar Blends, and tackle every day with enthusiasm. The best part is how long the supply lasts, and how well it stacks with other blends.
I have been taking it with Trinity in the morning and at night, and sometimes in the afternoon. I love how the potency of Seven Sages never wears down. My body never gets used to the same old feeling, since there is a different blend for each day of the week. I feel like I cant start my days without taking this product!
Interstellar has changed my life and I will be a lifelong customer. To anyone who is considering which blends to buy, I highly suggest Seven Sages. In my opinion, Seven Sages is the best product that Interstellar has to offer. Stack it with other blends of your choice, and I promise you will feel unstoppable.”


—Dagan Mott

“I’m a retired (disabled) pharmacist…I’ve been obese my entire life…27 years of hard flooring and standing 12-16 hours/day… plantar fasciitis, and arch pain in my feet drove me to anti-inflammatory meds and steroid injections in my ankles, between my toes, and in my arches so that I could continue to work. Improper alignment of spine from having to lean on pharmacy counter while working produced 2 bulging discs in my lower back, and produced aggravated knee pain from a previous auto injury. Several years ago I tore the ligaments in the arches of both of my feet… I was only able to be on my feet one hour MAX per day… I’ve endured years of physical therapy, (with the refusal to take pain medication), portable TENS unit & biofeedback techniques, ‘REALITY’ … I was unable to resume work, which brought on stress,(loss of income), mental health deterioration with temporary depression… I gained ~138lbs in one year. I chose to have gastric bypass surgery and lost ~137lbs since that time weight has ping-ponged up and down with countless attempts of conventional weight loss methods…As a result, I was left with adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance, a screwed up metabolism, and a host of other physical issues. I found modified Keto March 29,2019 and began my lifestyle change. I’ve experimented with IF, OMAD, water fasts of 24’s, 48’s, 72’s with the longest fast of 14 days. I was averaging a 2-3 lb. loss per week, and by July I hit a weight loss stall (total loss 3 lbs for the entire month). I searched the Internet for solutions and stumbled across a post from someone using Interstellar Blends (Divine intervention)…I began to thoroughly educate myself with the research Gavin provided with each blend…He announced that a new blend called Autophagy Activator was going to become available in October 2019…with my physical issues I thought what a great option to help my body heal itself. I have been taking the Autophagy blend for 10 weeks (with no other blends). My energy levels have greatly increased, my weight loss has increased with an average of 3-4 lbs per week! I used to walk with the aid of a cane with a max of 2,000-3,000 steps per day. I’m currently able to walk without my cane and have been able to increase my distance to 7,000-8,000 steps per day. I have lost 39.8 lbs since beginning the use of the Autophagy blend making my total weight loss to date 131.2 lbs. I’ve just recently purchased several more blends to help with my overall health and longevity. I’m choosing not to do dry fasting and I’m approaching my health and weight loss with a slow and steady approach…Quitting is not an option… been there done that.”


—Lori Chapman

“I purchased a sampler pack of Interstellar Blends, and have been enjoying them all and feeling so much better in general. I wanted to write about Nebula in particular, however, because in just a few short weeks of use, it has totally turned my life around.

I have suffered from depression for many years, and while I have tried just about every prescription anti-depressant on the market, I have such severe side effects when taking them that none have been successful or sustainable. From wanting to kill myself to hallucinations to terrible physical symptoms, life with the drugs was worse than without them. On my own, I have days where I can function somewhat normally, but more frequent days when I just lie in bed and cry, stare at the ceiling, and wish I could go to sleep and never wake.


Within a very short window of taking this amazing blend, I feel a rush of calm, focus, and purpose. I have mental and physical energy to take on my day. I am eager to begin my tasks; and in fact look for additional tasks to complete. I feel a sense of positivity towards my life in general as well as specific challenges that previously would have crippled me with stress and worry. I often think to myself “I got this!”, when in the past the negative voice would have whispered, “OMG this will be a disaster”.

Peel and Spice are doing wonders for my skin issues and joint pain, Autophagy is helping me control my appetite. But Nebula makes me feel human again, and that makes it my MVP!”


—Allison W

“I started using Autophagy, Thermo, Trinity, Super Hair and Pine Pollen approximately six weeks ago to support my overall health, mood and weight loss journey whilst undertaking a combination of 48-72 hour dry and water fasts.

I had already been adopting a fasting-focused lifestyle for about two months at this point but almost straightaway after introducing the blends the fasting became a breeze. I have the energy and inclination to exercise every day; I enjoy a big meal every two to three days and the desire to eat outside of these times is simply not there.

I have played around with the timing and combination of blends that works best for me and now believe I’ve got it just right. The best way to describe my mental state at the moment is “joyful”. I honestly feel happy, hopeful and uplifted, regardless of what stressors may be present in my life, and definitely attribute this to the blends.

Added bonus: I have new hair growth all around my hairline. I feel my hair overall is thicker and in much better condition but the hairline is particularly noticeable.

I can’t wait to try the next batch of blends I have ordered and will gradually add others. These blends really have made a big difference to my life and after seeing the benefits I wouldn’t want to be without them.”


—Rochelle V

“I finally got to order Niagra about a month or so after taking a mixture of some of the other blends. I was experiencing fantastic results from the blends I already had and was so anxious to get my hands on this one after reading reviews. Let me tell you something…it did not disappoint!!!

I’m 29 years old and I’ve never really had any issues with lack of wetness or arousal, but after giving birth to my first child two and half years ago and getting the IUD for birth control, I just wasn’t quite feeling myself sexually. One of the reasons why I stopped taking the pill many years before. Between that, post pregnancy hormones and still trying to get back to my pre pregnancy self, I was in need of some serious health overhauling.

Enter the Interstellar Blends! Not only was I sleeping better, had more energy and losing weight, but after taking Niagra I was having mind blowing orgasms and enjoying sex more than ever with my husband! I was also having issues with bleeding/spotting frequently and had even gone to my OBGYN to have things checked out and they did nothing for me. They said my issue wasn’t really abnormal. After taking the blends regularly for that first month I stopped spotting between my periods as much. I can’t even begin to describe how overjoyed I was the first time to go a full three weeks without bleeding in over two years!

Bottomline: if you want to feel amazing, then get these blends! And ladies, if you’re thinking about trying Niagra, DO IT!!!”



“I have been taking Peel and Pine Pollen for 3 weeks now. I noticed a different in energy and alertness, 20 minutes after the first dose. My eyes opened, my shoulders straightened and my body took a sigh of relief. I wondered if I had taken a drug or an herb, as the shift was so noticeable. Since then, I have noticed that I am not as tired during the day. I keep moving and it surprises me, as I am use to having to sit a lot to recover after exercise.

Along side this, I have scar tissue buildup / adhesions on my right hip that prevents me from gaining full range of motion. Crossing my right leg over my left has been impossible for a couple of years now without incredible pain. I have some how gained about 2 – 3 inches more range of motion in last couple of weeks and less pain. I haven’t been in bed, wincing in pain. I’m not sure which of the two herbs could have helped with this?

Lastly, I will be continuing to take Peel for a long time to come, and will not go elsewhere to find a more solid flavonoid. I can tell my body has taken to this more than other brands I have tried in the past. My body feels the difference in quality.”


—LM Sherrill

“A year and a half ago, my daughter (almost 13 at the time) wrote me a letter describing her anxiety, depression, self harming and suicidal thoughts. It was my worst nightmare. My child wanted to kill herself. Her Dr. wanted to put her on medication right away, but since he was retiring, he couldn’t monitor her. We started looking for a new Dr., but it actually took until 2 months ago to get one locally for her. She never started medication.

At the same time, my husband was diagnosed with anxiety and severe depression. He too was quietly suffering from suicidal thoughts. His Dr. even mentioned that he could be bipolar. This made perfect sense to me! He was prescribed antidepressants. These were not helping him, they actually made him worse.

I had been following Gavin for over a year at this time. Quietly participating in dry fasts here and there. I wasn’t using any of his blends because I was still learning about them and wasn’t sure how they could benefit me personally. Now, all of a sudden I have two family members suffering from severe mental health issues. I started reading more about the blends and asked Gavin 101 questions. I told him my story and he told me which blends to get them on. I listened to everything he said. He’s truly amazing when it comes to listening and helping you.

I started both my husband and my daughter on different protocols that focused mostly on Trinity. (My hubby has an assortment of issues, so I put him on EVERYTHING!) Very quickly they both started turning around. Both were calmer and happier. It was a struggle at first because, let’s face it, the blends don’t taste great! My daughter fought me constantly, whining and crying about how gross they were and she didn’t want to take them. So, for a long while they were both on and off of the blends. When they were off, they spiralled into a deep dark negative place. Especially my husband. It was awful. But we all persevered and finally they both recognized that they can’t go off them. Ever. They even ask for them now.

When Gavin came out with Luteolin, I had to try it on them. They were doing ok, but hey, maybe this one will help even more! Boy, was I right! It was instant! The very first dose, my daughter was laying on the couch and told me her arms were too heavy to even take her blends! After forcing her, she took them. Minutes later she jumped off the couch and said she wanted to go for a run! And she did! She said she felt so fantastic! Her biggest struggle is being in social settings. Her anxiety takes over and she just wants to go home. She was constantly turning down invites to stay home. Since regularly taking Luteolin, she has blossomed so much socially! She hosted a party, she goes out with friends all the time, she volunteers 3x a week in the community and just started high school! She takes the city bus by herself without paranoia. She’s a normally functioning teenager! Thank you Gavin for saving my kid and giving her her life back! All this without medications that may cause suicidal thoughts. I am no longer in fear of losing her. She even prepares her own blends every morning and night without a fight! She’ll even prepare my husband’s and mine at night!

My daughter started sleeping better with the Luteolin. She was also suffering from insomnia. She sleeps like a baby now. I was so impressed that I started giving it to everyone at night. I’ve never slept so good. Even my husband, who has tossed and turned his whole life, finally gets a good night sleep!

All the blends are fantastic and serve different purposes. Luteolin is like the icing on the cake. It just makes them all better! Especially if you suffer from anxiety, depression or insomnia.”


—Aubrey Harper


“I can’t live without my Peel. I am compelled to write this review because of what this AMAZING herb did for my dog. So my dog hasn’t been feeling well for over 3 weeks now. I’ve been taking him to the vet and with a bunch of money wasted, my poor Kilo just wasn’t himself with no energy and would barely eat. The past 2 days I’ve been mega dosing him with Peel. After the first day, I felt like he was coming back to life. After the 2nd day, he was back to his normal self and back to eating and running around with tons of energy. Why the heck didn’t I think of doing this before wasting so much. You guys, Peel is my go to for anything with my family. If I hear a cough or a sniffle from anyone in my family, I’m forcing them to take a mega dose of Peel. I can’t say enough about this blend. Gavin has the magic y’all. Just dive right in and get you some of this here Peel. Well not just Peel but everything that he has. I can’t thank you enough Gavin. You have been a life safer for myself and my whole family. Mahalo nui loa”


—Joanie Morgan

“Thank you so much! I feel so healthy since beginning to use these supplements!

I am a petite person who has always struggled with maintaining my weight. I have always been physically active, a so to speak gym rat. I can not think of any time in my life that I haven’t had a regular exercise routine. As a 5′ 1″, 44 year old, I have fluctuated from 115 to 145 for most of my adult life.

When I began my Interstellar Blend journey a year ago I was at the top of my weight gain at 145. When I decided to try intermittent fasting, I reached out to Gavin and he suggested I start with Trintity and Thermo. I continued my regular exercise routing but incorporated intermittent fasting and the supplements and within 4 months I was down to 120. I have maintained this weight ever since.

Recently, when preparing for a surgical procedure, I went off of the supplements as suggested by my doctor.I noticed then how much the supplements have helped with my moods. I was suddenly anxious and cranky! Once resuming Interstellar Blends I feel so much more balanced and I am still maintaining my weight!

I feel great, and I’m maintaining a healthy weight without fluctuation for the first time in my life and I owe it all to Gavin and his Interstellar Blends!!

Thank you!!!”



“This so far has been my favorite combo, 13 Amazing blends! The price is incredible for what you are getting. The concentration of these herbal blends is beyond anything I have ever experienced! My 10 year old son and I both take them, and the results have been incredible!
I have more energy than I have had in years. So much so that I require less sleep and I am not cranky when I only get 5-6 hours of sleep! I also had psoriasis that cleared up with in a few month’s of taking the blends! I have literally tried everything including the Sun to clear it up and NOTHING worked! But then I found these blends and now it is completely gone!
My son was also having eczema issues which are all cleared up! We both were also having issues with anxiety. Which are now all gone! I also want to add that we switched our diet around to get optimal results, no more grains, or any processed junk! I also naturally began fasting throughout the day. I was just not hungry, so I now eat only one meal a day. Sometimes I skip a day because I am just not hungry. Which means my grocery Bill’s are far less (my son now eats way less too, naturally). I have lost weight, my skin’s texture has changed and is so much more soft and smooth. I also noticed that my eyesight has been improving. I barely wear my glasses anymore. My concentration and memory has improved drastically (My son’s too!)! I was also having issues with my joints and they no longer hurt!
My son and I’s mood is just overall more balanced, no more mood swings. I also noticed that things that used to send me into panic or a tail spin is just not that crucial anymore. It’s like I can just handle things with more flow and ease. I feel more solution oriented than problem oriented. I have more energy now than I did as a kid! Mine and my son’s body is healing and I am just soooo thankful! I now have my mom and roommate taking the blends too and they have also had phenomenal results. I have friends ask what my secret is and I just send them your way, lol. Sooo grateful to Gavin’s Genius and his Amazing team!”


— Jade Mooneyhan

June Special! 13 Blend Challenge Combo

“An absolute life changing blend fo me.
Last July I had gallbladder removal surgery and thought all of my gut issues were over. Little did I know ..they were about to get much worse.
About 1 month post op, remedies the surgeon was instructing me to try were not in the least working. Then the Rx’s began.. truthfully, they seemed to make my issues much worse. I was sent to a gastroenterologist, who would do nothing until I went thru more testing. Did every single test he wanted.. nothing out of the ordinary. I’m like really?? Well something was going on…stomach noises so loud, they could be heard across the room, ( sorry TMI) diarrhea was the norm, heartburn so bad I kept antacid tablets on my bedside table. I was probably like a bratty little sister messaging Gavin. Then Helico was a month out from being released. I was determined to try it as soon as I could.
3 weeks ago I took my first dose 1 tsp in fresh grapefruit juice as instructed. It’s grapefruit season here in Arizona, everyone is giving them away.. timing was perfect. Every evening I dutifully squeezed a grapefruit and mixed it with 1 tsp of Helico. Let me tell you, that first week was HELL, and every night I swore I wasn’t going to continue, somehow the next evening, I found myself squeezing another grapefruit all over again. I really needed to give this blend a chance.
7 days took me into my second week… I was still not feeling great. Then day 11 … I had dinner and realized.. no growling gurgling stomach. No RUNNING to the bathroom, and I didnt feel like crap! I approached days 12,& 13 with cautious optimism.
Tonight I will take my first maintenance dose of Helico. This blend is now part of my daily rotation. If you are suffering from gut / gastro issues, heartburn, I cannot say this loud enough
See it thru 14 days.. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”


—Judi Plotino Bahr

“I cannot say enough good things about the Interstellar Blends. My life has changed since I first started taking them 2 months ago. In just that short amount of time, the blends have given me new life and make me appreciate life again.

For the past couple of years I have been struggling really badly with severe depression and anxiety. I had been searching for a cure or treatment for the longest time, experimenting with different types of herbs and supplements, but to no avail. When one of my friends at my gym suggested this company to me, I was desperate to try anything that could help, so I gave it a shot and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I started out with the Original and got instantly hooked. I started to mix and match different kinds with it such as Nebula, Thermo, Matcha, Seven Sages, and Trinity. My favorite combo so far is Trinity and Seven Sages hands down. Not only do they offer the countless health benefits just like all the other blends, but they give me this everlasting energy in my mind and body like nothing else I’ve ever tried. I love taking the two together first thing in the morning with some tea, and then again in the evening. I now sleep much better, wake up alert and ready for the day, and beam with positivity and confidence all throughout each week. I have never had results like these with any other treatment I’ve tried, and it doesn’t even come close.

Ever since I started taking Interstellar Blends, my life has changed drastically, for the better. I am the happiest I’ve been in a very long time. Whether you struggle with a mental illness or not, I highly suggest to anyone and everyone to incorporate these blends into their lives. I promise you will not regret it!“


—Dagan Mott

“After following Gavin on Facebook for a few months, I decided to jump in. I purchased the largest package of blends.
I am 61 years young. I have been health minded all of my adult life and I have managed to stay off of all medications.
Still life happens! I have been in several serious auto accidents starting at 6 years old. I have had several closed head injuries, much scaring within the fascia throughout much of my body.
20 years ago I was in auto accident which left me with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue as well as a host of other issues.
Over time with a healthy diet, fasting, herbs and supplements many of the issues have improved and I have been able to manage.
I am always looking for solutions and improvement!
I began taking the blends just a few months ago, ( May 2019)
Within a few weeks the fibromyalgia symptoms had improved 90%.
A month into taking the blends I began 22/2,44/4 66/6 and 88/8.
I needed to lose 20 pounds to be at my lowest healthy weight. With the blends, fasting is SO easy and I dropped the 20 pounds in 1 month.
About the same time I added Super Nova, with this blend the chronic fatigue became a thing of the past for me.
Next I added Luteolin, I notice within three days of adding Luteolin that my flexibility increased dramatically.
The following month I added Super Hair blend.
I have always been blessed with good hair,
However my hair is the thickest, strongest and shiniest it has ever been.
I added Autophagy blend a few weeks ago.
This blend COMPLETELY takes hunger away.
The first couple of weeks I only took it once a day because that’s all I needed to eliminate hunger. However in the last week I began taking it 4 times a day. I knew this blend did other things besides eliminating hunger so I decided to experiment. After the first day of taking Autophagy 4 times a day, I began feeling areas of my body heating up to the point of slight burning.
It wasn’t painful but enough to take notice.
Every area that I felt this heating up, is an area of internal scaring. So I KNOW healing is taking place!
My skin is softer, smoother and is more toned. Age spots are fading. Wrinkles and lines are diminishing.
My experience with the InterstellarBlends is the Blends rebuild your body from the inside out.
Things within my body that I hoped would be repaired is being repairing.
Things that I didn’t know needed to be repaired is repairing.
And things that I thought couldn’t be repaired is being repaired.
My friends comments are…
You look great, you looked good before, but you look great now!
Your getting younger!
You glow!
You Sparkle!
The transformation that takes place is not only physical, it’s also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
In 2017 I had a great and unexpected loss, leaving me experiencing more grief, sadness and sorrow than I thought was possible to endure. I managed to function and continue on with life by focusing on graditute.
A few weeks of taking Interstellar Blends, I noticed that even though I was still experiencing sadness the emotional pain attached to the sadness was gone. This is HUGE. I didn’t even know that this was possible.
Two months into taking Interstellar Blends I attended my twin Grandsons birthday party.
I share these Grandsons with my first husband which was also attending the party.
The ending of my first marriage took place 36 years ago, however it was filled with trauma that continue both for my (now grown) son and myself for several years. Even though much time has past, and much healing and forgiveness has taken place. I still always experienced a sense of dread when I am going to be in the presence of my first husband. After leaving the birthday party I became aware this time there was NO dread.
This is HUGE.

I am SO grateful for Gavin’s BRILLIANCE and his COURAGE to share it with the world, so that we may BENEFIT!”

—DeJa Diana Mitchell Stelzer

Apigenin has been a game changer. I have been taking Apigenin for over a year now. I was prescribed Ritalin since the age of 13, I always skipped my doses and denied any of the anti depressants the doctors always offered me. After years of battling with depression from the drugs, I finally rid my body of all these artificial, dangerous, and unhealthy chemicals from my lifestyle. That was a long time ago, and since then I have been always searching for uplifting, health enhancing, anti-aging elements to pair with my diet. I searched for years for ancient herbs, finally I found Gavin through my friends group and thank god for that. I always praise his products because they have given me the chance to challenge myself and have major benefits at the same time. These products may seem like a hefty investment, but what does your health and your life at the very core mean to you? If filling your body with chocolate and soda is your answer, then this probably isn’t for you(and maybe SHOULD BE). If you want to start a new healthy lifestyle, or continue fulfilling your goals and add a powerful, life-changing element into the mix to join you, then what the F&^% are you waiting for? I’m about to get another batch, using these blends are the favorite part of my day and I always look forward to continuing life and smashing the impossible with them by my side. Cheers Gavin, and thank you!!!”


—Michael Mannino


“I have to brag about another blend that is near and dear to me. Autophagy ACTIVATOR

I’d planned to break my fast for an event in which I was trying to think of ways to not go to because I was afraid of over indulging. I did my research on what blends could help me mentally and physically during my break and I kept coming across Autophagy Activator. I made my shake and tripled the dose of Autophagy and prior to dinner i took a shot and ordered a nice salad; i didn’t even ieat the entire salad. When i got home my mood was sooooo calm and relaxing; I slept amazing with absolutely no cravings the entire day. I have started my rehydrating phase and preparing for my 88 hour dry fast and still no cravings. The Autophagy ACTIVATOR will be my go to blend between cycles. Gavin I can’t thank you enough for teaching me about these amazing herbs. The studies of these blends are helping me understand what mistakes I made throughout my life and prepare me for further life longevity. Thank you”


—Dana Beaurem

“First of all, thanks Gavin for all the information and study links and for your straightforward way to do thing. I’m learning a lot reading on your website, it’s a priceless knowledge.

I started the blends 2 weeks ago by mixing it all together and I was not sure what to think about it. After 3 days I took them separately and my energy level raised up and my days became so much easier. I’m working on a farm and it’s physically demanding, but with the blend, especially Peel and Spice, I feel energized all day long and I can even go for a walk at night. Also, my knee joints or now painless and even my back feels better after putting up with a pain for more than 30 years!

I truly recommend the blends, it is pure energy!!!”


—Sylvain D’arcy

Spice and Peel have changed my world forever!! I’m not sure how I even got through a day before I stumbled upon Interstellar Blends. I have suffered from constant pain and weight that just wouldn’t come off for decades. I limped home from work each day, calling it my ‘stanky pimp walk’ as I hobbled to my car. I lived on ibuprofen and Epsom salt soaks. Everything has changed for me now.

At first I was curious about the blends but was unwilling to spend the money. I stalked the Facebook pages and poured over the tremendous amount of information on the website. There were so many glowing reviews and the before and after albums were intriguing. Once I realized I could WIN the blends by doing the fasting challenge I was on it. I knew I would make it happen somehow. I was very concerned about doing all the walking required but I soon realized that walking wasn’t why my feet hurt, chronic inflammation was, and Interstellar blends were my new best friend.

After quite a bit of personal help from Gavin I purchased the Peel and Spice combo pack to address the ongoing pain I had been having. I can tell you that within 48 hours of taking Peel and Spice combined with the 88/8 fasting routine I was easily walking 5 miles a day ON TOP of all the walking and standing I do at my food service job. No more stanky pimp walk to my car at night! I can’t recommend these blends enough. I talk about them to anyone who will listen. I have them on my kitchen counter right next to my coffee pot. They are now a permanent part of my life.

And yes, I completed the challenge and WON $600 worth of these amazing blends. Gavin and his group are so helpful and compassionate, especially when it is obvious that you are taking yourself and this challenge seriously. Having this arsenal of blends at my fingertips is straight up empowering. If you can’t spend the cash DO THE CHALLENGE. It’s hard but it’s 100% worth it.”


—Sara Cuthbert

“When I found interstellar blends, I have to admit, I was taken aback by the prices. I almost clicked away from the website but there was so much research and other people sharing about how the blends had helped them, I couldn’t ignore it. So I decided to go with the Original blend. My hope was that it would help me with fasting. I’ve been fasting off and on for years but I have some type of metabolic issues so I can never go beyond around 23+ hours before I become hypoglycemic. Like dangerously hypoglycemic (I’m not diabetic but purchased a blood sugar machine because I wanted to confirm that my sugars were getting low And they were each time). This frustrated me so much as I wanted to get the benefits of long fasts but low blood sugar is a dangerous thing. I thought maybe the blends would help.

Because I’m never one to do things slowly, as soon as I got my package, I figured I try a 3 day dry-fast following the instructions on the site and in the Facebook group. That first morning I took the Original, I felt more energy within a few hours. I thought maybe it’s in my head. But I fasted that entire day, and the next, and the next and felt great. And I went walking every single day. Yes, there were times I felt thirsty and imagined food and fluids. But it was totally doable. Absolutely ZERO low blood sugar (I checked). I worked during the fast. I walked. Did all my normal stuff. I eat very low carb, anyway, and I think that may have helped a tiny bit leading up to it. But I have no doubt the blends helped me get through the fast (and two more 3-day fasts the following 2 weeks). Gavin, you’re definitely on to something. This stuff is amazing. Now I understand the cost. I can’t thank you enough.”



Peel REVIEW: “I truly wish I could give this blend a higher rating than 5 stars. If I would have know how impactful this blend would be, I would never have waited to purchase!

A little back story. I have PCOS, that has caused 10 years of infertility, and extreme insulin resistance. Because of the insulin resistance, controlling my blood sugar has been a huge struggle. I was waking up every morning so puffy and lethargic. Mid way through the day I would crash with mood swings and exhaustion. Night time would come, and I was up with crazy insomnia. It was a vicious cycle. I never felt good unless I was fasting. Even eating a ketogenic diet wasn’t helping.

With in the first 24 hours of taking Peel I started feeling better. For the first time in a long time I woke up and wasn’t puffy and miserable! Then came time for my normal mid day crash, and it didn’t happen!! I have now been sleeping great, and overall feeling better and better each day. I understand the science behind this product, and it truly amazes me that everyone isn’t running to buy this. With PCOS being the new epidemic effecting 1 in 10 women, this could be key to helping reduce insulin resistance and start to heal their bodies! Thank you Gavin for putting in the work to change lives!”


—Bri Ryma

Autophagy Activator is Gavin’s most incredible blend yet. If you take this blend and then try and go stuff your face, you’re going to have a bad time. You’re not going to get your money’s worth at all-you-can-eat buffets anymore. If you try and force it, then things get very uncomfortable. Your body simply rejects big meals. I tried to power down a big dinner the other night and forgot I had taken this blend that morning. I felt so sick and uncomfortable trying to force myself to eat more food. Unreal! I’ve always been like Garfield with food, but not with this blend. It’s the first time in my life that I don’t feel like binge eating anymore. Incredible! Take a dose in the morning, eat keto (low or zero carb) and you’ll barely feel hungry. Food just doesn’t interest anymore. I’ve never come across an appetite suppressant blend like this. You’re going to have to plan your daily meal carefully otherwise you won’t be able to finish it. It cuts your food intake by about half.”


—Rich Ryan

“This blend is truly a creation. I cannot give enough credit for this blend alone in this review, as it really is something you need to experience for yourselves! The Autophagy blend has changed how I feel since since the first dose, I’ve noticed a huge decrease in my appetite and an intense sense of well-being each day I take it, my sleep is a lot more restful and I’m a lot more in tune, focused and awake during the day, even on days where I may not have slept enough. This blend is really something special and has had such a huge positive impact on me in such a short period of time using it, I can understand why it’s sold out before its been put on sale even! I’ve noticed each day of using the Autophagy blend my appetite is decreasing to a point where fasting is now so much easier to do for extended periods of time, they have minimised the side effects of the first 24hours of the fast, to a point that makes fasting a breeze to maintain. The blends start to work immediately I find and provide me with an uplifting sense of well-being which motivates and pushes me to start my day on the right path! Cannot thank Gavin enough for this amazing blends and I can’t wait for time to unveil the many health benefits this blend will further provide me with.”


—Serhat Dereli

“As someone who has suffered from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) since 22 (29 now) I am willing to try anything to get my hormone levels more balanced. This definitely has made a world of difference. I have been urged by many doctors to keep taking birth control to keep my estrogen levels up but I really would prefer not to take artificial anything if I can help it.

Recently my car was broken into on a hike and they took my purse which contained my birth control. My partner surprised me with the blends and the timing and results couldn’t be any better. I was lucky to get my period every 3 months and the bleeding was always light which made me feel worried since that was unusual in my past experience. Within a week of getting off the pills and taking Niagra I had a heavy and almost detoxifying feeling period. Post period I feel a definitive change in my body and mood. (Things that are affected my my hormone imbalance.) I’m beginning to feel my old self.

I’m planning on going to a doctor after 6 months to confirm that my hormone levels are normal and to do my women’s wellness. It’s all natural stuff and does more than make you a frisky biscuit. It also gives me loads of energy and helps me get deeper with my spiritual practices. It’s pricey but is worth it given how much it has transformed my body and mind.”


—KT Clouse


“Just wanted to say I have been on the Blends for around a month now and I went away last week for business and couldn’t take the blends with me, I didn’t think they were massively working until I wasn’t on them and I felt so different it was crazy! So needless to say Thank You, they are amazing! ”


—Chris K

“Ok everyone this Autophagy Blend is life changing. I have been doing extended fasting for the past year. The first 3 days are always the hardest for me as I stay hungry and my moods are awful. The fourth day is when I finally get into the groove and can mellow out for the remainder of my fast. That being said I dont fast as often as I would like because of the mood swings in the beginning. This Autophagy Blend is a game changer. I have been taking it for two weeks, I take it four times a day and my last blend of the day I add an additional 1/8 tsp before going to bed. I never wake up hungry.

Since taking this Autophagy Blend I have gone back to doing 88/8 cycles back to back. No hungry, no mood swings, no cravings, no binges. I think this is Gavin’s best blend to date and I will never be without it. I feel more relaxed, probably because my mood swings have vanished and I am actually enjoying fasting. I have also had more energy during my fast. Not sure if its from the Autophagy blend or if its enhancing my other blends but I look forward to my 4-6 mile walk everyday now and during my walk instead of wishing I was done I find myself thinking about the positive results my walk is giving me , I am feeling stronger and my stamina has increased. I used to walk a mile in 20-22 minutes but now I am walking a mile 16-17.5 minutes and I do several sprints in between each mile. I am definitely experiencing more joy in each day. The only change I have made is adding the Autophagy Blend so I know this is the reason.

Trust me and just get it and try it if you want to up your game when fasting. I promise you will not be disappointed. This is a total game changer and I believe this blend will help me reach my next fitness level I have been struggling to achieve. Thank you Gavin you have outdone yourself on this one!”


Rhonda Walker-Eckel

“I have been taking Interstellar Blends for three months and I can honestly say I am a different person from when I began taking them. No more forcing myself to get through the day with little joy, focus and motivation.!!

I reached out to Gavin after reading through his website. I told him I was struggling with depression and had other cognitive and memory issues that were very concerning.

He suggested I start taking his Seven Sages and Trinity blend. I scoured his website and Facebook page and read everything I could about these blends. I was so skeptical that these could work like the people who were taking them said. But I was desperate to feel better and because my brain seemed to be declining so rapidly I was willing to try anything. Plus he offered a money back guarantee if all symptoms of depression and anxiety were not gone in 7 days, so I purchased the blends..

Prior to taking the blends I was was barely able to function, no energy, no motivation, no desire, no feelings. In addition to having these very low feelings I also had brain fog, very little short or long term memory and my thoughts were extremely disorganized. When trying to explain to Gavin how I felt I said “I feel like my brain is deaf and blind”.

By the third day of taking Seven Sages and Trinity I was completely depression and anxiety free!! It worked! It really worked!

This has been a miracle for me as I have struggled on and off with depression for 22 years and have researched this subject extensively trying antidepressants, stimulants, natural tinctures, talk therapy, cognitive therapy, healing prayer rooms, acupuncture, niacin therapy, high doses of turmeric, Myers cocktail and anything else that was recommended. Some of these did partially help, but nothing worked as quickly as Seven Sages and Trinity on not only bringing me completely out of my depression, but also helping with my memory and overall brain function.

Before Interstellar blends i would start many projects, but finish hardly anything. My thoughts and actions were all over the place. I am now able to finish tasks with ease. My thoughts are much more organized and everyday it feels like everything in my brain is working together.

With the encouragement of Gavin I completed a 66/6 challenge and lost 32 lbs in 12 days. Because of Gavin’s generosity I won hundreds of dollars worth of blends that I now incorporate into my daily life. I honestly feel better than I ever have and am eternally grateful to Gavin and Interstellar blends.”

—Lynda K Borden

“I am grateful to be able to have tried most of the blends. My first one was Peel. After doing keto faithfully for over a year I was stalled no matter what I did. The Peel was a miracle and bumped me to the next level. The weight fell off and I reached my goal. This remains one of my favorites. I added blends for other issues along the way and each really targets something different. Overall my mood, sleeping, brain fog, fatigue etc have all improved so much.
When I lost my job of 23 years my first thoughts were how will I pay my mortgage and how will I afford the blends. May seem like a strange reaction to some but I couldn’t fathom going through such a difficult situation without the blends knowing all those mood swings and anxiety would return. Thankfully I didn’t have to and a year later it all work out awesomely.
Now for the new blend Autophagy…OMG what an amazing addition. I have always had to deal with weight issues and binge eating. It will be my life long battle. Sometimes I get off track and struggle to get back. This happened lately and I was having a hard time no matter what I tried. I got Autophagy last week and again it proved to deliver success. Normally I always feel hungry, even when sticking to my regimen truth is I could always eat. This blend shut that down. For once in my life I wasn’t hungry. It doesn’t make you jittery or anxious it just shuts down the hunger. In 6 days I was able to lose the 9 pounds I gained falling off track. This stuff is a game changer and I never want to be without it. Thank you Gavin for all the research and guidance it is truly appreciated!!”


—Teri French-Hart

Thermo: MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. 2 weeks ago I started the 88/8 challenge. I had always been an exercise junkie but struggled to get up to go the the gym and maintain a level of energy to get me tgrough my 10-12 hour work day but The blends started giving me that push on day. After my does of Thermo my energy level hit the roof; my energy was amazing!

In addition to Trinty, Nebula, Matcha, Spice, Peel, and Autophagy my life has changed. The energy, my mental clarity, my appearance, the way my skin feels and glows,…I can go on. I couldn’t have made a better choice in my selection of the blends.

If anyone is on the fence and feels skeptical; don’t be. The only thing you will lose is the old you. The feeling tired, obese bad skin, and any other ailments that has you in a slump. It sounds so funny to say but in less then 1 week I felt GREAT!! Try the sample packs and trust the processes you won’t regret a single decision other than your procrastination to purchase the blends sooner.

If there was a t-shirt that I could buy that promotes Thermo I would wear to the gym during my 4am workouts.

Thank you Gavin for you support in my selection and throughout my 88/8 and 66/6. I have now found what works for me.”


—Dana aka can’t live without my Thermo!

“I have been reading about these herbs for over a year. I finally got enough money to place an order for the Go Big or Go Home Combo. I was super excited to try the herbs unfortunately it’s on back order but Gavin being the Amazing and Phenomenal human that he is gifted me with this awesome blend. Now I’m an energy drink Queen but let me tell you about this Original blend. One tsp of it with an oz of espresso and I had energy that sky rocketed my ass to walk 12 miles in 3 hours. Now I’ve trained for a marathon before and I tell you that I could’ve run a marathon that first day if my feet wasn’t hurting. After the 3 hours I rested and went back to do another 2 hours and I walked 6 miles. The next morning I was surprised to wake up energized and ready to take on the world. I’m a night owl and I’m not a morning person but I woke up the next morning like a new person. It was so weird because it takes me a while to roll out of bed. This was a subtle type of energy that didn’t have the jitters that energy drinks give you. Best of all, I didn’t have that normal crash I normally get from drinking energy drinks. After the 3rd day of fasting I thought it would wear off but i felt like it was just the right boost i needed for the challenge. After the first day of not taking the blends when I ran out, I totally felt it. I woke up tired and really needing that kickstart I’m now used to getting from the blends. I’m excited to try the other blends and I can’t wait to see what it does. Mahalo Gavin for this gift.”


Joanie Lili’o-Morgan

“WOWZA, if you haven’t tried Autophagy Activator yet you have to. I received it as part of the special running now.
I contacted Gavin through facebook thats how I found this magician, my main concern was my pre menopause hot flashes, I would wake up 3/4 times at night sweating really bad; took me a long time to fall back asleep and again woke up sweating, just AWFUL nights; I didn’t wanna reach for hormones that my doctor recommended.
Let me tell you its been 10 days now, no hot flashes anymore, lost 10 lbs, lots of energy I’m not hungry to the point you look at food and think, “Will I ever crave bad food AGAIN??”scary?
My husband think I’m gone die soon cos im not eating like I used to ?but I eat what Gavin recommends- sardines greens, beets and more from the list,
I’ll message him every time I have questions and he answers no mater what time it is.
Cant wait to see what else I will benefit out of the blends!!!!
Thank you very much Gavin !!!”


—Ziva Avitan

“I just want to say this stuff is amazing. I followed the Facebook page for a while and spent hours reading the sight. After a friend of mine jumped in and had a weight loss of 15.8lbs in one day. I was stoked because you can’t do that alone. So I researched more about the ingredients and then decided to give it a try. Let me tell you if you ever experienced fatigue and tried everything under the sun. Don’t give up because this just may benefit you.

I am a busy mom of 4. I also have, 3 dogs, and a cat to take care of. I work part -time as a nurse 3 days a week and I go to school full time for the other days including two days of clinic. I am also currently doing it alone as my husband is currently deployed. I am always so exhausted. But you don’t have time to be exhausted. There is no pause button in the game of life.
So I decided to make some changes. My first focus was weight loss because of course over-eating and obesity because there are so many complications that go along with that. But after taking my first shot and noticing I felt really good all day. I was hooked. I have been suffering for no reason all this time. My only regret is not starting sooner. I bought shiljit shortly after and I have my eyes on Thermo, Super Hair, and Matcha

My biggest advice to anyone reading this is: These blends are worth every dime. Don’t wait as I did in continue to suffer. Make a change and make a change today. Gavin provides an amazing wealth of evidence-based knowledge on every ingredient. Plus he takes the time to respond to any questions you have. If you are low on funds start with this blend or go to the facebook page and join the challenge and get sponsored. But just do something and do it now.

Thank you Gavin for all you are doing by giving us the knowledge, advice, and product to make our lives different. I am shouting from the roof tops!”


—Kiki Docken

“I have been taking Autophagy with Nebula first thing every morning for just over a week now! Wow! It is just amazing.
The Autophagy makes my fasting much easier, I regularly just have one meal a day, I have noticed that I don’t need to eat as much in the meal.
Combined with the Nebula in the morning, it really is kick-ass fuel, I am more focussed, brain-fog disappears, more productive… the benefits keep on coming.

I don’t get an afternoon slump, if I feel tiredness creeping in I have some more Autophagy with Peel and I’m back up to speed until my feeding window.
I’m not sure if this is a side-effect of the Autophagy but I have lost around 7lbs weight without even trying. Glad I bought a big bag to keep me going!

Another benefit I have noticed is my hair seems to be growing much faster, again it will be interesting to see if this is because of the Autophagy.
I have been taking Gavin’s blends for over two years now, in that time I have sorted my mental health and now my physical health, feeling better than I have done for 10 years.
I’m 44 years old and still not a grey hair to be found, all my blood results show my body is in top form.

Fasting – Blends – Good Diet

Thank you Gavin for another Interstellar Blend!!!”


—Bex Walker

“Okay so, my pancreatic cancer is gone. I’ve used Peel and Super Nova religiously. I won’t deny that’s it’s been a fight but my doctor doesn’t know what to say. I refused chemo and other meds because I simply couldn’t afford them. When it got really tough, I got a hold of Gavin and he didn’t flinch in setting me up with what he thought could help. It did. I’m getting back to my normal self but I wouldn’t be able to say this without Gavin’s amazing Blends.

What I did, Peel and Super Nova in the morning and dry fasted all day at work. I’d eat a good prepared meal at night then repeat. On days off I always made the goal to only use the blends in tea or coffee and dry fast on days off.

I’m cancer free!”


—Aaron Michael Jauken

“Day 3 of taking Spice, Peel, Thermo, Matcha Tea, Pollen and Niagra while doing the 22/2. Started Luteolin on 10/23/19.


This morning, I woke up with NO pain in my hands. I usually wake up and my pinky finger is usually hurting and I think that it’s arthritis. I would wake up and it would hurt so badly in the morning. But for the first time in about a year NO PAIN!!! I just entered into menopause and would get horrible hot flashes at night. Last night, the amount of hot flashes were cut in half…now mind you this is only on day 3 with the blends, which are Spice, Peel, Thermo, Matcha Tea, Pine Pollen and Niagra .


I have noticed today that ALL inflammation is gone in my body. No bloated stomach, hands, legs, and feet. I feel really good. The only thing that’s happening and it’s totally my fault is…I’m waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom from the 2 hours that I use to re-hydrate. I may have to change the time that I re-hydrate to the middle of the day. I believe that will alleviate the midnight bathroom visits. But other than that…I feel AMAZING!


Niagra!!! Lord HELP ME!!! So now I’ve been taking the blends for 6 days so far. The Niagra blend is a God send (since God created all things). For someone going through the unfortunate stage of menopause and losing her libido…Niagra has put me back in the game of intimacy with my loving husband. This blend has definitely rekindle my sexual desire towards my husband. This blend has given me this orgasmic orgasm that is out of this world…I kid you NOT!!! I mean, it’s simply AMAZING!!! This blend right here is a BIG DOG GAME CHANGER and I can’t thank Gavin enough on creating such a powerful sexual herbal blend for women. Understand, going through the change has been HELL on wheels but with this BLEND, it’s totally doable concerning the bedroom! The lack of interest is gone, my libido is coming back slowly but surely to before I started this cycle of life of menopause.


Sciatic nerve pain. So, I’ve been dealing with sciatica pain for about 10 years on the right side of my butt cheek. I had lower back pain, burning down my leg, difficulty moving around in the bed before I would go to sleep. I would do some exercises to try and alleviate the sciatic pain…which only helped for a short time. At one time, I was going to the chiropractor 3 times a week to get adjusted for 3 months straight. I was even considering getting cortisone injections because the pain was so severe. I even did physical therapy a couple times a week…which didn’t help at all! The doctor prescribed anti-inflammation medication that would stop me from having (my) regular bowel movements. Hell, I had to stop that, because I wouldn’t have a BM for like 5 days and would end up taking a laxative. I just realized last night while lying in the bed, that my pain is GONE!!! I don’t know which blend that’s stopping the pain BUT I’m truly thankful that the pain is gone!!! I would wake up in the middle of the night because of the pain and now…NO MORE BACK PAIN!

Gavin, words couldn’t truly express the thankfulness that I’m feeling being pain free! Thank you so much for all that you and Kristine do!”


—Tammy Bell


I’ve been taking 10-15 mile walks daily as a part of Gavin’s 88/8 challenge regiment and up to cycle 5 I was finding myself having very little trouble energy-wise completing my walks. Some leg and foot pain…but no real fatigue. But cycle 5 brought with it Mother Nature’s monthly calling card and with it a fatigue that blew the wind out of me…until Thermo.

I do my walks first thing in the morning when I work or have lots of things to do and even with the first recommended shot for the challenge I was finding myself dragging…having to stop and take 3 minute breaks dang near after every mile or so. Then came the second shot with Thermo.

I can’t even explain the night and day difference walking those first couple of miles without Thermo vs. walking the last couple of miles with it. I would take the shot…swish it around my mouth for 30 seconds as Gavin recommends…and I swear I would feel my whole body awaken almost instantly!

I’ve now added Thermo to EACH of my shots throughout the day for the crazy clean energy it gives…and I’m ordering another Thermo for backup so that I never run out!!!

As a person who has suffered from low-energy ALL HER LIFE…with that time of the month being a particularly debilitating time for me energy-wise…you have no idea how awesome it is to have something that gives me my life back the way Thermo does! There was a time I would literally have to call off from work during my cycle because of how incredibly fatigued I would be. To be able to go from that to being able to walk 10 miles during my cycle with ease…LIFE CHANGING”


—Tia Riki

“I received the Autophagy and Peel blends just a few days ago and all I can say is WOW. I have been suffering from arthritis due to old injuries from years of weight lifting, auto accidents, painting murals, etc… This had caused me to to put ME on the back burner. After seeing so many others benefit from the blends, I finally gave in. I chose the Autophagy blend because I read about the appetite suppressant effects it had on others. The Peel blend was chosen bc I want the glowing skin that all blend users are raving about!
The first morning I took it, I mixed both with just a bottle of water. It was an almost immediate rush of energy. Not the nasty stimulant kind either. I went on to complete a full day of working outside in 98 degrees. I actually forgot to eat and was not hungry all day! I had to actually force myself to eat dinner. This is unheard of as I LOVE to eat, lol.
It is now day four since I’ve been using the blends and my appetite has shrunk, my energy levels are through the roof, my aches and pains have drastically gone down, and I am up and at em in the morning with a new zest for life.
I also wanted to point out that I have suffered from tightness in the chest for years now. I chalked it up to anxiety and kind of just expected it to always be there. Especially at night. I would literally feel my heart beat through my ears until I fell asleep. Wellll folks, it’s so weird because that feeling is completely gone! Poof! Even if I try to stress myself out on purpose to emulate it, my heart is just steady as ever. No tightness whatsoever!
I can’t even wait to see what other ailments melt away. These blends are kick ass!
Gavin has put so much thought and research into every single ingredient. There is no way I’d ever be able to afford to buy or even FIND every single one by itself. This blend is a masterpiece, perfectly orchestrated like a piece of fine ass music ?
Bravo Gavin! Bravo”


—Joy Mollnar

“Today is day 14 for me on Autogaphy. Early on I wasn’t sure I was feeling immediately what others felt, I just knew from my first dose I lost my appetite. GONE… just GONE!! Over the past 2 weeks it has had a cumulative effect on me. I’m not hungry, staying on point when I have something to accomplish, clear thoughts, my sleep is more restful, ( in the midst of personal turmoil) which for me is a small miracle in itself. I’m quite surprised how I’m handling it! I don’t know how he blends these, but I understand how he can’t keep it in stock! At times the thought of eating another bite… makes me nauseous. Me??? Not want want to eat? My husband wants to know who took his wife???? No mood swings, no cravings, fasting is much easier, mental clarity.. energy….the list can go on….try this… you seriously will not be sorry.
18 months ago, I had never heard of dry fasting! ( where was my head ?????) I had been doing intermittent fasting/low carb and having small results. A dear friend was a member of Gavin’s group and added me. I was just blown away by what I was reading! Shortly after I joined I asked her if she had used any of Gavin’s blends. She had not…. but I decided to try them. Peel & Spice were the first I tried. Having just had a total hip replacement, I hoped they would help with healing….Damn!! Let just say I’m older than Gavin…. and I felt after 2 days on these 2 I could go to the club and keep up, if my new hip would cooperate of course. At my staple removal my surgeon commented how well I was healing! Could it be… the blends??? ?
I decided after I was released from my surgeon, I was going to try more blends, no 2 ways about it. When I went for my 3 month check up, my Dr could not believe how the incision had healed!
I decided that I was going to try & address my depression. Again … great results..off of anxiety meds and antidepressants after literally YEARS!!!! My only child suffered a near fatal accident when he was 18 and I had been on those meds since that time. He is now 36.. Do the math. In a matter of months I felt I could safely wean myself. I ordered more blends….and could only hope for similar results…. when I had blood work done 4 months after sticking my toe in the” BLEND sea”.. these were my initial results…
Dropped 11 pounds, completely off of blood pressure medication I’d been taking for 15 years, my cholesterol dropped 54 points. My physician attributed that drop to the “new statin” she had prescribed until I told her I never had the RX filled!!!!
When my hubby saw my results he asked if he could try My blends. I wasn’t sure I wanted to share, but relented. ? He has been prediabetic for years.
Wellllll … yep you guessed it.. Our personal PCP as well as his Dr’s at the VA told him he could no longer be considered pre diabetic. SCORE…. Of course we both made changes to our eating habits, small changes, we eat differently, and different foods but the common denominator for us was the blends!!!
This has been a tough year for me… 2 surgeries, my fathers passing, major surgery or hubby ( he had his hip replaced!!.. such a copy cat!) but I’m handling it. Some days more than others, and a friend who kicks my butt when I need it…
And Gavin..
You will never know how much you have helped me personally. I don’t know when the hell you sleep, because no matter when I contact you.. you always answer me. Without missing a beat. Your willingness to help virtual strangers is a gift to all of us, and I will be eternally grateful. Thank you for making this your life’s work. You’ll never completely understand my gratitude.
Thank you, thank you, thank you”


—Judi Plotino Bahr

“I just placed an order to take advantage of Gavin Robert McGowen’s Thanksgiving coupon. This makes my 8th order since I met Gavin in July. I own every single blend, I mix and match the blends I take daily and I also serve them to my husband and son daily. I’ve seen an incredible difference in my energy and focus, absolutely priceless since we own several businesses and I work all the time. For decades, I have purchased and taken almost every supplement known to man, followed every health fad, dabbled in probably all of them for a period of time, looking for the magic to take me to the next level in health and rarely did I ever notice a difference. I always thought it was because we ate clean, drink amazing water and live a very healthy lifestyle, so when you are already so healthy, how much healthier can you feel? I recently began to feel my age in terms of energy and was getting anxious because I have too much darn stuff to do in this world, too many people left to impact, a strong legacy to leave. Gavin promised me I would feel decades younger. Well, I am not quite there yet, but boy do I feel a difference! I’ve thrown out most of my supplements (thousands of dollars) away except for a few. I literally threw away at least 5 different supplements for sleep, none of which ever worked. How funny that today, I am enjoying probably the.best.sleep.of.my.life! To say I am grateful is an understatement. Thank you, thank you, thank you Gavin Robert McGowen x 100! My heart is so full of love and gratitude for you and what you do and this beautiful community who inspires me with their stories and testimonials every singe day.”


—Teresa Kuhn

“What can I say but BUUUUYY THIS BLEND! It is quite literally my favorite blend of all. This blend coupled with Thermo and you will be feeling like a million bucks. My bf has been taking this and its done wonders for him as hes been coming off a medication hes been on for 8 years. This stuff saved him! I really think it’s a must have for everyone who is buying blends! Do not skip Nebula! Seriously, its incredible! I don’t even need caffeine when I take it. I can only take it 1-2 times a day or I am just buzzing, my bf can take it more times because his health isn’t as good as mine and he likes to feel amped. I would pair this with Thermo for sure. I have also been taking a bunch of other blends and they are doing wonders for my body! I am going to leave reviews for those individually but my favorite blends so far are, Nebula, hair tonic, Peel, and Autophagy (AMAZING). I have so many others I still need to get and try! Thank you Gavin for your continued efforts to make the BEST products in the market. Everyone needs these blends!!!”


— Candace Charee

“My husband’s a1c dropped to the point where he is not considered pre-diabetic any longer taking Peel & Spice.

I was able to go completely off blood pressure meds over a year ago taking the Peel & Spice.

Gavin’s products are THE real deal. We started with the blends for health reasons, weight loss was a bonus.”


—Judi Plotino Bahr

“I will start off by saying how pleasantly surprised and absolutely amazed I was literally after ten minutes of taking the Matcha, Peel and Spice blends. I felt like a switch came on in my head. I had been suffering adrenal fatigue and lack of motivation for quite a number of years now; within ten minutes of taking the products all of that changed and I was back to doing housework and not dwelling on all that could go wrong. My outlook on life immediately changed for the better again as of taking these products four days now.
I was referred to Gavin by a friend of mines to see if he would be able to help with some health issues my daughter is facing as well. As of the past four days I have renewed hope for health recovery for my daughter. She has suffered chronic constipation ever since she was a baby and on first day taking the above mentioned products and Luteolin she had a bowel movement on her own and another that night. I kid you not; she has also been way more calm and sleeping great. I have started telling so many other people about Gavin’s products just based on the experiences of my daughter and I over the past four days. these products trump any and every supplement I have tried for either of us. Worth its weight in gold these products are.
I would also like to add that Gavin has been very kind to my daughter and myself. After spending lots of money by many specialist with not much improvement in my daughter it was quite a shock to me to have someone whose motivation was not money but rather to help. It was on one of my lowest days that I reached out to Gavin and after speaking with him I felt great relief. He is quite a no nonsense straight shooting type of guy and lets his products speak for themselves. I cannot begin to fathom how much time he spends doing proper research to develop and back his products.
I keep saying to others I have found a new way to live rather than walking around depressed I truly feel like I got my youthful vitality and energy back. I am at peace knowing with these products and others I intend to add that our lives are going to be great and I do not say that lightly but rather genuinely. Hats off to you Gavin and thanks again for choosing to care when so many others have made the choice to take advantage of those who are seeking to better their health.”


—Jis Regis

“I’m loving Autophagy activator SO much. I’ve been raving about it to all my friends and have even personified it by calling it “Autophagy bae”. Now when I say “Autophagy bae” my people all know who (not what – haha) I’m talking about. I recently started rolling 66/6 and it’s a must for following any of Gavin’s dry fasting protocols that include over 24 hours of dry fasting.

The ingredients are unparalleled!! Hundreds of ingredients that hit on Autophagy (duh), oxidative stress, anti inflammation, lipolysis, mtor inhibition, anti obesity, anti diabetic, and leptin regulation. This is plant MEDICINE at its finest, people! You’re not going to find anything matching in one combined blend on the PLANET.

And when people have sticker shock at the price of the blends, they need to calm down and think about it. The list of ingredients and the recommended dosage demonstrate that you’re getting an incredible value. PLUS, Gavin is always willing to work with you – sometimes he is able to sell sample sizes (they still cost money obvi!) just for you to try to see if it will address your needs.

I’ve become a bonafide, unofficial spokesperson for Interstellar Blend. I can’t stop talking about them and guess what?! Friends and loved ones have taken note. Some have already become customers and started purchasing for themselves and their families!! The proof is in the evidence – the thorough descriptions of the blends on the website, the incredible authentic customer reviews and the amazing Facebook group.

I’ll say one last thing, JOIN the Facebook group, It’s so rich with info, reviews, feedback, protocols, weight loss challenges, maintenance regimens, Gavin’s top notch insight and guidance, and such a supportive community.

Cheers to longevity and prosperity with Interstellar!”



“Thank you Gavin! I have struggled with psoriasis for 20 years and have tried every product on the market. Within the first week of taking Peel, my skin became noticeably clearer. By the second week, my entire body is completely clear! The fine lines around my eyes are gone, my hair and nails are growing stronger and thicker and I feel fantastic! Another amazing product to add to my Interstellar regimen. Smiling from head to toe!”


—Julia Bienkowski

“I am happy, blessed and proud to say that I have been taking Interstellar Herbs since back in 2015, when only THE Original blend existed. I had been a holistic personal trainer for years, and tried so many products in an attempt to help, not only myself, but my clients in various areas of their health and wellness. I personally had suffered with anxiety my whole life and had tried every natural product out there! It seemed the older I got, the worse the anxiety and I finally succumbed to trying pharma drugs in order to deal with it. My doctor, and most doctors prescribe depression meds for anxiety. I kept saying I am not depressed, I have anxiety, there is a difference! She told me the antidepressant drugs also treat anxiety, so I tried. Well, I ended up trying 3 different ones and they all ended up making me depressed and actually, feel crazy! They made my brain spin and I began to have depressive melt downs which I had never experienced before.

Enter Interstellar Original. After following Gavin and reading about the results others were experiencing I began reviewing all of the ingredients and research from that blend, I decided to give it a try. For the first time in my life I experienced calm clarity and energy that wasn’t manic, or jittery. I was hooked, in a good way!!!! I never looked back. I began Intermittant Fasting, typically doing 3 days twice a month. I did lose some weight but I was mainly doing this to reset my body at a cellular level and rid myself of any damaged cells that could lead to disease. I finally felt normal, strong and amazing.

Gavin introduced Shilajit, Pine Pollen, Ceremonial (Highest Grade) Green Tea and I added those. Boom! Up I rose, feeling better and better all the time. The Pine Pollen helped balance my hormones and made my hair grow like crazy among other things. The Green Tea gave me even more healthy energy and is super anti-aging as well.

Next came Supernova, a more concentrated version of THE Original blend, which was really great because I didn’t have to use as much product and still got the same, if not even more, benefit!!! I really didn’t think that could be improved upon! During that time, without realizing a why, I just naturally dropped to basically eating once a day as I wasn’t hungry all day and had great energy with the combined products so far. The few extra pounds I was still holding just melted off then.

Next was Gavins Thermo, which is also an amazing product! However, I work outside in Florida heat, so I backed off of this one just because it did heat me up and I didn’t need the warmth, or to burn off anymore weight. It is still amazing though for anyone needed those benefits!!

The HOLY GRAIL of all the products for me though was Trinity!!! Honestly, it still is! If I thought I had calm clarity and less anxiety before, I honestly felt like something in my brain shifted into the Interstellar realm when I added Trinity. I believe I was so used to living with such intense anxiety that the relief I had from the Original and Supernova had eliminated it and it did reduce it to a level I had never experienced. HOWEVER, Trinity is my LOVE! Trinity obliterated the remaining anxiety that I didn’t realize I still had and the total calm, clarity peace came like I had and have never experienced. My thoughts become even more razor sharp and my ability to remain calm in so many intensely difficult situations I have lived through since then has just been priceless!!!! I also have tried Seven Sages and it is incredible as well, for me it is a great addition to Trinity. Trinity seems to make nature come more alive, colors are brighter and everything just shifts in ways you can only experience if you try it!

I have continued to basically do 22/2 ever since and weight has not come back with the exception of a few months I ran out of product and began eating too much. I gained back 15 pounds and started feeling that nagging anxiety creeping back not quite so in love with life and nervous again too much. Once I got back on my herbs and went back to 22/2, the pounds came off fast and I have maintained the same weight within around 4-5 lbs since. Usually, its just around the holidays if I eat more than normal, but it comes right back off very easily.

When PeelZ came out, I added that! I had a small cyst on my wrist for years and this product ridded me of it! My skin looked good before from using all of the other herbs, but it started to glow and my pores shrunk! My energy went up even more and I just felt even more awesome! I couldn’t believe it!!!

Then there is Niagra, holy mother of WOW! Um, women, yes, you must try this and men, you must get this for your lady, (but be warned, if you do, you should get yourself some Thunder, unless you have incredible stamina already, even if you do, I’m sure it will be fun for you both!) IT WORKS! Its also great to use in conjunction with Pine Pollen for women for hormonal balancing. You can micro-dose Niagra (if not wanting full on hours of raw passion), with normal amount of Pine Pollen and it balances out hormones beautifully.

Another note on Pine Pollen, it is a superfood, so it does replace the need for too much food and it’s a concentrated superfood, so you get so many benefits without having all of the calories. Its also great if your trying to build some muscle tone. I have always had a hard time building just some muscle tone with my body type. When I use Pine Pollen with working out, I can finally get that definition and strength better than with any Protein powder, eating 10 eggs, or other things I have tried.

I will be 48 in a couple of months. People never believe my age. I still get carded often and even when I go to Doctors appointments for check ups, they ask me what my secret is!!! Just this week my new gynecologist, did a double take when he looked at my chart and looked at me, he said “are you really almost 48?” Same words followed “OMG, you look amazing, what is your secret?” Maybe this is a little TMI, but even the exam, etc., he and his assistant were like you literally are more like someone at least 20 years younger, even as far as, well everything goes. You are healthy inside and out! LOL

My blood work all came back perfect and my primary care doctor (who is the one who Originally tried to get me to take a variety of anti-depressants years ago, with horrific side effects) still can’t believe it. She says I’m aging in reverse. LOL I’ve gotten healthier over the years. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still age, but just slower than I know I would be if I wasn’t taking Interstellar Herbs and Intermittent fasting. I just know it! Friends and others ask me how I do it and when I tell them, I wish they would believe me! So many people would benefit in the most amazing ways possible if they would just TRY THEM!!!! Too many people get hung up on the cost. I say, have you been grocery shopping lately? Crap food is expensive, organics and healthy cost more (worth it also but costs more) When I eat once a day, the herbs pay for themselves and I am feeding my cells disease prevention and anti-aging FOOD! How much do most people spend on sugary, fatty coffee drinks? Or, junky snack food daily, never mind all of the meals eaten. It ends up costing less and the benefits cannot be measured in $$. Long term especially, disease, loss of energy, loss of mental capacity, hospitals, no thanks!!!

I feel I am doing the best possible thing I can for myself and my family by continuing using the products. I am a single mother, with 2 teens still at home and starting a new business from the ground up in the last few months. There is no way I would be able to handle the stress of everything with the anxiety I used to suffer from. I want to perform at my peak and be the best I can be in every area, stay focused, grounded, clear thinking, have the energy and drive to make all my dreams come true and set an example for my kids. I’m developing a new product and service to help the environment, I want to leave this gift for all of our children and generations to come! Interstellar Herbs gives me that ability and edge to believe its possible and the confident drive to GO FOT IT!!!! Give yourself and those you love the biggest GIFT you could ever give them, which is the best, healthiest, calmest yet energetic, supportive, loving, present version of you,… and this will be possible with these products I PROMISE YOU THAT!

Finally, I want to be around for many years DISEASE FREE, and I also believe that the products Gavin produces give us all that chance. I have known him since 2015 and watched, read the research he provides, done trials on myself and read what the products have done for so many people through the years! You can’t argue with science or the results! I am next adding Spice, ACB, and Apigenin. I will be back in a few months to review these products!

Just really want to say a huge THANK YOU to Gavin for stepping up and spending countless hours, days, weeks, months and years doing the research and creating such life giving gifts really! And to Kristine also for being there and such a huge part of making it all work! You two are Angels! ❤”


—Teri Graham

“Interstellar blends have changed my life! On February 3rd I received my 11 blend challenge package. It was a risk, knowing so little about the company, but the extensive science and reviews convinced me to give it a try.

My whole life I’ve struggled off and on with breathing, inflammation, allergies, digestion, brain fog, pain, energy, and focus. I’ve studied and trained and spent $$$$$. My health would improve and then go downhill again with any stressor. It came to an unsustainable place about a year and a half ago and I had to reboot and change everything. Again. I survived the ordeal and made a lot of progress, but there was still something missing.
After receiving my 11 blend challenge I started right away, which makes it hard to single out specific blends. After a few days (3 or 4?) the first change I noticed was my ability to handle temperature changes and reduction of inflammation. I went to a hot yoga class, which usually is difficult and makes me feel sick. Instead, it was a breeze, my body was easy to move, and I felt energized and more alive. The next change I noticed was my mood and focus. Suddenly my head felt clear and dealing with teenagers, taxes and work felt straight forward and simple, instead of anxiety provoking and fatiguing. I had more energy to exercise, and I stopped needing to take naps midday. I also completed an 8 day water/electrolyte/blends fast and my first 4 day dry fast. Wow! I have done a lot of water and electrolyte fasting in the past but never like this. I could have kept going, but caution rather than hunger made me stop. I was absolutely not hungry and by day 8 I was maybe a little too enthusiastic and energetic for my family 😅.
Although it’s hard to differentiate which blends do the most for me I’d say my top 3 are Trinity, Autophagy,, and Thermo.
Of course, I took all these benefits for granted since it felt so natural and stopped the blends two different times, once for a week, and the second time for a few days. Only to notice my old experiences creeping up on me. No more. I’m a believer. Thank you Gavin for all your research, recommendations, work, and quick response to my questions.“


Trinity Blackwell

“I ordered Thermo one month ago. It is my first time trying this stuff. I heard a lot about it from my friend but was hesitant to try it. I’m battling my blood sugar in pre-diabetes range. So I decided to give it a try.

I received my blend and started with 1/8 teaspoon dose. I was surprised to see results in three days! My fasting glucose level was about 20% lower! And I didn’t feel any discomfort or bloating in my stomach when I was taking the blend.

I am almost done with my pack now and getting ready to order more. I love the effect of Thermo and feel really good about taking this NATURAL supplement. I will try other products and definitely tell others about it. I already promised my friend a dinner for inspiring me to try it!”


—Vlad Okel

“About eight weeks ago I started taking Peel, Spice, Trinity, Seven Sages. I noticed changes after the first day. I feel better overall now. I’m more active, sleep better, clearer mental focus, and have less joint pain. I take Nebula and Thermo as a pre-workout and I feel great. My workouts are more effective. At work, I’m more alert and laser-focused and feel very productive. My skin has also improved; several people have complemented my skin saying it looks radiant. All this I attribute to the blends.
I had my husband and son try the blends also. My husband noticed he slept better and had less episodes of restless leg syndrome. He also told me he feels the blends help him deal with stressful situations at work better. He’s also a fan of Thermo and Nebula as a pre-work out. He usually drinks an energy drink as a pre-workout but feels the jitters afterwards. Thermo and Nebula leave no side effect but pure energy.
My son who’s a college student also reports better sleep at night, and clearer mental focus. Although I was not needing help with weight or appetite suppression, Autophagy and the blends have helped me prolong the fasting window and control my cravings for sweets and carbs. I’m a believer of these blends and will continue to take them. My plan is to continue to invest in my health. I’m not waiting until I’m sick. Thank you, Gavin, for all your efforts.”


—J Acebedo

“I have been taking Luteolin for just over a week and I have felt a huge improvement! I am so excited to share that my memory is completely back! I had been struggling with memory issues because of a concussion from a car accident a year ago. Within a week of adding in Luteolin, my memory is back on point and I have zero brain fog at all!! This is a huge win!! I was already taking Seven Sages, Trinity, Peel and Spice and had great results, so when I added in Luteolin that was the magic bullet I needed to expedite the improvements in my brain functioning! I am so grateful for Gavin and the blends, I can’t wait to see what else improves with continued use!! <3”

—E L B

“I have had exacerbated asthma pretty much my whole life, mostly triggered by extreme anaphlaxis. In the past, I’ve been diagnosed with bronchitis hundreds of times, pneumonia 21 times, and pneumomediastynum once as a complication of the pneumonia. The root of all of this is the allergies I have to dust mites, pollen, animal dander, molds, etc.
It has been the bane of my existance in several ways, especially in college when I did not have medical insurance. Even with insurance it is probably why I have been in debt other than student loans in the first place. Well, besides my car.
Usually, I have continuous inflammation reaction to ever present allergenic triggers in the air I breathe. Corticosteroids; air purifiers and ionizers with filters; special vacuum cleaners; talalay latex mattress; leather and anti dust mite covered furniture and vigilant cleaning have reduced but not eliminated this for me even in my indoor living space and I am past the age where people say I could outgrow allergies and/or asthma. I have had constant allergic Rhinitis as well, even having nasal surgeries to help me breathe through my nose with very limited success until this year.
I am really grateful to you for insisting I try the Pine Pollen. I really believe my asthma, something I have probably been angry about since age four, greatly improved this year as I was trying out the Pine Pollen you sent. There is nothing else new I have tried and stuck with long enough which could account for this change over this length of time.
I was very hesitant at first, since my allergy tests show a strong allergy to pollen, but after several months of use, my pulmonologist was far more easily convinced this year to take me off of most of my corticosteroids after seeing great marked improvements in my breathing. I am able to breathe more deeply more often, even through both nostrils. I am able to jog now and get the cardio I have needed, even in the colder weather of Upstate New York.
Thank you.”


—Dan Davis

“I started all of the blends you recommended for the fracture and surgical repair healing. I did not have them with me so could not start until the 14th break occurred on the 4th and surgery the 5th, – 2 weeks later – 3 weeks and 2 days post op the Xray looks great, strength and Range of motion are excellent – I have permission to drive and I am starting to walk with a cane instead of a walker. I am pain free, most of the swelling is gone except for a slight bit of dependent edema around my ankle, if my leg is down for too long. The typical recovery time after an event like this is 8-12 weeks depending on the health the person. Looks like I will be totally recovered in 6 weeks or less and I am certain the blends, Peel Spice Shilajit and Match are responsible for the rapid healing. Thank you and I can’t wait for your new products!”


—Karen Vizer

“Being an adult is not an easy thing to pull off day in and day out. I am a full-time-working single mom of three beautiful children and a law school student, as a cherry on top. Running operations at my house is a full-on production on daily basis and I constantly have to be on top of my game, or everything will crumble with the domino effect. I have been struggling for many years not only with my physical health, but also with excess weight and emotional problems, all until I found out about Gavin’s magic blends. I have tried all of them (with the exception of Thunder lol) and I must say that Trinity is my favorite blend of all. Some of its effect can be felt almost instantly, after taking the first dose, but you will feel the most after taking it consistently for about 2-3 days. I’m sharing my personal experience below:

As we age, most people start accepting health problems as part of a normal aging process, when it is far from the truth.

For about two years in a row my hair started thinning out, it turned dry and brittle. I have tried every supplement on the planet internally, and every mask and oil topically, to no avail. But once I started taking Gavin’s blends, hair stopped falling out and breaking. My hair dresser is not having to chop off as much of the ends, each time I get my hair done. I’m still planning on trying the anti-gray blend, in hopes that it will help turn my grays back to normal hair color.

My skin has been very dry for as long as I can remember. I had eczema, with cracking and sometimes bleeding skin, on my hands. Being a mom of three, my hands were often times wet throughout the day, which caused me a great deal of discomfort and even pain, at times. A dermatologist prescribed a steroid cream, but it only made things worse, if used for prolonged periods of time. Since I started taking the blends, eczema had completely cleared and my skin tone is even and healthy.

Most women, and many men will relate to the problem of mood swings. There were many moments throughout the day when I felt my mood was elevated, just to find myself stressed out, irritated or seriously upset about something shortly after. My mood is more stable now ever since I became a mom. I often find patience to kiss one more bruise, and to listen to one more never-ending story, and to give one more hug before bed to my kindergartener, when I was often short-tempered in the past. I surprise myself lately, when I find more patience and humility for my 2 teenagers, than ever before. And I surprise myself the most, when I am able to give kindness to myself. I used to be pretty hard on myself, placing unreasonable expectations and pressing forward, no matter the cost. Now I am being a lot more realistic and find fun and interesting things that I actually enjoy doing, which helps me have a better quality of life and a better mom for my children. Don’t get me wrong, I still have plenty of stress in my life, but my reaction to it is much different. I have a sense of calmness and peace, and it is in this state that I am able to make better decisions and have better interactions with everyone around me.

I’ve had an issue with blood sugar levels for a while, although I was never diagnosed with diabetes (but both of parents have). I have attempted intermittent fasting, but found it difficult because I often felt strong hunger pangs, shakiness and dizziness, combined with being moody and irritable. After many attempts, I gave up on the idea of fasting and watched my waistline expand. But with the blends, I found it to be almost easy to stay away from food for 66 hours at a time. I am still preparing for the 88 hour fast, and I am confident that with the right mindset and Gavin’s blends in my kitchen cabinet, I will achieve that goal soon enough.

Thank you Gavin for your hard work, dedication, patience, and kindness!”


—Oksana K

“I am blown away by the results from these blends. I purchased just three weeks ago, and every day I take them, the benefits just get better and better. From clear, focused energy, to better sleep, blood sugar regulation, and a noticeable difference in my skin and eye health. Just amazing! My whole family has been taking the blends every day, and I just recommended them to my mother and sent her home with a seven day supply of most of the blends in the Super Ultimate Sampler. I’m ordering again, and this time adding the ACB. I love having all of these blends in my house and available at all times, as I keep giving them out to family to try when they visit! Many thanks to Gavin and his healing work”


—Melissa Kendell

“I was a very early adopter of Gavins blends, I started when there was only the Original 20:1. I was also an early adopter of bulletproof coffee, living on the west coast I woke up around 3:30am to trade the markets and bp coffee was a big help. I started adding the blends and WOW!!!! What a jolt of electricity and energy, I was loving it. I soon dumped the MCT oil from the bp coffee and the blends compensated much better. I soon started to get all the blends as they were released or actually before. I was soon using Supernova then Nebula, Thermo, Trinity, and Seven Sages. Now I pretty much use them all because they work and keep me healthy!!!! How can you go wrong when you get a plethora of plants, in very high concentration, nourishing and replenishing your body!!

I find that Citrus, Peel and Spice go to town on my high, once, Blood Pressure and keep my heart healthy. My blood pressure is much lower now. I love the ACB and have now added Apigenin and Luteolin to my collection.

When I was on the 88/8 challenge, I found the blends to be indispensable. After Cycle1, Gavin sent me(I won) the about to be released Autophagy!! WOW Again!These blends and the Autophagy are the real deal!!! Amazing products that work. What was great is that the blends really go to town feeding the body. They feed the body so well that you do not get hungry!

Walking 5 to 10 miles a day is not a problem, with the hunger. In fact, soon the food cravings and the craving of just eating go away. You start finding other things to do with your time, instead of eating. Also, there is a feeling that you get when you feel your body using your fat as fuel. It’s like a pulling/sucking effect, where you feel your body dropping weight all the time. You do not get or feel bloated. Its a very motivating feeling.

Now, after the challenge, I can go 3 to 4 days without eating. I can stay in Keto and when I do eat, I cant even finish my salad. Seriously! Hunger disappears! I continue to drop weight and drop fat. My clothes fit much better and most importantly, I FEEL GREAT!!!”


—Ziggy Coop

“My initial order included the combo of Spice and Peel. I can already tell a difference in my mood throughout the day. In the past, I’ve had some anxiety and mild depression and am confident that this combination, along with Trinity, is already leveling me out. What’s also great is the amount of product you get. I was amazed at how big the bags were for Spice and Peel. That says a lot, it’s worth the price knowing that you only need a small amount so it should last you for quite a while. I also enjoyed the samples that were added to my order which prompted me to place a second order for said samples. Try the products, I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed.

I received a sample of Matcha with my first order and it really does pack a punch! It has helped with my fasting immensely. I take the Matcha, Nebula and Thermo in separate “shots” of either decaf green tea or decaf coffee, before a workout. I sail through the workout, feeling like I can do even more. I am a firm believer in these blends.

Trinity was part of my first order. I ordered this based on the reviews of it’s calming effect. I’ve only been using the blends for five days but I’m noticing a huge difference in such a short amount of time. I combine Trinity with Spice and Peel and it’s like it sets the tone for my day. I have noticed I’m sleeping deeper. I’ve had sleep issues ever since I was pregnant and sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and am up for hours. Trinity is definitely helping with that issue. If you’re on the fence as to what to order, read the reviews of each one and just pick a starting point. I feel Trinity should be part of your first order.”

—LF Carter


“First off, Id like to show my appreciation for Gavin and all of the hard work he does to run this operation and provide us a way out from the traditional health system! At first, I was very hesitant and skeptical about the potential of the interstellar herbs and all the positive claims. After doing some research, I realized that all the modes of healing that his approach consists of, comes from years/months of his personal study. The advice he gives helps us restore our body and reclaim our optimal performance. If you follow his protocol without deviating from it, you will achieve your health goals. The problem is that people try to add in their two cents and end up swaying from the result proven regiment!

After studying the website for while, I decided to try the herbs out. I ordered Trinity, Spice, Peel. Within 1.5 weeks of consistent intermittent dry fasting, keto/paleo diet, my inflammation decreased, yellowing of the skin subsided, eyes began to whiten, sleep began to feel as I was a child again, and mood levels/emotions started to balance. I forgot what it felt like to be foggy, groggy and unhealthy.

If you are contemplating trying these out, really sit down and prioritize what health means to you. Do the math, people see the price tag and immediately turn away. How much are you spending eating out? How much are you spending on your daily Starbucks? How much are you spending on junk that you don’t need? Now do some calculations on a couple months of herb supply! Sit down and ask yourself, how much does living a healthy, enhanced, balanced quality of life mean to you? Weight out the pros and cons between your stupid spending and living healthy. Don’t be stupid!”


—Michael James

“I took the Nebula blend for the first time and… holy sh*t muddaf*cka!!! I have been inside the last 11 years due to major illness (Lyme and stage 4 cancer)…. and I was out and about in no time at all. We hiked 5 miles today! I’m mentally kicking myself for not purchasing the blends this time last year! I probably could have been healed by now…. ARRRRGH!!!

If you are on the fence about purchasing blends for fatigue, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Nebula blend!!! SUPER AWESOME GOODNESS!!! SO WISH I’d tried Nebula a year ago. Thanks to everyone who posts testimonials. They are SUPER Helpful!! <3”


—A’oi Bartholomew

“I am grateful to be taking these blends!

I’d been so fed up with being in pain.

Doctors told me it was depression and injuries that may never heal.

I’d tried many natural products

with little or no relief.

My intuition made me feel that there must be a natural remedy.

Recently I came across Gavins page.

I saw one of his product reviews and was drawn to look further.

I enquired about his products he was very kind, helpful and informative told me what I could take that was vegetarian and would help my back pain and anxiety.

He suggested the blends Spice and Peel and told me that after 3 weeks I’d have zero back pain! He said I would also like the blend Thermo too.

I ordered the combo pack of Spice and Peel and started taking the blends the last week of August.

I am now completely back pain free!

This is like a miracle, because I was injured as a child thrown from my horse and was stepped on several times also, I’ve had two car accidents causing serious impact and back pain.

I’ve also suffered from migraines since I was a child and haven’t had one since I started the blends!

I feel amazing!

I feel New life!

After nearly 30 years of pain I am now feeling full relief!

Thank you Gavin for what you do, and for the time and support you have shown me!”


—Sudevika Kealani Okeahi

“I am the sole caretaker of my handicapped husband and my energy, strength, and mood were deteriorating. I had to take a nap everyday as I was up all day and night caring for him. My Rolfer introduced me to the Interstellar Blends…”Give them a try,” he said. I agreed and he ordered the products for me.
I was skeptical at first but took the blends everyday. It was probably a week later that I noticed I wasn’t taking the daily naps I needed before. My strength increased and my whole mood seemed to lighten up. Facing each new day became easier and I continued with the blends and looked forward to enjoying them every morning.
I love the taste as I drink them in hot water as my daily tea and am amazed at how long the products last. I will be placing my third order and have informed friends and family to also try using the Interstellar Blends.
Never in my wildest dreams could I ever have imagined that such natural products could work so well.
Thank You Gavin for giving me my life back!”


—Cyndy B

“This is my third time ordering interstellar blends. The first time I took the blends I lost 18 lbs in 1 month. I noticed, while fasting, the only thing I could think about was water. This will pass after the first week. After taking his products I cured my asthma.

This is huge for me because I was told I would die with asthma and its incurable. I used to use my inhaler 4-5 times a day for 30 years. I have not needed albuterol for 3 months and I fully believe it has been cured. No prescription drug has attempted to cure me. Rather, I believe the rx market is designed for profit. I believe ACB, Spice, and Apigenin were the difference. The best way I have found to stay consistent is to pre-mix them in small water bottles (Dasani is my choice because the bottle is wider and better to shake) and write numbers on them to take in a planned and science based order.

Gavin’s products may be expensive but they are worth every penny. Each and every blend has a specific purpose and role to make a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. The blends are the real deal and anyone who says else wise simply has not tried them. Science ma constantly be evolving and changing but these blends do not lie. They work!

Blends 5 stars
Customer satisfaction 5 stars (Heres why)

Most online businesses are a joke as far as customer service goes. Gavin has answered every question I have had and has even left me inspired with a Thunder fist.

When I called the number on the business card I was expecting a transfer or to leave a message. Gavin personally answered the phone and answered all of my questions. This to me is rare and shows he is genuinely a caring and growing business man. You cannot fake passion and you cannot fake success. These blends are all the above.

Thank you Gavin and Interstellar Blends”


—Steve Greenwood

“First I would like to say that I have been on a life long quest for health, I am 60 years of age, I hope that gives folks an idea of what I may or may not have tried over the years in this quest. It has been far and few between in finding quality supplements to help stem the tide of age related maladies for both the mind and body.

I came upon Gavins blends a number of years ago and have been a loyal client ever since, of the listed product line I have utilized 13 different blends and none of them have disappointed. I am pleased that I was able to meet Gavin in person that many years ago. At the time I was feeling a bit down and out, my energy levels were waining and my emotional mindset was all over the place. I started out on the “Original Blend”, It was a godsend and over the years, each time Gavin create a new blend I made sure I was one of the first in line to receive and utilize these magnificent creations of his.

I will have to say that of all the blends it was “Trinity” that put me in the mindset I had hoped to find in that lifelong quest of health and happiness. It was at that time, that for me personally, I no longer had to jump from one product line to the next in the hopes of finding an effective remedy to those maladies of aging. I feel I am at my best after a dose of Trinity in my morning coffee. I’ll be a lifelong client as long as “Interstellar Blends” are available to purchase.”

—Robert Patrick

“Interstellar Blends is nothing but quality from their products to customer service. First starting out with not taking any supplements for my health in the past 2-3 years these are a game changer. From the first time taking these products I have noticed a difference on the quality of my mind and health. My mind is able to be very clear and stay focused on what ever the task at hand is. My memory is on point, my energy is always high, and the time it takes for me to regroup and attack the day is short. My gym routines are laser focused and am able to preform more repetitions.

With taking any of the blends I have also noticed it keeps me in the present. Being in the present has helped me become even more aware of how I feel about any situation at any given time. The blends have been a catalyst for me to dive deeper, and remain relaxed, on any thing that comes up. This is great because I enjoy reading and it helps me really understand what the author is writing and feel their emotions when they were writing, much easier then before.

The customer service of Interstellar Blends has been top notch. The response time to hear back from them is short if not instant. The love and guidance on how you should be taking each supplement makes it the easiest to make sure that you get the most out of your supplements. Interstellar you have a customer for life. Thank you”


—Joe Pacenka

“I’ve been taking the blends since 2017. I’m in my late twenties, thin, I don’t fast and I don’t work out. I started because I was starting to think I had chronic fatigue or something. I would get off work in the after noon and take 3-4 hour naps, no energy drink could keep me awake. This is on top of sleeping atleast 9-10 hours at night. I was also feeling extremely emotional, literally ANYTHING could make me cry. I couldn’t look at a picture of a cute animal without bursting into tears. I decided to just spend the money and see what all the fuss was about. Almost immediately I saw a difference. I stopped needing to nap completely even when I wanted to take a nap in the middle of the day I just couldn’t. My emotions are controlled now. Anxiety and depression are kept at bay.
Sometimes I get lazy and stop taking them and about a week later I start feeling all my old symptoms again. Currently I take Trinity, Spice and ACB. I have not gotten sick this whole winter season even though I’ve been around multiple people with colds and the flu. What I found extremely weird though is that normally I get crazy horrible miserable cedar allergies dec-March and usually I have to take Allegra EVERY SINGLE DAY during these months. I have only had to take Allegra a handful of times during these past months. It’s so bizarre because I’ve always struggled with severe cedar allergies my whole life except for this past season!
My mom has always had high blood pressure but recently it got bad enough that the doctor put her on meds. She didn’t like the side effects so I told her about how I thought the Peel blend might help her. A few days into taking the Peel her blood pressure was normal, she says she feels great and has more energy. My dad has even noticed a difference in her mood and will ask her if she’s taken her Peel if she’s acting cranky. She’s about to be on her third bag of Peel!
Thank you so much Gavin. I look forward to trying out Apigenin and Nebula next!”
—Stacy Silva

“I strongly believe that God is uncovering things like Interstellar blends to prepare our minds for the tough time we are facing. People are full of anxiety and fear that release toxins in the brain and damage it and consequently not able to think straight and make right choices. I have been practicing fasting for many years for the positive effect it does to my mind, and for weight lost . However, it was very hard to do and the pounds I lost would come back right after I resume my eating.. I started using interstellar blend in July 2019 and it’s been one of the most amazing thing I have done in my life. They are Autophagy activating herbs. Auto means self and phagy means eating. Those herbs activate a system in the body that takes broken proteins ,cells that are weak and bacteria’s that are creating problems and metabolize them and feeds the body with them.. Even though you are not eating, your body is feeding you breakfast , lunch and dinner with the raw material it contains . I love all the blends but the ones that I am the most excited about are Autophagy, Super Hair, Pine Pollen and Niagara. Autophagy suppresses my hunger like crazy for the same reason I just stated. My body is feeding me. Isn’t that awesome. I am always calm and my stress level is very low .. Niagara’s is awesome. My libido was very low because of problems with my hormones. The first week after I started using Niagara , my intimacy with my husband increased tremendously, sex libido and stamina increased and painful sex disappeared. Super Hair combined with Pine Pollen are amazing. I have very dry and curly hair that never grow. Now my hair is growing and is more manageable . I also see some black hair coming out of my white hair. When I first called Gavin, he immediately sent me some samples of Thermo, Nebula,Trinity, Peel, Spice , Seven Sages ,Shilajit and Matcha green tea. The first week using them revolutionized my entire body and soul. I was losing so much weight that my husband started to complain. I moved from size medium to small and extra small. My pants size are from youth 3 to 5 and that’s because I eat a lot when I eat because my husband doesn’t like it when I am too skinny. Almost a month after I started using the herbs I went to a resort at the beach eating 3 huge meals a day and snacking and drinking in between meals for 10 days and when I came back to my normal fasting routine with the blends , the first week my body looked like if I didn’t go on vacation. I am always with a strong sense of hope and good expectations for the future. I don’t get tired or sick. Praise God! I added ACB and Luteolin. My mind is so sharp that I can dream for a better future with the expectancy of living a long and happy life. Every week I either do 88/8 or 66/6 which means don’t eat food for 88 hours and just take the blends every 4 hours , then feed for 8 hours. Then the other 2 days I do intermitting fasting. This is life saving for me. I lose a lot of weight , my mind is sharp at work and I don’t have to go to the stress of preparing food to take to work. Now I am not worried about gaining weight. My body only craves for healthy food and I am never tempted to eat the unhealthy food. My body is free from pain and inflammation and I am always looking forward to fast with the interstellar blends because of the sense of strength and encouragement I experience during the fast. I feel the presence of God in a strong way and I feel that I am stronger than the problems I face. I am always waiting for the next day with joy and positive expectations . Your body is your best friend that will be with you for the rest of your life and it is the vehicle that takes you to the places that bring you satisfaction and fulfillment in life. Therefore give it the best. Give it Intersteller blends. Your body will thank you and rejoice with you.”


—Amelia Jara

Trinity saved my sanity. As my family transitioned to the COVID-19 ’stay at home’ situation, I felt really stressed and overwhelmed during the first few days of having all four of us in the house (me, my uncle and his two boys who are like my own kids). I’d lost my regular routine and had two kids who wouldn’t leave me alone long enough to get any work done on my computer. I felt like I was walking in circles. I couldn’t “land” anywhere or get anything done. I was stressed and frustrated every time they called my name or knocked on my door. I was even trying to move to a nocturnal schedule so I could work while all of them slept.

Enter Trinity.

This was our first ever Interstellar Blend. I had heard about the blends from a friend who is very trustworthy when it comes to this sort of thing, so I checked it out online and we ordered straight away after getting a feel for how “next level” these products are, how much research and insight goes into the preparation of the blends, the powerful testimonials, and reading the story about how Gavin got started creating the blends.

When our order arrived in that beautiful gold envelope I was excited. I had planned on just having my uncle use Trinity to help with memory and cognition and to reduce his work stress, but that was before school was cancelled and life at home did a 180. So that afternoon when I scooped some for him, I scooped some for myself too!

Holy bugeezapuddles! Trinity smoothed me right out. I woke up early the next day with the presence of mind to get up and take care of ‘me’ during those precious, quiet, early morning hours. I got clear in my head about what I needed to do, and did it all with a sense of ease, positivity and a can-do attitude. I put the kids on a project management software so they could manage themselves and just report in to me once or twice a day. I cleaned and organized my space and was able to take things one at a time and feel good about my day. I’ve been using Trinity a couple of times a day since then (1/8th tsp), and I’m happy to say I’m my warm and smiling, chipper old self again, despite us all being under the same roof 24/7.

Alllllso, I decided to use this quarantine time to transform my body and keep on the “glow up,” so I’m happy to say Trinity does give me a moderate appetite suppressive effect. The effect might be more with higher dosing, but I haven’t really explored trying to get the exact right amount because I’m planning to buy Autophogy for skinny-support purposes. But in the meantime, Trinity is helping me not munch on a bunch of B.S.

Gavin, thank you! I can’t wait to see what happens to the quality of my health, beauty, and wellbeing as I incorporate more of your magic potions into my life. Many blessings!”



“So I first started taking blends when Gavin introduced Peel in April of 2018 in his Facebook group. He was talking about this amazing combination of ingredients that helped bring down blood sugar readings. As someone with Gestational Diabetes when I had my daughter and also someone whose body shape screamed INSULIN RESISTANT (apple shape with larger middle), I knew I needed to try this blend and begin to regain control of my health. I was already doing daily 22:2 fasts, but my blood sugar readings were still too high. I was on board for trying this new product. I ordered before it even hit the website and had my first Peel package within a few days. Gavin’s turnaround with orders is crazy fast.

So I tried my first Peel order. I ordered the 20:1, lower concentration, so I was taking a 1/2 tsp about every 4-6 hours with a swig of water. At first the taste of it gave me the shivers but soon I started loving the flavor – craving it even. At the same time, since I still had my blood sugar monitor from when I had gestational diabetes I decided to keep a more careful eye on my morning blood sugar readings. Within a week it was down 30 points! From about 130 to about 100 in the morning. After another week I was consistently in the 90’s! Okay, I was a believer! But the extra benefits were what kept me taking my Peel. Suddenly I had more energy to tackle my chore list. And a haze of “blues” (perhaps mild depression) seemed to suddenly lift and my family noticed I was smiling more. In the summer I was feeling so good that I allowed my PeelS to run out, thinking I would be fine. After about a week my husband started asking me what was wrong. I just seemed “down.” I realized the only thing that had changed was my Peel had run out. Oh geez! Time to reorder and rely on Gavin’s quick shipping!

Since that time I have never let my Peel run out. If I get close to the end of my jar I reorder to make sure that I don’t have any days without it. My husband is now a believer in how much it helps my energy and mood and even reminds me to take my blends. I added Spice and Pine Pollen to my days and now, from trying the samples Gavin includes in orders at times I am deciding on what next to add. Thermo, Seven Sages and Trinity are all in my next shopping cart! With the encouragement of his Facebook group I have now moved to 44:4 fasting for enhanced insulin resistance healing and my Peel and Spice make fasting much easier. Weight is falling off that mid-section and I am moving toward more of an hourglass shape rather than an apple shape. My husband is not only seeing my mood shift but my body shape shift and is becoming a great fan of Interstellar Blends! Blends will be a permanent part of my routine for my physical and mental well-being. I am so happy that I found Gavin, Kristine and all of the research and science that goes with these products.”


—KD Darby

“I have been taking several of the blends for 6 months now. I have been practicing intermittent fasting for years but wanted to look into the health benefits of longer fasts and dry fasting. I stumbled onto Interstellar Blends Website and I knew I needed to learn more so I joined Gavin’s social media page. I was impressed with his interactions when he received questions. He goes out of his way to present his scientific research and gives FREE help to anyone who asks. I don’t know if people understand what a blessing that is. He wants to help people live a healthy lifestyle and heal their bodies. He answers the questions on his social account and creates relationships with the individuals that enter his Weight Loss Challenges. Gavin not only provides generous incentives to lose weight and get healthy but he will be your biggest cheerleader. He also provides the tough love that people need for the gentle push. He will not give up on you! Gavin is the real deal and he will help people achieve their individual goals. He has integrity as a business owner and it reflects in his customer service as well as the quality of the blends that he creates.

I purchased the blends because I believe in the fasting lifestyle and I knew my health could be improved by taking things up a notch. My life is pretty hectic, like everybody’s, and I found myself “white knuckling” every single day. I was tired no matter how much sleep I got and my fuse with my children and others was growing shorter. I am a stay at home Mom. I homeschool my 6 kids. My triplet boys (my last 3 of the 6) require energy and stamina that I just could not muster. I eat healthy and workout, cardio and strength training. However, I just could not keep up with all of my responsibilities and it took a toll on my mental health. Interstellar Blends to the rescue. Gavin to the rescue.

I love Matcha, Seven Sages, Peel, and Spice. They are all fantastic. However, Trinity, Thermo, and Nebula are so far my favorites. But they all work together and I am working on completing my Interstellar Blends stash. I love Thermo because I can tell a difference in my workouts. I sweat very quickly and have increased my weight in every single lift after YEARS of trying. Personally, I burn more calories and have more intensity. I don’t have to make myself work harder, I just do it. Does that make sense? Trinity has helped calm the sea of “crazy” in my head. The frantic feeling that I had everyday has been released. My life is a circus but I can handle things when they start spiraling out of control. And they will. But I no longer fall into a deep depression when things go awry. Trinity helps me remain calm and helps me breathe during the storm. It’s a God send. And last but most certainly not least is my baby Nebula. She is beautiful in every way. Nebula allows me to make it through the dreaded afternoon droop time. In fact, I no longer have a droop time. Nebula gives me the energy to accomplish and take on my very long days. Nothing has ever done this for me. I’ve always fought my low energy levels. Always! I figured it was just me. This fantastic blend has given me super powers, I swear! I am so productive and enjoy my life because I don’t feel like I am dragging my feet every where I go. It is life changing. Thank you Gavin for your research and your science. You are changing lives. Thank you for your hustle and love of your clients. God Bless You!.“


—Sarah Hawkins

“When reflecting on the value that Interstellar Blends has added to my life the words that come to mind are: Life Changing, phenomenal, blessing, thankful, magic, exceptional, extraordinary, outstanding, amazing…and I could go on and on.

I am 38 years old, with a little girl and a set of twin boys, all together 3 kids 4 years old and under. My husband is deployed overseas. Being able to perform at my best is a must, not just for survival purposes but so I can shape and form my kids in a way that sets them up for as much success as possible, I must not just survive but be present. After having 3 babies in 2 years I found myself having to lose weight, correct the insulin resistance I seemed to have developed along with blood pressure issues and figure out a way to clear the clouds in my brain. This started my research and foray into intermittent fasting and eventually extended fasting. I was able to muscle my way through the fasts but let me tell you a lot of discipline was required.

Enter Interstellar Blends. I became a member of the group long before my first purchase. Dry fasting was something I had heard of but usually disregarded. As I began to read more and more and hear the testimonials of others, I decided to jump in. My first experience with the blends was a 66-hour dry fast, I was prepared for it to be hard, but with the blends I breezed right through, my workouts unhindered if not superior and my mental clarity better than ever. Since the first time there have been many more 24, 48- and 66-hour dry fasts accompanied by the blends. Each day I take them I am more and more convinced I have found a resource that will allow me to be my best, I have found something that allows me a profound edge.

I love to be active, lift heavy, work hard, raise my kids in an active life style and work daily to achieve the best results in life I can. I want to leave this world better than I found it. Sure, to accomplish these goals there are many factors necessary, but I truly believe Interstellar Blends are one of the major components to the success of my goals. With the blends I have experienced mental clarity, discipline amplified like never before, better sleep, more patience, a profound improvement in my ability to process, plan and accomplish goals, thoughts and desires. And all the results from my Internal Medicine doctor came back normal. If you are on the fence about making an investment to purchase the blends, I encourage you to make the jump, you will not be disappointed.

What Gavin has been able to accomplish with these blends is truly a gift to anyone willing to accept it. The blends have changed my life in the best way possible thus changing the lives of those around me as I am able to be the best version of myself possible for each person that I love and interact with. Thank you Gavin. Thank you for taking the time to invest your heart, soul and mind in to these life changing blends.”


—Sarah Ashleigh

“Gratitude is what comes to mind when thinking about Interstellar Blends. What Gavin has done to enhance the lives of so many is how this world is able to change for the better. I’ve always believed that everything the human body needs to thrive has already been put on this earth. Gavin’s extensive research, knowledge and experience has brought my belief to an accessible reality. Life is hard and last year I had fallen on very hard times like losing my father and almost my home. Stress and grief certainly took a toll on my body and mind. After a few months of learning and reading all about what Gavin and Interstellar Blends preached, I had decided I was worth the investment and bought Trinity and Thermo. Needless to say, I am happily a customer for life. The blends have given me back my happy. I’m more patient and energized, making me the mother my kids deserve and the wife that my husband adores. Do yourself a favor and decide to invest in yourself with the help of Interstellar Blends.”


—Jenny Pfaff

“Be yourself, but BETTER!

Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten what you were looking for? Or have you ever been in the middle of telling a story and suddenly realize you don’t remember the point you were trying to make? What about when you have a task to complete, do you procrastinate or get distracted easily when you finally sit down and get started making it impossible to complete quickly? Do you ever feel so overwhelmed by all that you have to do that you can’t focus long enough to get even one project on your to do list completed? For me, I experienced all of those things, maybe not every day but often enough that it frustrated me.

I found this site when researching fasting and decided to purchase a sampler pack to enhance my fasting experience and improve my health. I’m pretty healthy as it is but let’s be honest, I’m an overachiever and am always looking for ways to be better, feel stronger, have more positive energy and be able to keep up with my very energetic 8 year old twins.

I have been using the blends for about 3 weeks now and here is what I love and what I’ve experienced so far:

1. I love that there is a blend for every day of the week (Seven Sages)-Everyone knows Mondays are different from Saturdays. I love that I can be mentally ready for anything-and maybe even a little sharper on days when I need it most.

2. The description of Shilajit-DESTROYER OF WEAKNESS-doesn’t that just sound COOL? When I take this one, I find myself saying DESTROYER OF WEAKNESS out loud. I know that may sound silly but this little affirmation helps me to believe it is working!

3. I haven’t used many of the blends independently of one another so I can’t tell you specifically which one is doing what for me besides generally helping me feel healthy and keep a positive outlook, the exception, however is with Nebula. When I take Nebula, my already motivated, positive, energetic personality is amplified. I am OVERFLOWING with FOCUSED energy. I don’t mean “scattered, let me start a list for all that I want to do today but then I lose the list” kind of energy. I’m talking about laser focused, procrastination busting energy. I DO NOT feel tired, I do not drag my feet in the morning, I don’t get distracted easily or have to slowly get my day started. I take my blends with Nebula and I am at 100%. I can run 12 miles and feel great (I’m a runner anyway-I am not saying you’ll be able to start from zero and go run 12 miles) or I can sit down to work and check 10 things off my to do list before 9am. Nebula increases my productivity and ability to stay on track. Even if a distraction comes up (a phone call or a person walking in interrupting me) I can easily pick back up where I left off and work projects to completion. I NEVER WANT TO BE WITHOUT Nebula, this has to be my favorite.

4. Overall-I feel confident, powerful, positive, energetic, rested, calm, and AMAZING! My combo included samples of: Peel, Matcha, Spice, Trinity, Nebula, Pine Pollen, Shilajit, Seven Sages, Thermo and Niagra. Through the combination of these blends, I am sleeping well and I’m waking up easily. I feel strong and motivated before my workouts and have endurance and power during the workouts. I’m confident and I find myself complimenting others-something I didn’t often do in the past, probably because of my own self-consciousness. I don’t feel hungry when I shouldn’t and I’m able to fast longer which is helping me work toward my goal weight (or to just maintain).

To circle back to the questions I asked above-I didn’t buy the blends thinking I needed to fix those little moments of forgetfulness or distraction because they just seemed like a normal part of life, but I believe the blends HAVE fixed them!! Besides all the energy and productivity I experience with Nebula, I believe the combination of all the other blends has eliminated those moments of forgetfulness that seemed normal to me before. I notice others around me having those moments and I’m able to help them remember what they were doing or saying. It makes me feel mentally strong not having those distractions. I may still start a to do list but now I’ve noticed that even if the list is in the house and I’m out at the store, I can remember 99% of the items on the list where before, I couldn’t function without a list in front of me telling me what I was supposed to be doing and even with the list in front of me, I could get easily distracted making a 10 minute project become something that takes hours to complete. This has to be the most unexpected benefit I have experienced with the blends. I can’t wait to see how I feel in 3 months-I expect the benefits will just keep growing. Thank you!!”


—Kelly Morgan

“I know without a doubt that Trinity and Seven Sages combined are my favorite blends that I have tried so far. Before those I tried the Original Interstellar blend, Supernova and Nebula, which are all great blends as well. I’ve had issues with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember and as soon as I took my first dose of Trinity + Seven Sages in the morning, it’s like all of my mental issues were obliterated almost instantly!

These herbs have changed my life for the better. Throughout the day I feel alert, energized, focused, and my self-confidence is through the roof! I work an 8 hour shift at my job where a lot of movement and heavy lifting is required, and while I’m on these herbs I never feel tired which is amazing after only taking one morning dose. My thoughts are crystal clear- Seven Sages does a great job neutralizing brain fog, while increasing memory ability. Its a much better alternative than taking Adderall because you can feel energized and focused all day without feeling cracked out and jittery. Trinity works great for mental clarity as well, I feel an inner peace, my mind is at ease, and the things I worry about in life aren’t so scary any more!

Thank you Gavin so much for creating these blends and getting the herbs from the best sources! I truly feel revitalized while taking these herbs, they definitely work together very well, and I feel like I can be the best version of myself while on them. Trinity also curbs hunger, which is great because I like to dry fast in the morning between 8am and noon. I have nothing but love for these herbs, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to transform into the best version of themselves.”

—Derrick Jeter

“Before I started the (Interstellar) blends/herbs… I had two test that said I had Lyme Disease. After I started the blends/herbs… Lyme Disease test came back negative. Doctor blamed it on some of the tests giving inaccurate readings? Before I started the blends/herbs.. I was told I had high cholesterol and needed medication rest of my life… After the blends/herbs… Cholesterol fine… No medication needed. I eat pretty healthy and one meal a day… How the hell did I get high cholesterol.. amazing!

Actually, the Lyme Test results were the last straw for me… More medications! With some Surgeries that started the whole downfall… on many medications (7), tests results going haywire/positive on many things, no energy, sick all the time, weight gain, sleeping all the time, negative, not getting better. I, finally, listened to a friend telling me to get on your blends. So I got on your blends… Cold turkey stopped all medications, tests results all came back negative, weight drop, energy back, feeling good, positive again, etc. I think the medical field works to keep you sick and on medication. I see this all the time. I had a few surgeries and, actually, needed the medications afterwards… But I didn’t need to be on any of them for life like I was told! The surgeries put me down and the medications kept me down! The natural blends/herbs took my body back to health! I had, always, love herbs and taken them before. But just one herb was very expensive and you really need knowledge of what not to mix and how much to take… just like anything else. Your packages that contain tons of herbs, the right amount and proper mixture are a total deal and cover/address so many issues with the whole body. It is a no brainier for me!??

I was taking antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxers, pain pills after the surgeries and had severe stomach problems… So they put me on stomach medicine. Was itching all the time, itch medications. Got dizzy/nausea easy, dizzy/nausea medication. Now that my test were coming in positive.. I needed Lyme medication, Cholesterol medication and Calcium medication. Went to specialist and he told me any of those medications would have hurt your stomach… All of them almost destroyed your stomach. It will take a year for your stomach to recover from this damage. Now they wanted to put me on more medications and I was feeling like crap and never improving… Just getting worse! Finally said enough .. everything they were doing was destroying my body… I was like a guinea pig! I have come to the conclusion that the government and medical field use us as guinea pigs to test everything… Surgeries, treatments, medications, chemicals, vaccinations, tests, food, drinks, games, movies, technology, etc. To see how it affects us, controls us, what it does to our minds and bodies. It is all about controlling us and putting money in their pockets!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that my thyroid was off and needed lifetime medication for that too! After the blends… Thyroid was fine! Amazing!!”


—Barbara M. Poitras

“So it took me, almost, forever to, finally, buy some blends from Insterstellar. The craziest part is that, when I, finally, took them, I wondered why I took so long. I joined the page about a year ago and watched as so many people posted about the amazing benefits that every single blend provided them , including my friend that suggested them to me. She had already been taking different blends to alleviate some major and minor ailments. She ranted and raved about how responsive and helpful Gavin was (and still is) about any questions or concerns you may have pertaining to what you are trying to achieve.
As I look back at when I added the page, I can, honestly, say I never became skeptical or doubtful at the results people were getting because Gavin is THE EXAMPLE of what can be achieved. He lives it!!! In addition, there are so many better alternatives to the crap that we are prescribed every day. I knew this was the real deal and knew I was going to order some as soon as I could.
Fast forward to 2019…..Autophagy Activator and the “88/8” is shown to be nothing short of amazing. I reached out to Gavin a couple of times for questions and concerns and there he was in such quick fashion. To have that kind of response time from someone that was, surely, busy “saving the world” one blend at a time was FREAKING AWESOME!!! After a couple of questions answered, getting my priorites and money saved, I ordered Peel, Spice and Trinity for my allergies and post nasal drip (I am a singer that works at a karaoke bar 5 nights a week) and Autophagy Activator for easier intermittent fasting. After taking these for a couple of weeks now, I must say, I have seen improvements in so many aspects in my body, mind and soul in leaps and bounds!!!!! My post nasal drip is, pretty much, nonexistent and I find fasting to be a cinch. I have been, gradually, working myself up to the “88/8” and can, positvely, say that I am getting there very quickly with the help of the Autophagy Activator. I can’t praise Gavin and his Interstellar blends enough. Thank you, Gavin, for everything you are doing to help this world and the people in it to be better. I can’t wait to see and implement into my life the new blends you will be releasing in the near future. “


—Adrian Medina

“I am a hairstylist. I have my own salon and have been doing hair for over 25 years. My hair is semi fine, breaks easy and of course I want it longer. I have been on the blends for other reason as well. I take several but added Super Tonic Hair for the sole purpose of it not falling out when I lose weight. Today my daughter was applying my color and asked me what was going on with the front of my hair. It is usually all white. I told her I was taking the blends and it’s supposed to help with grey. She laughed and said I now have dark hairs growing where there was all white a few months ago. She couldn’t believe it. Neither could I. While this is great for some, we need to keep this on the down low! Lol! I make my living on coloring white hair back. Just kidding. This stuff is amazing!”


—Paula DeNote Zering

“I am 60 yrs old and I have had a lifetime of trying to lose weight and be healthy. I was Vegetarian from 18 yrs. old and for many, many years. I became grain free, practiced intermittent fasting and and water fasting for the past 10 yrs. and although my blood results have always been good for being overweight, I still was unable to lose any significant weight.
My Mother came to live with us 10 yrs ago at the age of 89 with the life expectancy of 2 yrs. She had been formally diagnosed with ALZheimer’s. In the first 6 months. that she lived with me, I weaned her from her drugs and she went on to the same way of eating as my family. My Mother is now 98 1/2 yrs old. She has lived 10 years beyond what the Dr. said she would live. Still with dementia but, never had anything more than a slight cold in 10 years.
In the winter of 2018, I first started hearing about dry fasting. I had done two 30+ day water fast in my life and many juice and water fast but, had never heard of dry fasting before.
At the end of Jan. 2019 I did my first 44/4 dry fast. Loved it! I found it easy to do and I lost 14 lbs. on the first cycle. I continued on with more cycles of dry fasting and then on March 10th. my Mother unfortunately had aspiration pneumonia and ended up in the hospital for four days. I took her out because they or of course were taking us down a road of death purely because of her age.
I brought her home and she started doing very well the next day. While, I was at the hospital with her I Messaged Gavin to ask him a couple of questions about my dry fasting experiences, at this point I was not using the blends. Gavin being the extremely Special & generous person that he is, offered to send me some samples of his blends. They could not have come at a better time! Because I chose to bring my Mother home early, I ended up having to do a lot of her life-saving needs that kept me up a few nights and my days became extremely busy with having visits from nurses, bathers, Social workers etc. I was on the blends at this point and even though I was going through a very trying time trying to help my Mother survive, I chose to continue on with my dry fasting cycles. I have read from other people about having so much more energy on the blends but, unfortunately where I didn’t feel an abundance of energy, I think they were saving me from becoming the next hospital victim. I have heard all the stories about Caretakers and how they would die even before the person they were caring for. I promised myself when we took in my Mom that I would not let that happened to me. I have too much to live for.
Trinity” seemed to keep me even keeled and capable of handling all the stress that I was bombarded with. It helped me sleep very peacefully at night and ready to take on the next day. “Matcha” definitely gave me energy enough to get through another trying day. I have done 14 dry fasts since Jan and I have lost 44 lbs. Losing the weight obviously helped me to care for my Mom as well.
Peel” has also helped to improve how I feel while dry fasting. My nails are growing quickly and my skin is looking healthier instead of tired.
I know for sure if it weren’t for the blends I never would of been able to keep up the stamina of caring for my Mom, Husband, Grandchildren or myself.
I’m so grateful for the Dry Fasting group board and all the advice and support. I am inspired by all the others who are successfully becoming their true selves. But, most of all so blessed to have come across Gavin and all of his wonderful gifts of knowledge and wisdom that he is so graciously sharing with the world.
I am also glad to be putting my Husband’s health and mine back together, instead of falling apart. We will definitely continue to use Interstellar blends to help mend and repairing ourselves for happier & healthier Senior years to come. Thank you Gavin!!!!”

—Roberta Jackson

“I’ve struggled with fibromyalgia for over 25 years. Many people and Dr’s have little clue how to treat it or what it is or how it’s caused. I was treated in California, England U.K., and Hawaii.

I’ve been given so many different medications for it each one I stopped because of side affects or that they made it worse. I was told I would just have to live with the pain and manage it best I can.

However after trying the combo blends Spice and Peel I have had the most relief ever with absolutely no side affects or unnatural ingredients harming my body!These blends are truly a blessing and amazing!

There have been times I couldn’t walk or swim or move parts of my body without being in unbearable pain, when sleep was nearly impossible and I was drained and feeling completely hopeless. After taking these blends I’ve been able to get my own self employment on the rise and attend to many other things I’d been putting off due to stress from the pain and anxiety.

I’m beyond grateful for these blends and will continue to take them. They have also cured cold sores I would get every year when I was sick or dehydrated I can say now they are gone completely! Yet another thing the dr’s said couldn’t be cured!

Thank you Gavin McGowen for all your hard work and effort in helping others heal themselves!”


—Sudevika Okeahi

“I am 61 year young and I have been on Interstellar Blends for 10 months.
I have taken personal responsible for health for all of my adult life. However that has gone to a whole new level since taken Interstellar Blends.

I wrote a testimony on the Interstellar website a few months ago.

However I want to share something that I experience yesterday.

Yesterday I went with my Daughter in law , to a large car dealership to help her with the car purchase.
The help she wanted from me was to make sure she got a fair car deal.
I sold cars at this same dealership 25 years ago. So I know how the business works.
I had not been back to this dealership in over 20 years. I had purchased a few cars there within the first few years after I no longer worked there.

My Daughter in law had made an appointment with a salesperson that had been referred to her.
I didn’t think I would know anyone that still worked there after all these years.

While we were there waiting I looked on the dealership website and realized I did still know about 5 people who were still there.

At one point one of the men I had known really well, walked past me and I called out his name.
When he turned to me I asked if he remembered me and I told him my name. His response was, of course I remember you, then he said you look AMAZING. We chatted a bit about our families and life and then he went on.

A few minutes later another man which had been one of my sales managers walked up to me and greeted me. He said you look AMAZING.
We chatted a bit and then he went about his way.

The reason why I want to share this experience,is because I absolutely believe these two men thought I looked AMAZING after 20 years because I have been taking Interstellar Blends for last 10 months.

20 or more years have past since I had seen either person. Life in these 20 years has not always been gentle with me. So for these two people to think I looked AMAZING is AMAZING.

Within a couple of months of beginning Interstellar Blends, people I saw on a regular basis told me I looked great, I looked good before, but I looked great now. I have been told I sparkle, I shine, I look 10 years younger and than before.

At this point in life good health is the most important thing. However is wonderful to get complements on your appearance.

❤️❤️❤️ LOVE LOVE LOVE Interstellar Blends.”


—Deja-Diana Mitchell Stelzer

“The Interstellar product line is truly amazing. In today’s age, many large corporations spend huge amounts of money creating monopoly’s in the market, swarming the product space surrounding supplementation and personal health upgrades. Many of these products are counter productive to actually increasing one’s health. What Gavin has been able to do with Interstellar is truly phenomenal. Through immense research, and deep learning, Gavin has created a superior line of products that genuinely better the well being of any person who consumes them. The fact that majority of North America drinks 1 coffee per day makes his products even more of a necessity, as it blends perfectly with caffeine. My wife took Gavin’s entire line of products during the pregnancy of our first child, and she turned out magnificent. Her name is Laila, and she is one happy baby – always glowing, a perfect bill of health, and energized with a smile. I have personally benefited from taking the products. Many upgrades in my health have been realized over the last 2 years, which is when I started taking the products. Being the CEO of a large company, father of a newborn, and training to play professional hockey, I need to have the best supplements on the market – and that is exactly what the Interstellar products are – the best. I always say, you can’t put a price on your health – and it should be everyone’s #1 priority in life. Thank you Gavin for making this world a better place, one persons health at a time. “

~ Founder,
The Beard Club
Chris Stoikos

”Man, I love a good healing story and this time it is mine. Four years ago I was diagnosed with fibroids and the doc said we would keep an eye on it to see when/if I needed surgery. Bleeding, pain, no fun…

Three years ago I started fasting. Still experiencing fibroid symptoms. Year and a half ago I started blends. Today? No fibroid symptoms. No pain! No bleeding! At my newest checkup the gynecologist said there was no evidence of fibroids. HOLY CRAP!”


—KD Darby

“OMG!!!!! I Realized this morning that ALL of the little skin tags on my neck are GONE!!!!! I hadn’t even noticed them diminishing… I just looked in the mirror this morning and they’re GONE!! Interstellar Blends did this!! I haven’t been doing the best on the fasting/weight loss, but the effects of just taking the herbs is changing my skin!! WOW. I am in shock right now-Those little buggers were spreading like wildfire on my neck… Now they are just GONE. GONE!!!”


—Sonya Dee

“Hi Gavin – Im utterly amazed how well the Autophagy blend is working. I have read different reviews and I must say that the actual blend exceeds my expectations. But I shouldn’t be surprised because I have only experienced very high quality when buying your products. Greetings from Denmark….”


—Eve A

“What makes a good song? Is it the melody, the sequence of notes, the beat, the words, the breaks, the stops? I’d say it’s balance of all these thing in synchronistic proportion to one another. When all of the elements are there complementing each other, creating synergy, its transcendent and outstanding. I like a good song, who doesn’t , right? Well I feel like that philosophy applies to many things in life not just music, an amazing meal, an innovative idea, a product.

I have been interested in health, well being and finding a way to bring out the resonance of my existence into clear and self evident vibrancy for most of my adult life. I have searched, experimented with different diets, supplements and products for years searching for the right combination of substance to pronounce with definition the resonance I desire for my body.

I started using Gavins Blends a few years ago and when I first started it was a clear and undeniable positive effect. I stopped using and taking a plethora of different supplements and products that I feel were redundant in addiction to Interstellar blends. There was no comparison. No need to pop open all these containers and take all these tablets and mix all these powders in smoothies everyday when I could just mix this easy to use, ready to go formula into my coffee or tea in the morning and throughout the day. So again, like I wrote earlier these blends are an amazing and balanced combinations of all the right stuff that makes up a masterpiece. Well, done Gavin. You keep me coming back for more, please don’t ever stop. Thank you.”


—Chauntawe Hubbard

“Finding out about Gavins blends was life changing for me. For years I suffered from PCOS, anxiety/depression, and constant lower back pain. Over the summer I followed the 22/2 program mega dosing with Trinity, Nebula, Shilajit, Peel & Spice, Seven Sages, and Pine Pollen. The chronic back pain I had for years was gone within a week. I finally was able to sleep through the night.

I’ve always had issues with anxiety, depression, and mood swings. Taking the blends has changed me into a much happier, emotionally stable person. Trinity has had such a calming effect on my moods without leaving me feeling tired or depressed. Nebula has also been another favorite of mine! It gives the extra energy boost I need and leaves me feeling motivated. My job as a nurse can be very stressful, so Nebula gives me what I need to make it through tough shifts.

Another unexpected blessing was the blends helping with my PCOS. I became pregnant when doctors told me I never would have another child. I believe the blends played a huge role in my pregnancy and its such a blessing. As of right now I am only taking small doses of Trinity, Peel & Spice, Shilajit, and Pine Pollen. I have had no morning sickness and fatigue has rarely been an issue. My pregnancy has been healthy thus far and I will continue to take the blends. His product is truly amazing and worth the cost. I recommend this for any woman out there going through anxiety, depression, and fertility issues.”


—Alexandria Carrington

”Well I have to be honest and say I am a creature of habit. Throughout my endless effort to lose weight I came across a dry fast video on Youtube (can’t remember the young lady’s name) who described her journey mentioning “the blends” repeatedly never really giving full detail of what they were. No link in the description box, nothing. From there I made a full court dash to Google to see what the heck she was talking about. After finding all of nothing related to weight lose with the abbreviated search, I expanded it to dry fasting and, Voila… Enter Interstellar.

Now to keep it real I was aghast at the prices given that that’s the conditioning of my prefrontal cortex. But then I began to read, and read, and read only imagining that this is how it must’ve been learning in the 18th and early 19th century before humans where dumbed down to the state that exists today. Intimidated yet filled with intrigue, I thought to myself who is this guy?? Who has such intense detail of each and every product and each and every ingredient? No research necessary, hardcore facts right at your fingertips. After days of reading, it was time
for my entire body to be taken to the levels described… Enter The Blends.

I can’t speak for everybody, but you’d be hard pressed not to want to try them all immediately.
However Gavin manages to keep it simply and honest if you ask him where to begin. So I started with Supernova and Trinity to get a head start on what was then an upcoming 44:4 challenge for 2019 (something I’d never accomplished by the way). I had been OMAD with a 20:4 window for 4 months and thought I had done pretty well losing 19 lbs. But to catapult my inner badass I needed something more and man did those 2 blends take me there! HAD NO PROBLEM doing 44:4’s back to back and lost 10lbs before the challenge even began. But could I possible achieve a 66:6? As much as I’d been hearing about Seven Sages and Thermo
I figured I couldn’t possible lose. I’m going to get on Thermo in a minute, but Seven Sages! Man, talk about a Kundalini Effect! I have NEVER been more energetic, had more clarity, and a Spiritual Awakening about who I am and the direction my Life is headed EVER. I feel so FREE!
Unstoppable. Negative Energy from ANY source backs the Hell UP! Its crazy, but I thank Gavin immensely for this alone. I don’t even know if he realizes what he’s brought to the table here and my gratitude it ENDLESS!

Ok, let me end with Thermo. I don’t know about you guys but this blend and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice are my match made in Heaven and I will not live without it. It is the destroyer of cravings of any kind, and I can say ending the 4th week of this challenge I am down 30lbs THIS MONTH!!!!! Gavin, continue to stay laser focused on your mission because you are changing lives for the better and even though I don’t know you personally, I believe this is just your beginning! One Love…”


—Michelle Beckford

“I want to talk a moment about “Thunder.” I’m in my early thirties and have had heart problems for the past 17 years. Some days are fine, other days not so fine—and I’ve noticed over the years that when my heart is having problems, my prostate is having problems. In fact, sometimes it gets so bad that I don’t orgasm or ejaculate; it’s just done. Which, let’s be honest, sucks. And here’s the kicker—I’m in great shape, have a sixpack, and am strong.

I decided to give Thunder a try and—wow! This stuff is potent and works! It took about a week of consistent use for me to really notice the benefits, but when they did, I am not joking, not giving any hyperbole, I had the best sex of my entire life and consistently had mind-blowing sex while using the herbs. I honestly didn’t know that it could feel so good (sorry if that’s too much info, but it’s true!).

For me, I didn’t feel like a teenager again where the wind changes direction and now I have to adjust to avoid embarrassment. What I did feel was more alive and ready for the day. Because of the aforementioned prostate problems, peeing can sometimes be difficult. While using Thunder, I could pee like a champion racehorse. Which, if you’ve ever not been able to pee and it wakes you up in the night, you’ll know it’s one of the worst things ever. Thunder changed that for me. I love this stuff.

Thanks, Gavin! This stuff is great!”


—Paul B

“This is the fourth blend I’ve used/use. First started with Trinity. Which helped clear my brain fog that would not go away and gave me energy. I then bought more and started my parents on as well. Both of my parents feel sharper and have more energy. They drink it in their coffee every morning. My mother said her inflammation in her hands went away. My father unfortunately does drink alcohol or more than a regular basis and starting to effect his memory. However after two weeks of being on Trinity he 1 started drinking less and 2 wasn’t asking the same questions over and over again (that was while sober).
I have adenomyosis and endometriosis which has just been a huge drag on my energy level, plus the hormonal imbalances it creates caused me headaches all the time.
I decided to buy ACB for a friend who actually died with in a short two months of brain cancer and I was never able to give the blend to him (hospital wouldn’t allow it, he went blind etc etc). So I decided to try it myself. I noticed on the first try my energy level increasing and the inflammation in my abdomen lessen. Adenomyosis is very uncomfortable. I also take Peel with it (which is my favorite). I feel mentally clearer and my headaches that I’ve had for the last 5 years are gone. I’m guessing my body was just overloaded with toxins, inflammation and my liver wasn’t flushing out my estrogen very well previous too which was giving me headaches.
I think cancer is in all of us but if our bodies are functioning correctly is has a lesser chance of progressing. As it stands right now I feel much better and will continue to stay on the blends. Same with my parents. Thank you!”



”I was introduced to the Interstellar Blends 2 years ago by a friend upon discussing various types of fasting and what has worked the best for him up until the time. The concept of dry fasting made sense to me instantly and I was super keen to give it a shot. I spent a lot of time researching the principles of complete dry fasting alongside fasting with herbs and small amounts of water throughout the day… reading Gavin’s materials posted in his FB group along with all of the information he gives free of charge over on his website.

I have fasted with water in the past… Juices too and as I was a complete novice in the realm of dry fasting, I chose to keep it simple at first with my first herbal order being a packet of Trinity. At the time I was very stressed out, exhausted and mentally drained as my son was born & my business was starting to take off. I needed MORE power, I felt like I needed to detox, but I did not have the 7-10 days ‘OFF’ time necessary to do a prolonged juice/water fast and to get my mind right so I could once again be in full control!

I did my first ever 36 hours dry fast to start with. I stopped eating by 6 pm, drank 1 liter of lemon water/baking soda and went to bed by 10 pm. I woke early – 6 am and mixed my first serving of Trinity with a small coffee and I was now mentally prepared for a day with minimal water intake. My next mix was around 3 pm.. just the Trinity with 200ML of boiling water, instantly I felt a splash of euphoria rush over me, and I was no longer feeling “hungry’ as I believe the blends also suppress the appetite to allow the dry fasting to be much softer so to speak. My last 200ML dose of water and herbs was at 8 PM then I was asleep again by 10 pm.

The next morning I woke up feeling well rested around 7 am, had the Trinity with some coffee then set my alarm to break the fast at 12ish noon. I cut the dry fast with half a liter of distilled lemon water/baking soda…. The same again at 2 pm then I ate some basic foods at 3 pm. It was only then I had an intense rush of energy run through my body, and I immediately felt the impact of the fast… better still the day afterwards. (That’s just my routine I made work for me)

After one 36 hours dry fast it felt like my brain had been instantly rejuvenated, feeling happier, lighter and more energised. I then went into extending the fasts & experimenting with various other blends purchased from Gavin (Longest being 3 days). The herbs and fasting knowledge has allowed me to release emotional blockages in the past, completely cure me of panic attacks and will enable me to always pull myself out of any hole in order to take back my power and direct it into whichever direction I wish.

Now I have just started a strict routine of 20 hours dry/with the blends (4 HOUR EATING WINDOW) – Trinity, ACB, Matcha, Shilajit COMBO thought the day… Eating a small meal at 4 pm with a teaspoon of Pine Pollen & grapefruit juice into a 45 MIN calisthenics workout into another small meal. I am looking forward to the results of this over the long term. I need to be functioning optimally going forward, and the fasting with the blends is definitely the way to go.“


—Shaun Lee

“This is the second blend I have used from Gavin (the first is Autophagy which is amazing!! and i use it daily for dry fasting). Thermo is something special. I am 56 years old and literally feel 20 years younger.

I am doing 88/8 protocol. I did the first and second round with just Autophagy blend. I walk 3 hours a day and, even as great as Autophagy is, I would still find myself muddling through the last hour of that walk. So I came to the website and started searching for the next blend i would add that would maybe increase my energy during walking while fasting.

Enter Thermo! WOW! I take this in my second “shot” of the day, right before i head out to walk. And, I have to say that from the very first dose I could feel a difference. That third hour is now a breeze! And the first two go very much quicker, I am getting 10-11 mile walks in each day. I have no aches and pains and I just feel calm and relaxed while doing it. Just amazing!!!!!


—Alice Tyre

“I’m 47 years old, and I haven’t been to the doctor for a full battery check-up since I was 39. Long story short I had been very out of shape, unhappy and living a pretty miserable life. At one point I was very heavy for my height and even had a heart attack at age 36.

I lost a lot of weight initially by adjusting my diet. Plateaued of course (as most of us do) around 208 and wasn’t progressing, nothing was changing and I actually began to notice I was starting to get sick all the time and was always tired and sluggish, just blah. I also started to notice some decline in thinking and reaction times and wasn’t happy about that either. Had a serious sugar scare (drank a Mexican coke and nearly passed out) the emergency room dr. said I had pre diabetes and through research and sheer luck, I was introduced to Interstellar Blends and Intermittent Dry Fasting.

After 3 years, and dropping from 208 to 175, and then building back up with lots of exercise and the blends, Trinity for mind (and Pine Pollen helped in the beginning the most with muscle growth) I am now a decent 190. Still a work in progress but the real news is: I went to my Dr. last week (had a kidney stone stuck in my bladder that was making me think something else more serious was happening, scary) and aside from having a really high level of iron in my blood, (a side effect I’m told of keto diet?) my Dr. said my numbers were like that of a 30 year old. Zero indicators of diabetes at all, all hormone levels at 30 year old levels, everything, in the best possible state anyone can ask for! Between the blends and a low level of ketosis (I’m super low carb now, but not no carb) the brain fog is 100% gone and I attribute every bit of it to Trinity, Interstellar Blends, a superb diet and 22/2 intermittent fasting.. I 100% feel the best I ever have, these blends and this lifestyle are amazing!!”


—Tibbett Hayward III

”This product really does work wonders. Gavin produces something that’s really one of a kind and you actually get results! I tried the Original formula a while back. My friend bought some and I immediately noticed the difference after I took it 30 minutes later. Some time has passed and I saw that they Seven Sages was available. I was curious to give it a try. I felt amazing the entire month I was taking it. I didn’t feel fatigued. I was getting a full night’s rest. I even stopped drinking coffee. I always felt so naturally aware and energized. I although recommend that you go one day on one day off with the Seven Sages. That way your body doesn’t get entirely used to it. I want to look into getting more of the Seven Sages. And I totally recommend that everyone gives this at least one try. Gavin is the man. Keep doing what you’re doing.”


—Colby Gomez

As we age more and more of our cells stop working right, and become Senescent or “Zombie” Cells. They just take up space without doing their jobs, and most of them release toxins into the bloodstream as well. Senolytic blend is meant to enable the body into killing these cells off. Knowing this, I was very excited to try Senolytic blend and boy was I not disappointed!
The first thing I noticed was incredible mental clarity. Then after a week, I had to look twice in the mirror, as I started to look younger. I felt less hungry, and more vibrant and alive. Then, and I kid you not, I started winning money at the casino! I’ve been playing around with my intuition and roulette for years, and when I started to take big doses of Senolytic (1/2 tsp twice a day), my intuition sharpened and I started to hit more numbers! To date, I’ve made triple my money back on Senolytic. Not a bad deal eh? Time to order more!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
In my opinion, this is the best blend Interstellar has come out with yet. Really really impressive!!


—Rich Ryan

“It’s really hard to tell which blend is doing the most good, since I started taking Trinity, Seven Sages, Thermo, Peel, and Spice all at the same time about 3 months ago to support my effort to do an overall overhaul of my physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.

I’ve been a chronic pot smoker on and off all my adult life, and I know that it has contributed greatly to creating bouts of depression, sometimes suicidal – to say nothing of the general lethargy I experience after months on end of daily use. The first thing I noticed after I began taking the blends is that the depression lifted and the lethargy gave way – even before I stopped smoking!

Then I stopped smoking and kept taking the blends, and holy cow – now I wake with energy, I have energy all day, and even when I flag in the afternoon, I’ll take a little nap and wake up refreshed.

Now that I’m out of the weed-fog, the next obstacle I’m tackling is my eating habits; I’m attracted to fasting but haven’t had consistent good luck with it in the past, since I’m the cook in my family and nobody else is interested in going even 22/2, much less 72 hours without food. At some point, though, I’ll take that on and I’ll already have the blend habit in place to make it that much easier.

All that to say, I’m sold on the effectiveness of these blends, and look forward to seeing even more amazing results!”


—Shawn Madden

“My hair was falling out by the handful. I took the hair, nails and skin pills, collagen and some liquid supplement, but nothing worked. I had even stopped washing my hair as often just trying to slow the hair loss. I started taking the Peel blend sold and this site, and was LOVING that product. I tried the Pine Pollen. Not only did it stop the hair loss, but I actually had hair regrowth. My hair line had receded so bad that I had gap between my bangs and hairline. The Pine Pollen filled the gap. I was thrilled that the hair loss had stopped, but I never expected hair regrowth. I LOVE this product and highly recommend it. Will take it for life.”

– Dee Dee

“One of my friends has been raving about the blends for years. It seems whenever he thinks he is getting sick he will up his intake of the blends (some magic blend of Pine Pollen, Trinity, 7 Sages etc) and go on a dry fast. The man never stays sick! I’m all into natural remedies but everything I seem to try to combat a cold or flu is so slow and mild to work, it hardly seems like it is working at all. So I was curious about Interstellar for a long time before I ever tried it for myself.

I started by buying the sample pack. The effect on my mood and appetite was immediate. My sugar cravings went away over night. I was easily able to avoid bread (which my naturopath had advised I do for years) which had always been a challenge before. And most significantly I was waking up in the morning with a positive outlook on life. The blends helped me be able to see how much my mood was related to my body chemistry and the effects of eating foods that made me feel awful.

Next I tried a modified/less intense version of intermittent fasting with the support of the blends. At this point I am using Trinity, Thermo, Machta, Peel in black coffee 3x a day, with Nebula and Shalijit 1x a day. I would eat two times during a 6 hour window, which included a late breakfast/early lunch around 11am and an early dinner by 5pm. If I was hungry in the evening I would make a tea with Shalijit, Peel and Thermo. Wow! The fat came off my tummy area in a noticeable way. I easily dropped 20 lbs in about 4 months. My body is functioning more efficiently. I’m eating with more purpose. Now I orient my eating activities on this schedule, meeting friends for breakfast or lunch instead of going out to a late dinner and I feel so much better in every way. I am more in control of my life now, feeling youthful and vibrant. My naturopath has reviewed the blends and approves! I’m not getting sick, losing weight and feeling happy. Thank You ! I am so grateful!!”


—Michele Caskey

“I am truly thankful I found out about these blends I have been taking. I have lost 40 pounds that I thought I would never get off,. My blood pressure is normal and I am off medication. I can truly say I never crave anything anymore. I never dreamed that I could get all my body needs thru these blends. My hair is coming back by using the Pine Pollen. I will never go without my Spice, Peel, Thermo, Trinity, ABC, Seven Sages, Nebula, Pine Pollen, Shilajit and Matcha. I am 60 years old and feel great. Thank you Gavin for all you do!”


—Penny Pittman

“Gavin, I’m a newbie to your site and of dry fasting. I’ve done plenty of water fasts in the past. I’m presently committed to IF (18:6, 20:4 or OMAD). But for some reason, moving into OMAD, I hadn’t been able to stop snacking after my feeding window closes at night. I certainly was not ready for your 44:4 challenge. I was WRONG. Thanks to me trying Trinity and Seven Sages, for the first time, I’ve fasted for 44 hrs.–it was a breeze!! I had 3 ozs of black coffee with the herbs: in the a.m. and again in late afternoon. Now it’s dinner time and I’m still not hungry. However, I’ll roll back my enthusiasm and continue taking the herbs with OMAD until my body adjust. Thanks again for creating such great products!!! With your products success is assured.


—Maxine Downs

“Hey Gavin, I use to be skeptical about herbs and other alternative medicines. From experience your Trinity, Spices, and Peel are awesome. This combination has done wonders for my mental health. Way back I use to take anti depressants and I was taking them for a couple of years, I felt crap all the time. I have been enjoying your products for a year now and never looked back. It’s easy to criticize anyone or product but it’s humbling to try it and finding out it works.”


—Rusty Shackelford

“I came across the Blends a little over a year ago and it changed my life I did the IF 22:2 and had lost about 30 lb my lowest weight since 2010. I never thought that I could fast but it was very easy with the blends. I had energy, clarity and lost my cravings for crap. I simply felt amazing. I fell off the wagon a bit with the holidays and so I am stocking up my pantry for 2019. Thanks Gavin your blends are amazing!!!”


— Virginia Wilson

“So I must say its effortless to give this product a 5 star review and write 3 paragraphs. I could literally talk until the world ends about how absolutely life changing this is.
So I want to start out with a disclaimer that the person I bought these blends for is literally crying that he’s almost completely run out of his Spice and Peel (I purchased Trinity as well and will be replenishing all three).
My father is a complete non believer in Chinese anything unless it comes in the form of takeout with complimentary fortune cookies (some of the herbs are common in Traditional Chinese Medicine). The fact that he’s the one in full blown panic because he’s about to run out is almost hard to take seriously.
I can remember the day he laughed at me and called it “witchcraft”?. He refused for an entire year to try the blends until one day he had reached his breaking point.
He had gotten to the end of his line and was about to change his mind just long enough to change his life. In agonizing pain unbearable and completely suffocating to the point of wanting to die; in his desperation for relief and the will to try anything and I mean anything!
He suffers horribly from gout; was so crippled in his right hand from pain that it would cause nausea and make him throw up. This was horrendous for me to watch my pillar of strength be such a victim to this condition. My dad is a mechanic connoisseur, if you will, and lives in his garage working on his 69 Camero so this was destroying not only his physical self but everything he loved to do as well. He came to me and asked if I could order him some of that “intestinal hippy dust” he called it. Haha!
So I ordered it through Gavin who personally without a second delay —no I’m not exaggerating, he literally responded to my request within seconds of the message being sent along with personalizing my order to meet my budget and preferences. He answered all of my questions and provided me with any information I needed [IM REALLY ANNOYING WITH QUESTIONS). I felt like as if I had my own personal on call herbalist and I was his only client— in this day and age of factory line customer service for half assed cheap inadequate products you can only imagine how much of a relief that was.
So the big day was here faster than I could shake a stick; my package came promptly and it couldn’t have been a better time considering the flare up of my dad’s worst nightmare was once again happening . My dad, I must say was a trooper and really gave it the gallant effort. He took the blends religiously everyday, same time, in his coffee or in cherry juice plain . He did this once in the morning and that’s it! Yes just once a day!
After 4 days I saw him at the dinner table opening and closing his hand with a perplexed look on his face when all of a sudden he said, “Well I’ll be damned… I don’t know what’s in that dirt but I haven’t closed my hand in almost a year! I hate to admit I was wrong but that shit really works!” It was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever had to see my efforts of persuasion and belief in Gavin’s products result in my dad’s complete obliteration of his pain and suffering.
Fast forward to now and he’s like a totally new man; pain free and finally a believer! My dad hasn’t had one, not one, flare up of gout since taking the blends! He’s energetic, lively and said he doesn’t feel as old anymore. LOL I cant express my gratitude or my appreciation for Gavin’s hard work and dedication. It must have been a difficult road in obtaining these perfectly proportioned pungent particles of perfectly priced products.
I’m so obsessed with knowing that Gavin has changed my dad’s life and continues to change so many others. These blends were his calling and he was born to do this! If you’re going to invest in anything in life invest in yourself, the rest will follow! Invest in your state of mind, your happiness, your health, your body; invest in someone like Gavin and his blends who is invested in you and has made helping others his life’s passion! Invest in your ability to view the world as you should with an INTERSTELLAR outlook. Buy these blends— you’ll only regret not doing it sooner.
I personally take Peel and Trinity twice daily. I have been diagnosed with Wilson’s disease; an autoimmune disease that effects the liver due to the body not eliminating copper and essentially poisoning the liver with too much. I was advised my liver is not gonna make it to the other half of my birthday’s; I’m 27 years old and the only solutions countless doctors could come up with is a transplant. I will keep an update on my experience but so far my last doctor visit caused some raised eyebrows at how much my levels had changed to reflect liver regeneration taking place. Yes my liver was in fact healing itself and the blends are to thank.
So I will continue the blends and reap the benefits of Gavin’s dedication. I’m now thinking I still have skin in this game, “Put me in coach! I’m INTERSTELLAR and I’m not going down without a fight!!!!” BEST supplement out there !!!!!!!!!!!”
—Katelyn Schroeder

“I recently discover intermittent fasting. I went to Facebook to check out fasting groups as I wanted to learn more. I like reading real life stories.

In my group search I found Gavin’s fasting group. There is so much to discover and learn. I started with 16:8.

When I was reading the success stories, I never imagined I could do a 20 hour fast or 24 hour fast.

Someone posted about the power of the Autophagy blend. I clicked on the website and read all of these glowing reviews.

It was a no brainier, I ordered Autophagy Activator hoping to be able to get to 20 or 24 hours fast. The order arrived promptly.The first day I noticed an increase in energy. I wasn’t sure it was from the blends or from my mindset, either way I felt over the moon that I discovered a secret to making fasting easy.

The first week I found ease in doing 20 and 24 hour fasts. No hunger, no side effects…simple and easy. Today I completed my first 48 hour fast. Again, it was easy, no hunger pains, nothing. I plan to do more of the 48 hours then extend it again.

I have read great reviews about the Peel and Spice blends and their power to reduce inflammation, I am going to add it to my daily supply. I am a believer. I appreciate people taking the time to write reviews and sharing their stories. It really helps people like me who are new and researching.”



Thunder is a one of a kind blend. After taking it, I’ve felt recharged and ready for action in all aspects of my life. Thank you for your hard work and dedication with all your herbs blends, it has changed my life.”


—Gordon Fenty

“I am recovering from several years of raw veganism which resulted in my health being totally destroyed especially very weak digestion, chronique fatique, muscle wasting, fungal overgrowth, interstitial cystitis; dry skin. I first started to heal with embarking on a ketogenic diet but it was not enough to heal many of my long term health issues. Fortunately I discovered Interstellar blends from Gavin and have been using them for a few months now—Trinity, ACB, Peel and Spice. I have already seen a huge improvement in my chronic fatique symptoms; fungal overgrowth is slowly in decline and pain from interstitial cystitis has also lessened. I also suffer from insomnia and always when I wake up and take Trinity during the night I fall asleep very soon again and can sleep till morning. I did not have such success with any other supplements before. I am really excited about future development while being on the herbs and I am planning to now buy more to further deepen my recovery including – Nebula and Seven Sages.”


—Rut Schreiberova

“Since taking Gavin’s Pine Pollen, Supernova and Trinity, I can’t believe how much happier I feel! I used to be depressed and didn’t want to leave the house. Now I’m walking around the city daily, dumped a jerk and don’t even feel that upset about it, and finally had the courage to hit a class at Orangetheory! It’s like this “positive” attitude and “no longer embarrassed to go out” mentality came out of nowhere – my insecurity is fading. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to walk the city streets and flirt with men…???”


—Julie Tafilaw

“My Dad has severe arthritis in his back. Could barely walk. 72 years old. History of severe arthritis in family. Had him do 3/4 tsp each of 200:1 Peel and Spice everyday. Made capsules for him so he’d take it. Heard back from him tonight after about a month of taking it, and the pain is gone! Pain Free for the first time in 20 years!”


—Rich Ryan

“65 years old and feeling fantastic!!! No prescription drugs and only take Gavin Robert McGowen, herbs everyday! Last three years, had huge neck surgery… metal plate with 10 screws put in my neck replacing 4 disc (bed ridden 4 months), extensive broken foot surgery (bed ridden 3 months), extensive nose surgery to remove huge bone spur blocking nose cavity causing, constant, nose bleeding and ear pain (bedridden 2 weeks). Broken 30 year old bridge/20 year old crown in mouth, tons of work to repair. Off and on tons and tons of prescription drugs during all surgeries… felt lousy!!! No energy, fatigue, tired all the time, sleep all the time, gaining weight. High cholesterol, thyroid problem, stomach problems and blood pressure up and down. Doctors wanted to put me on all these life long prescription drugs and I said no way. Started researching and friend, Becky Barr, recommend Gavin herbs. Started taking them… And here I am today!!! Brand new, kicking butt at 65! Natural… It works!!! Prescription drugs, totally, had my body destroyed and I went from bed to sofa back to bed, everyday, with, absolutely, no energy and sick all the time. Emailed Gavin with symptoms and started herb program that he recommended. Got off all prescription drugs, started taking herbs… Hair changed, nails changed, body changed, skin changed, attitude changed, energy changed, health changed, weight changed, all test results changed… All symptoms gone… Tests results excellent! Doctor said… Whatever you are doing, keep doing it… Because it is working. You are in excellent shape for 65 years old!! Just went on a month long vacation, in British Columbia, putting on 200 miles a day enjoying all the sites (Rental car mileage.. 6000 new miles)… Pure Energy!!! Again…. Natural… It works!!!! Some of my friends are starting the herbs too… After seeing all the changes in me!! One friend just ordered over $1000 in herbs after she told me.. you looked horrible.. can’t believe how you look now… I was worried about you!”


—Barbara M. Poitras

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